10 September 2016

Weekend Rambles

Friday started out slow, ramped up a little bit and then drug on forever.  I finally made it to quitting time!  Don’t know why but issues seem to hit towards quitting time, thought I might get some OT but that didn’t happen and I am okay with it.  Boss made it back from vacation, he had a great time and now is settling back into work life.  He really didn’t want to come back and I totally understand.  It’s a great place to work but they call it work for a reason.  I came home and had Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes the Stouffers version.  It was okay but just not filling for me.  Caught up on TV learned some things about 9/11.  Like for instants there was a Marriott Hotel wedged between the two towers, I never knew that before.  Not terribly sore from my massage but there is some noticeable swelling in my back.  It’s uncomfortable but not immobilizing. Talked with my friend who’s wife had surgery.  They still don’t know what type of cancer she has, they are waiting for more information from the pathology report.  I think they have everything it’s just a matter of the doctors making up their minds.  It’s been 2 weeks.  His wife’s legs were swelling so they spent a day at the ER getting tests done and getting the swelling down.  Sent her home with Lasix.  She had 2 gallons of extra fluid in her body.  She has lost 1 gallon.  Now she is to the point where she doesn’t want to eat.  What a mess.  As if that is not bad enough my friend discovered one of their cats couldn’t move her hind legs.  She tried to walk, fell down the stairs.  Couldn’t stand up in the litter box.  It was a mess.  The cat is 16 years old.  It sounds like she had a stroke, there was something neurological going on, just don’t know what.  He gave her a day in the hopes she would bounce back but that didn’t happen so he put her down.  They got 2 kittens both sisters.  I knew they were approaching end of life, 16 is a good average but for an indoor cat 19 or 20 is much better.  I am worried now that her sister will pass out of depression.  They say she is doing fine.  They also just got a dog about 2 months ago.  The dog is devastated, which you wouldn’t think would happen but animals are strange.  Hearing that story made me want to come home and hug all of my children.  I spent time with Bear on the couch, he lapped that up like a sponge.  I called it a night early.

Saturday, I wanted it to be a lazy day.  The vet reached out to me on Friday to find out where I got the supplement I was giving Bear, she had a client that was trying to order some but was told it was on back order.  I gave her the information and did one better, I donated my unused bottle.  I took that over to the vet early this morning.  There was 1,000 pills when I bought it and easily there was upwards of 900 plus pills still left.  It was only $30 and I am glad it’s not rotting away in my cabinet.  Bear won’t need it since the Rx food is working.  If he does I know where to get it.  Not a big deal and I felt like the donation was just the right thing to do, I mean I got my cat back (cost me a fucking fortune) so I was rather pleased with myself.  I hit up Steak N Shake for breakfast, chatted it up with my favorite waitress then went on to get my hairs cut and grab the mail.  Got a rebate in the mail, was very pleased to see that.  Came home, got undressed and plopped on the couch.  Back to sleep I went, took a little bit of time but I got a couple hours of zzz time for me.  The Choir Cat woke me up both times, I love her but really wish she came with a mute button.  First it was feed us breakfast then it was feed us lunch.  I started on laundry, dishes and then retreated to the computer.  I was trying to be productive but got caught up in a bunch of business websites and got a free incoming fax number.  No one ever sends me faxes but if the need arises I have a personal number that I can give instead of using my work number.  I am limited to 10 pages per month.  Free is good but I really wanted more, that costs money which I really don’t want to spend.  Once again it was Choir cat to the rescue.  I was playing with my iPhone trying to fix a problem with my contacts, she just kept it up and eventually I gave in and went upstairs.  However, no food for them.  I got dressed and hit the road.  Drove to Red Lobster had a giant Pina Colada, a Diet Coke, Flounder, Mashed Potatoes, Biscuits and a Cesar Salad.  The drink was long overdue and very nice.  I could have one of those every day for a week before I would be sick of them.  They make them with chopped ice and ice cream, no one does it like Red Lobster and they are the best in my opinion.  You don’t need the rum but it’s a nice touch!  Went to grab cat litter, picked up a new Harry’s Razor at Target and then stopped in the cat food store.  Walked down to the office supply store.  Looked at keyboards and mice, I am obsessed with them.  I needed a new mouse because when I cleaned my old one the scroll wheel got messed up.  I could have still used it but it was an annoyance.  I like to stay brand loyal to Microsoft but had to go with Logitech. They had a nice blueish purple mouse (M510) and it was on sale.  So after talking myself into it and browsing the pen section, I grabbed it.  Then I saw a backlit keyboard by Logitech and it felt really nice, only draw back was it was corded.  So I passed because I knew if I stayed I would talk myself into buying way more than I needed.  Then I came home and fed the children supper.  It was way later than I planned on getting home but I made it and they were fed.  Changed out my shower curtain and bathmat, neither were what I wanted but they will suffice for the time being.  I did finally solve my iPhone contact problem, it was driving me nuts but I had to resort to Google for help.  Laundry is done, need to grab it and go upstairs.  Really want to shave & shower tonight but don’t think I have the energy in me.  I may still try.  Got a call from my mom.  Part of me really wants to call her, I can hear my late partners voice saying it’s your mother call her.  The other part of me says every time you open the door you get shit on, why do you want to open the door?  So I can’t quite bring myself to return her call.  There is a bit more to the story than I am willing to put in print for public consumption.  However, this is something I will have to come to terms with and figure out what the best thing is for me to do. 

Sunday the only thing I have left to do is hit up the grocery store, gas up the car, vacuum the house which torments the children.  Then I am done and can call it a day.  Found out that the pie place (yes I said pie) has a pet food store that sells the Rx food Bear is on, so I need to venture up there to see if I can save myself some money.  Not sure that I will go on a Sunday but I wouldn’t totally rule it out, if I get a wild hair I will be in the car on the way to sugar heaven or as I should refer to it as diabetics delight.  We mark yet another year of remembrance of the tragedy that is 9/11.  Such a sad day but it’s a day that everyone who was a live remembers like it was yesterday.  I had a 2 way pager back then, now only doctors have them.  Everyone else upgraded to cell phones and text messaging.  The world has certainly come a long way since this event but it’s a day that will always be remembered long after you and I no longer walk the earth.  RIP victims, heroes, first responders.  Hard to believe it’s been 15 years, still feels like yesterday to me and I am sure to many. 

That’s all I have for now.  Headed upstairs and probably to bed, really tired.  Looking forward to one more day of rest before heading back for 5 days of work. 


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