07 September 2016

Interesting Mail

I really like getting mail, unless it’s a bill.  I mean there is something special about a package showing up or an unexpected check.  Yesterday I got a surprise check in the mail from the title company that was used to close the loan on my home 2 years ago.  They refunded $19 while I was hoping for a larger amount, it’s $19 that I didn’t have.  Free money no matter in what sum is the best.  Yes I am that guy who will stop and pick up a penny.  Every cent I can get helps and it all adds up maybe not right away but eventually. 

I saw a colorful mailer from a former employer that I have a pension with.  I figured it was some annual statement and nothing important.  It looked like junk mail.  I opened it up and turns out they are giving people a one time opportunity to cash out either by taking a lump sum, a portion and the rest rolled over into another investment or you have or if you want you can start taking payments now as if you had retired and they will last your lifetime.  Wow it’s amazing news and tempting but there are tax implications.  What they didn’t tell me is how much money we were talking about.  They have never ever been forthcoming with that information and say that they will send another mailer with the exact amount I am entitled to.  I could use some extra money right about now and think that this is something that was sent from God.  However, I talked it over with a trusted advisor and think the best option is to do a rollover into an investment that I have control of.  There is another option available and that is do nothing and then you can’t touch the money until you retire, my former employer will continue to manage it.  I am really shocked that they are affording this opportunity, they are a large strong organization that I don’t ever foresee going out of business.  However, better to strike while the opportunity is present because it likely won’t present it’s self again. 

My home phone has been driving me nutty.  I used to never get calls through that said unknown for both name and number, that was considered to be a blocked call and based on the features on my account and how they are configured that type of call shouldn’t ring through.  I have also seen an uptick in telemarketing, sales and political calls.  The phone rings but it is never anyone important.  Last night I had it and sent all of my calls to voicemail.  I am going to leave it like that for a bit to see if it helps combat the stupid calls.  Ever since the place I go to for my haircut fell victim to a social engineering hack and gave my name & number out to a malicious actor this started.  Been a few months now and I am ready for it to stop.  I do have the option of changing my number but really don’t want to part with it and the hassle of notifying everyone, it would just suck.  Not to mention the fee the phone company would charge me.  Then you run the risk of having the new number have the same issues that the present number or you’ll get calls for the old owner of that number.  Easier to just use voice mail.  Besides that anyone that really needs to be able to reach me has my cell phone so it’s all good. 

Small crisis at work caused me to take my lunch late.  My day is all thrown off but it’s okay were just closer to quitting time now.  Can’t wait to get home and grab my package off the front porch from Amazon.  Got a book, some shaving cream, face wash, allergy pills and probably something else I am forgetting.  Still it goes back to the first paragraph of this post.  Love opening packages. 

Back to the fun here at work.  Hope all is well, doesn’t feel anything like a normal Wednesday but that is okay.  2 more days and we get to rest again or so I hope.  Take care.

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