17 September 2016

Almost got laid

Happy weekend everyone.  It’s been crazy having to update my credit card numbers, so many business to interact with, different system and then my own internal housekeeping.  Wow, I think I finally am done.  Hopefully, nothing falls through the cracks.  New cards arrived as promised on Friday.  They even had the correct photos on them, I expected to get a generic card and have to go back through and request new photo cards.  Glad it all came together.  Wrote a letter to the president of the bank today to complain about the lack of notification.  They should have reached out to me and notified me, I should not have found this out by happenstance.  Also told him that he should consider two factor authentication for login to the website, it would help everyone rest easier. 

Ever since I updated to IOS 10 Surge (gay dating app) has been going nuts with men.  I have had so many to choose from.  Guys that I previously rejected came up, it was as if the whole app was reset.  So I have a couple matches.  There is a guy who reached out to me after we matched.  He is younger and from what I could surmise quite horny.  We started with chit chat for a couple messages, but then he quickly got down to business asking me what I was into.  I explained that I wanted a boyfriend, I wanted to date.  He was looking for Friends with Benefits or Friends.  I told him that I wouldn’t mind being a friend.  So he broke the news to me that he was in a long distance open relationship.  Wow, I didn’t want to get in the middle of that.  We both agreed on what we like to do sexually and he was eager to meet up.  Found out that he was in college but is no longer, he has a part time job and doesn’t have a lot of money.  I talked about an upscale place and he kind of freaked out.  He just point blank asked me if we meet up would we have sex.  Wow I like a guy who is straight forward and to the point, no sense in beating around the bush.  I told him that while I was tempted as I am horny, that I have to be true to myself.  I want what I want.  Then all of a sudden he changes his story told me that he is looking for a local long term relationship.  Right so your going to be a chameleon and try to mimic what I am looking for, in the hopes we will meet up and you can get your rocks off.  We may or may not see each other again.  I dropped the conversation after he started with the chameleon communication. This was super tempting, he looks damn sexy in his profile pic and I am lonely and looking for action but first and foremost I want companionship.  Taking advice I was given a long time ago by my late partner, never ever settle for second best.  You deserve only the best or you will never be happy.  That advice applies to so many different life situations.  I can’t tell you how close I was to meeting this guy before he got to talking about getting off, I was going to pay for a meal just to see him and get to know him.  I am glad I followed my gut and was cautious so I could find out what he really wanted.  Chances are really high that he will find what he wants long before I find what I want.  I have my doubts about his open long distance relationship, I think he is a cheater.  Phew, dodged a major bullet there.

What I fail to understand is guys that don’t read profiles.  They just make a decision if they are interested in you or not solely based on your profile.  Why then did I bother to take time to even create a profile?  If any of them would take time to read what I wrote, they would see that I am interested in dating and hopefully finding something long term.  I am looking for a boyfriend and not a hookup. Yes I am horny, yes I am lonely but I am not quite that desperate yet.  I have morals and standards.  Horny can be solved with some online porn, it’s quick, private and easy.  I think this is another situation that requires patience, which I am lacking in.  I want to meet a nice guy and they are out there but the problem is they are hiding and I have to find them.  Sort of like Pokemon Go but this is Gay Guy Go, they are not easy to spot and the online dating apps are truly crap, but I will still keep on using them with the hope that I will find my romeo.

Went back to the office supply store today and got $5 back because Amazon sells the mouse I bought cheaper.  I wanted the new keyboard but found out that it was corded and not wireless.  Went to Best Buy, found it.  Then they found a cheaper price on Amazon so I got it for $7 cheaper.  Using it now, it’s taking some getting used to.  My previous keyboards have all been by Microsoft and they have a curve to them, plus they sit a slight bit higher.  I like this but right now I am not going to say I am keeping it.  I did pay cash for it, so it’s not debt lingering, which was important to me and helped me to justify the purchase.  Of course if I can’t get used to this or decide I no longer want it, I have time to return it and get my money back.  I could also use it instead of my laptop keyboard, but for now I am using it with my desktop. 

Behind schedule on my chores, but it will all come together.  Went out for supper, ate breakfast and lunch at home.  That is new for me 3 meals on a weekend.  Normally it’s two meals per day, I know that is not good but it’s what I am used to.  Going without supper one day this past week is something tempting that I may start doing during the week.  I’m fat and want/need to lose weight.  I realize there is a right way and a wrong way to accomplish my goal.  My biggest issue is that I hate working.  I love to eat and not healthy, I like everything that is bad for you.  I have a heavy sweet tooth and I doubt that will change.  Yeah I hear you saying everything in moderation, but I like large portions, it’s something that American’s have gotten used to.  We don’t need them but we crave them because that is what we have been brainwashed with.  If we all ate less and what we were supposed to people would all weigh less.  I don’t need to be super skinny but losing my gut would be helpful not only from a self esteem point of view but also physically it would be to my benefit. 

Ah well, I am tired and it’s getting late.  Go to bed early, wake up early and then work.  Got to wash the Bear and trim Ruth’s claws.  Awesome way to spend a weekend, if one of them doesn’t claw me the other one probably will.  Neither of them will be super happy but when were done they will both rejoice and so will I. 

Have a great rest of the evening and an awesome Sunday. 

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