25 September 2016


I am pleased to report that Lawn Boy has officially been fired.  I found someone that will match his price and terms.  Plus the new guy pointed things out to me that he considered to be unacceptable and said that he would never do that.  So I have been taken for a ride long enough.  Thank God it is over with.  I put his final check in the mail with a letter, sent certified mail and then set out to mail it tonight, which was a fiasco in it’s self. 

So mailing the letter, I turn to a local post office that has a kiosk which allows you to preform a lot of functions that you can normally do at the counter, but the kiosk is 24 x 7 unlike the counter.  Strike one was the post office I went to no longer had a kiosk.  Strike two was that I went to a post office that I know has a kiosk, it took my money but never delivered a stamp.  Strike three was getting lost in making my way to a third post office, that I finally found.  When I got there the place looked to be closed.  I took a chance and walked up to the door, sure enough it opened.  Kiosk working and delivered postage.  Success finally.  It cost me a lot of time, gas and patience.  I also have to work to get a refund from the kiosk that didn’t give me a stamp.  That in it’s self will be a chore, how do you prove that you don’t have something that a machine says it gave you?  Anyway the whole damn thing is over with now and I only wish I could be a fly on the wall when he reads my letter, it should set him off but then again that is by design.  I was professional and to the point.  It was tempting to put in a big ol’ FUCK YOU but I didn’t do that.

Once I finally got home most of the evening was gone.  The cats aren’t really happy with me because I have been gone the bulk of the day.  I went for pie this afternoon and it was a nice trip.  Kind of felt like my late partner was watching over me.  I sure do miss him.  It doesn’t help that this next week if he were alive he would have another birthday. 

Considering that Lawn Boy might try to reach out to me by phone even though my letter says that is prohibited, I took the time to ensure that all of his phone numbers were blocked.  If he does call he will hear a message that I am not accepting his call.  If he violates my letter then that will open a whole new can of worms for him but I honestly think that he has trying to get rid of me ever since my late partner passed away, even though I have always been the one to pay him for lawn service. 

So there you have my day.  I had a patty melt, fries and a diet coke.  Then a slice of peach pie which I thought would be cold but was piping hot.  It was still good.  Picked up some pecan caramel cinnamon rolls along with a peanut butter cup pie.  Had a nice bill of around $41.  The whole way home I kept thinking why did I buy this poison, I know it tastes good but I really don’t need it.  It was also a struggle to commit to actually going for pie but it’s done and I feel better.

My morning was tied up visiting banks to place an extra layer of protection on my accounts.  My main bank took great care of me.  Another bank I do business with wanted to charge me a fee for the service.  I declined.  I came home and wrote the CEO a letter to see if he will make an exception in my case since I am being proactive.  I fully expect them to bend but if they don’t then it might be time to make some different arrangements.  I just was beside myself, that particular bank doesn’t do any damn thing for free.  I get it they want to make money but this is one service that they shouldn’t charge for.  I am looking out for both them and I, but they just don’t see that. 

Friday I had been thinking a lot about my recent change in cell phone plans.  I went on line and found out that the plan I was quoted for was correct.  What the lady didn’t tell me was there is a $20 charge per phone on the account to be able to access the plan.  It’s like they love to fuck you anyway they can.  So for $8.00 more with this fee I can have 6 GB instead of 3 GB.  It was a no brainer and I switched.  If I see that I don’t use it then I will gladly go back to the 3 GB plan.  I don’t think the setup I have will save me much money but at least I have a hotspot.  Funny thing is ever since I changed data plans my phone has been a little bit more difficult to use.  I think they must have sent it a pill to slowly die.  I know they want to sell phones but come on, not everyone wants to or can afford to upgrade.  Even if I went in for an iPhone 7 at $0 cost you have to commit to a two year contract and then I would have to buy a new Mophie, screen protection and new cradle.  I want a new phone but just can’t afford it.  I am more obsessed with getting a new car than I am a new phone.  Both will happen eventually. 

Went out for breakfast this morning and a kid from the afternoon was working the breakfast shift.  He took care of me.  Man he sure has a nice ass.  Good thing my normal waitress was there to tell me that he just graduated high school.  Wow that is a kid and he has jail bait written all over him.  If I hadn’t heard about him just graduating I probably would have asked him out.  He was nervous because he was out of place on a different shift, that would have probably sent him over the edge.  I am all about younger guys but there is such an age that is too young.  Sure lots of guys are attractive but a younger guy is less likely to want to settle down and commit to a relationship.  They have oats to sew and a field to play in still.  Things I never took full advantage of, but I wouldn’t change how things turned out for anything.

Tomorrow morning is going to suck.  Have to get to the grocery store and then clean the house.  Plus read over this boring pension plan junk and make a final decision.  Actually I already know that I want to roll it over but getting all of the forms filled out and going through my brokerage to set things up, it’s just time consuming.  An easy process but when your time poor it doesn’t help things.  I don’t like to let things linger, I want to get it done and move on with my life.  There are plenty of other things that need my attention.  Speaking of which I should get to bed soon.

Before I go I am pleased to report that changing the batteries in my keyboard resolve the problem.  Not sure how long this thing had been sitting on the shelf but they would go for about an hour before problems started.  The new ones have been in since earlier in the week the keyboard has been on but in sleep mode.  It’s going strong and it still says the batteries are at full capacity.  WOW. 

Up to see the children, listen to them complain, medicate them and prepare to wind down.  I need to squeeze in a bath for Bear, he’s a mess and paper towels or baby wipes won’t do him justice to get him clean.  He is a pain but I love him and am so thankful that I have been able to keep him this long. 

Perhaps another post tomorrow if anything noteworthy happens and I have time.  This is my last weekend of freedom before entering the on-call rotation.  Now I will have 2 weeks off and be on call every 3rd week but it’s a vicious cycle and that 3rd week will get here quickly.  Plus things come up and we switch and cover for each other so who knows.  It will net me more money and I am all for that.  I just don’t want to fail and that is a day to day fear.  I am in slightly above my comfort level but then again that is how you grow, it’s called self improvement.  Feels good and bad at the same time. 

Well it’s 12:30 am on Sunday here, time to wrap this up.  Take care and we will talk again soon!  BTW I said PIE a few times.  :-)

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You said it before I did! I was going to post, "You said pie! 3 times!"