15 September 2016

No Supper for you

Last nights commute had a snag in that I had to take a detour to get home.  Traffic was backed up for miles, upon miles.  The detour only made me slightly later than normal on my arrival.  Of course I had to explain to the children who were up in arms about my late arrival.  Then I had to grab and open the boxes that Amazon sent me.  Got my Cat Urine Ph test strips, they work and it’s so simple.  Totally not worth $30 each time at the vet.  They probably use the same damn thing but mark up the price.  Got the Amazon brand pee pads, they are larger hope they work because that can save me money. 

Next my focus shifted to paying bills.  Plus I had other personal business to tend to.  I had a plan that I could accomplish everything and still make it upstairs in time to watch the season finale of Suits, while eating supper.  Great plan, unfortunately that didn’t come to pass. 

Momma was bugging me to death and under my feet.  I was gun shy about paying bills because of my mishap last time.  So I was hyper-focused which uses up so much more energy and causes neck cramps.  Got everything paid.  Then decided I need to check the balance on a couple credit cards.  I was shocked to find out both account were frozen, as in a block of ice.  I looked and didn’t see obvious signs of fraud or unusual activity.  So I called the bank and found out that the credit card issuer (i.e. Visa, MasterCard) reached out to the bank to let them know there were unauthorized duplicate cards made.  Both of these were chip cards.  While I am glad that I was protected and nothing fraudulent occurred, I really wish the bank would have made an attempt to reach out to me, I have no idea how long they were frozen and it would have been upset and embarrassed had I been at a store trying to buy something only to see the card declined.  You can bet that I am writing a letter complaining about the lack of notification, that is something that needs to be fixed as fast as possible.

So the hacking event is what derailed my great plan.  I found myself making a list of companies that I have to contact to give new card numbers to.  That will be oh so much fun and probably a weekend project.  Replacement cards should arrive soon, let’s hope by soon they mean a couple days.  AMEX can issue a replacement card and have it to you the next business day, I don’t see why that can’t be the standard for every bank. 

Putting my security hat on and analyzing this as I did.  I suspect there was a data breach and this was the best way to mitigate the issue.  I couldn’t get much detail out of the bank.  However, I started thinking about where the cards have been used and I believe I know the offending merchant.  Since I don’t have concrete proof and there isn’t anything floating in the media as of this morning, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to be accusatory without more proof. 

So as the title of the post says, I went to bed without supper.  Of course the children were not hungry and even got a snack, mostly because Big Boy was crying for it.  Just can’t say no to him, those eyes and that face.  He’s such a sweet boy who has been through so much.  I was so glad to call an end to what was a very stressful and nerve wracking evening. 

Fast forward to this morning and I had to deal with stupid at work.  Were ramping up for me going on call.  So I got the schedule and said I have a couple conflicts.  One of which is a dentist appointment.  I was told that as long as I was able to answer the phone I wouldn’t need coverage for my dentist appointment.  Okay.  Then my boss chimes in and says he can cover for me if I am going to be in the chair.  WTF, when do you go to the dentist and not sit in the chair?  They are going to have their hands in my mouth I can’t surf the net and answer a call, while all of this is going on.  Fuck I wish people would pull their heads out of their asses and think before they speak.  I was also told that I will need a mobile solution meaning that I carry a laptop and have a hot spot or use my phone to connect to data.  Uh if someone else is paying for it fine, if its up to me then I am fine with being confined to my home.  I mean it’s not like I am going to pull over on the interstate to read a message, figure out a problem, whip out my laptop, fix the problem and then continue on my way.  There is a high probability that I would have some police interaction and be told to move it.  If that didn’t happen some jackass who wasn’t paying attention would rear end me and not in the good way.  This is not life and death.  I take my job seriously but come on, people need time to travel both to and from work.  If this were life and death then I can understand that type of reaction.  I’m not a social butterfly but I do like to get out once and a while.  I made it on my last job with staying at home, I can certainly do it for this.  Plus we don’t get that many after hours calls.  I guess that will change when I am on call, everything will probably break all at once.  Jinx!  I am having a conversation about this with my boss in a bit and I am highly confident that this will all be sorted out.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to going home and relaxing in front of the TV while watching the latest episode of Prince Charming.  I saw Suits last night but had to watch it from the DVR, thank God for that invention it’s so handy. 

Well back to it.  1 more day and we have the weekend to look forward to.  Got my massage today and the knot is breaking up, I was surprised to hear that since its been so hellish.  Keep on trucking!

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