31 May 2016

The Get Together

As per usual I arrived at the designated time.  My friends were still waiting on their neighbor to get home from work.  Finally he pulled up, went into his house and I figured he would be back out in a while.  He was actually pretty quick and came over bearing gifts. Drumsticks (ice cream).  Great now can we eat?  I starved myself to prepare for this meal and I am going to need something before my sugar drops.  The neighbor made a to go plate and left.  His wife fell and broke her hip.  She needs a replacement but the part is too expensive, so they are not doing it.  Uh seriously they are not doing it.  They have health insurance but I guess she is into pain.  Weird but whatever. 

Finally time to eat.  Onion Burgers, wheat buns (yuk, I will skip that), BBQ Beans with Brown Sugar (didn’t need the sugar but it made them so much better), Corn on the Cob, and Potato Salad. For a change everything was delicious and I was quite happy.  We made small talk.  Watched a little tv and then had some Vanilla Gelato … bam time for me to go. 

I left later than I wanted to but the important thing is that I got home.  Thankfully most all of my ducks were in a row because I knew that coming home it would be hellish.  I was fortunate enough to come home with leftovers that I will have to eat tonight.  Those burgers are smelling up the fridge.  Passed out treats to the children and then started my usual evening wind down routine. 

Nothing on TV, that is the only bad thing about summer.  I am sure something will crop up eventually.  It was an enjoyable weekend.  I accomplished everything that I wanted to do, that felt really good.  Now it’s back to the daily grind but only 3 more days and then we will be looking at the weekend again. 

Best thing about today is what I call Double Mail Day.  You get two days worth of mail in one day.  I have packages waiting from Amazon so I am actually looking forward to going to the post office.  The data cable I had to buy and some Rutin for the Bear.  I have no idea what else I will find but I am sure there will be a bill in there somewhere.  If not today then for sure by the end of the week. 

It’s fairly quiet here, boss man is out.  I am working on cleaning up a server, not fun but I put in my earbuds and listen to Pandora so it helps.  Once I get a rhythm going it’s pretty good and before you know it time just flies by.  This afternoon there is one meeting.  That’s it.  I might hear from my co-worker but outside of that I think it will be an uneventful day and that is perfectly okay with me. 

Enter the on-line dating world. I matched up with 2 guys on Tinder, I had very short conversations with them.  I have left the ball in their court to make the burden be on them to respond.  After a couple days you find out exactly how interested they are.  Meaning they are not.  It was interesting because I have matched so few times on Tinder.  I saw a cutie on another app, we checked each others profiles out and I sent him a message.  He never responded.  At first it kind of hurts but once you go through it several times you get used to it.  Sort of like door to door selling.  I asked the kids, do you think I will ever meet anyone on-line?  They looked at me puzzled by the question.  Yeah, I am puzzled to.  The problem with an app is you can tune it out.  You can’t do that in person, well not as easily.  I know there is someone out there for me and when the time is right be it electronically or in person, our paths will cross.  Until then I will just keep on trying, I mean I have nothing to lose I am already at nothing so it can’t get worse than that.

Looking forward to getting the mail, getting home and seeing my furry kids.  I really miss them during the day even though they do tend to drive me crazy.  Back to wet weather here but it’s humid so the AC is on and I can kiss low power bills goodbye.  Welcome to Summer!  Talk with you all again soon.

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