12 May 2016

Rainy Thursday

Today has really taken off, I can’t believe we are approaching 1p.  The rain has been falling all morning long and my back window is now clean.  Traffic was a mess and I was later than normal, but still on time.  I registered yesterday for some training and the company listed all of the training times in GMT, so I had to convert that after the fact.  Turns out all of the classes I signed up for are at 8a and my normal start time is 8:30a, so I will have to get up earlier on a few mornings.  There are 3 sessions one coming up soon and then in the next couple weeks to follow one on a Wednesday and then on a Friday.  I also mistakenly registered for a class on the 30th but that is a holiday and there is no way I will be attending, I submitted a cancellation for that and am waiting to hear back from the company. 

I learned a little bit more about our Antivirus protection here at work, it’s simple stuff but it’s also very important because it’s helping to keep us secure.  Cybersecurity is ever growing and Cybercriminals are just as vigilant as the security pros.  It’s like a war or a contest to see who can beat whom.  It’s a scary world we live in, before you worried about getting mugged after dark outside of that not too much happened.  Now the crimes are different both in person and on-line.  You just have to watch your six at all opportunities.  I will get another session and get to learn more, but for now I have some basic daily tasks which is kind of nice.  My co workers got to learn everything as it came on line when the department was first created, I don’t have that luxury and am having it all force fed to me at once.  Were moving slow but still it’s a lot to take in. 

Tomorrow is payday so that means that I will be paying bills tonight after I stop for the mail.  I got a phone call and an email from the parent company of the urgent care facility that bilked me out of $115.55, they forwarded the letter on to a VP and she called trying to be intimidating and left me a message that she has findings she would like to share.  I’m not calling her back.  I reached back out by email and asked her to disclose her findings.  My guess is they don’t want to give the money back because of their mistake.  I don’t care who I get the money from so long as I get reimbursed.  I do feel as if the parent company of the urgent care center that made the mistake should be the ones who have to pay it back, since they took it because of an error they made.  I’ve got all of the bases covered on this one, just have to sit back and wait until it plays out.  I could easily be out the money but the way I look at it is I was already out the money, so I have nothing to lose.  The risk is pissing people off and well I can tell you that I have quite the knack for that. 

Lawn boy hasn’t been able to cut the grass due to all of the rain so I will be able to save some money there, but I know he’s coming just not sure when.  My lawn looks horrible but it’s only been 2 weeks.  I think he may be able to catch a break tomorrow, but this is the weather we are talking about so it could change at any second. 

Everything else is calm.  I got to spend the evening with the kids and watched TV.  We all had a good time and enjoyed each others company.  Would be nice if we could repeat that tonight but daddy’s got to pay bills first and then we shall see what remains.  My 1p is coming up so I have to run.  Hope all is coming up kittens and rainbows in your world.  Talk with you all again soon!

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