02 October 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night was a long time ago but I remember I came home, fed the cats and then watched TV.  I had to come downstairs to rescue my computer.  Been having issues with it when I issue a reboot command.  Being remote I just know I can’t re-connect and there isn’t much I can do until I come home.  So glad that I backup but this machine is still very much young and I really don’t want to move into another machine anytime soon.  Happy with what I have, which is something you won’t hear me say that often. 

Saturday got to sleep in a little bit.  Then it was time to go run around.  Needed to get my hairs cut, it had only been 3 weeks and it looked like a mop to me.  I like putting product in but eventually I get tired and have to go back to short hair.  Kind of wish I would let it grow, manage it somehow and then transition to a ‘normal’ haircut.  I haven’t had long hair since I was back in High School and that was a very long time ago.  Anyway back on track.  I had breakfast at home and finished off the last caramel cinnamon roll and had a sausage, egg & cheese biscuit  - washed it all down with two glasses of milk.  Got my laptop updated, then got dressed and grabbed my backpack out to the dusty trail.  So after my haircut I hit up the post office nothing terribly special waiting for me.  Went to the police station and filed another identity theft report.  That was not enjoyable mostly because I had to wait and there were no chairs to sit in.  After that I schlepped down to the post office that took my money but didn’t give me a stamp.  Got my money back, which was a surprise.  Then I headed to Outback Steakhouse for lunch.  I am just about to turn in and the phone rings.  It’s a friend who wants to have dinner.  Uh okay we agreed and met up later in the day.  Driving home from lunch I decided to bleed out my gas tank and called it quits when I saw I had 9 miles to go until E.  Just bit the bullet and filled up, no sense in being stranded on the side of the road for something that is preventable.  I was well stuffed and got my dinner free, since I picked p the tab last time.  Had way too long of a conversation.  Dinner was done by 6p but we didn’t leave until closer to 8:00p.  As you can well imagine the children were not happy campers and I compounded matters because I stopped for cat food before I came home, made it in the pet store just under the wire before closing time. 

Sunday I was all wired up and didn’t get to bed until very early this morning.  Woke up by 9a fed the children and headed out for breakfast.  Decided to go to Cracker Barrel.  Holy crap the host was this young twink that was petite and had a very tight end.  I had my eye on him a lot.  I wanted to pay him a compliment but figured he was barley 18.  So I just kept my big old yap shut and thought of all of the dirty things that I wanted to do to him.  Breakfast was over in a flash and then it was on to the dreaded grocery store.  I knew I would spend a little money but things got out of control and it was another $100 + trip.  I was not happy about the total but I only had 1 person to blame and that was myself.  Got some poison to eat – Drumsticks the ice cream treat, along with some other junk food.  Got to cater to myself and my needs.  Then home to unload, undress and pass out.  Woke up to pouring rain and it was tough to get moving but I did.  The children got their lunch and I got back to laundry and dealing with identity theft.  I did a lot of research on the topic last night and wow learned a few things.  I also took time out to write my legislators and tell them that police reports should be free when your the victim of a crime, it’s just stupid that you make the victim pay for something they had no control over.  I doubt any change will come but hey I feel better about it.  Had a nice Mexican Pizza for supper.  Yes I ate the whole damn thing.  Then finished off what was left of the Peanut Butter Cup Pie from my adventure last Saturday.  I’ve still got a Chocolate cake that predates that.  See what I mean about junk food.  It’s an obsession.  Finished up laundry, skipped washing my bed clothes because of Marvin (he was occupying the bed).  Here I am all alone typing away. 

I am still very concerned over Marvin.  He is extra chatty lately, he has lost weight and I am not quite sure what to make of all of it.  He still loves me, licks my arms like they are spare ribs as he has done for years.  I love him and he knows it.  He shows me his love and I appreciate it.  Just worried that something is going on with him and I can’t quite put my finger on it.  He is still eating and drinking.  I just made the switch yesterday to different dry food and he is not having it.  Looks like I will have to get him a bag of his stuff.  Dry food especially the prescription stuff is expensive.  I switched everyone to the prescription stuff because they like it so much.  I changed flavors and this is the long term urinary stuff.  Marvin likes the short term stuff that his brother eats.  I put some out for him but his brother was hiding under the couch so he wouldn’t eat it.  After I cleaned the house I took Marv a special can of food in the basement.  He was kind of shocked and I had to chase him down, I guess he thought I was after him but just wanted him to eat.  Eventually he calmed down and started eating it.  I am monitoring him and we shall see. 

Bear decided to start using the carpet as his litter box because he was too far away from it.  Of course he was in my room.  There are pads down but he just wasn’t having it.  I don’t get it.  He knows I am running low but I told him there are 2 more boxes on the way, just got to make it until Tuesday.  We can do it  I hate stepping on wet carpet knowing full well that it’s cat pee I just stepped in.  Between that and stepping on dry food, I should just give up and wear shoes all the time.  I want to check his urine ph but he hasn’t given me an opportunity to yet.  I just have to keep a watchful eye and strike when he is going.  He takes spells where he doesn’t go to the bathroom for a while and even if he is a little off kilter it consumes me with worry. 

As for on-call well I happened to see an email that needed attention so I jumped on that yesterday.  The person who sent the email should have called me because it was urgent but they treated it as normal.  I had the right to ignore it and nothing would have happened to me.  However, I like overtime and well I get to log 15 minutes for something that took me 5 to do.  Outside of that I haven’t been bothered.  If every on call is like this then I have no issues.  I didn’t stay home like I normally would, I had my laptop and phone with me so I was able to address any problems that may have come up.  Tomorrow morning things go back to normal for 2 weeks and then I get to do this all over again.  Easy money and I need all of it that can come my way.  Got to join a conference call for an upgrade were doing next Friday night, it’s booked as a 2 hour call.  I get more over time from that.  Everyone else on my team is salaried so they don’t get jack.  I like being paid for my time.  There is good and bad with everything though.

Shameless is back on tonight and I get to see Ian (Cameron Monahan) again.  Cute kid, red hair and the character he plays is gay.  Plus there are others on the show that keep it interesting.  I am only attracted to him and he is the reason why I watch the show.  Follow that up with some Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and wow it’s a rocking Sunday night.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Now we or at least I get to go back to the salt mine tomorrow for five long days.  Then another weekend.  I always look forward to the weekend.  It’s also getting closer to seeing Charlie Puth and I really am looking forward to that.  Took two days of PTO and I am going to make the most of it.  Hopefully it’s not too cold outside when the concert takes place and maybe just maybe I will get to stay and get to meet him afterwards.  That would really make my day.  Take care! I will talk with you all again soon.

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