03 May 2016

Day #2

So I’ve made it to the second day.  Yesterday was really long.  I got home and had to cater to the children.  I thought I would take time for myself and get caught up on some stuff I’ve wanted to do but it involved my computer.  I sat down in front of it and quickly decided I wanted to go back upstairs and watch a movie.  Spending all day in front of two monitors is more exhausting than I thought, plus all of the training, meetings and conference calls.  It’s just a lot to take in.  My new team has given me the impression they aren’t very organized.  Our leader hasn’t made a great impression on me and I am still getting to know him but right now my early opinion is he isn’t much of a leader.  He just likes to bark orders.  I mean he’s polite but he is all business and doesn’t seem to relax at work, it’s like he is wound so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass you’d have a diamond in a week.  Can you name the movie that line is from? 

The children appear to be doing okay.  Everyone was in a picky mood this morning.  I had to open multiple cans of food to pacify everyone.  I had to keep everyone away from momma so she could eat without getting upset.  It was like a 3 ring circus.  I still got everything accomplished that needed to happen and made it out the door by my normal time.  I’ve checked in on them and it appears everyone is in hiding.  That’s fine they love their sleep and that can’t hurt them.

I told the vet that they will have to think of an alternative plan because I can’t afford to shell out $43.99 plus tax for medicine for a one month supply.  I haven’t heard back from them.  Last night I took it on my own to start momma on a pill and a half.  I am going to aim to be diligent and make sure that she doesn’t miss a dose for the next 4 weeks, then taking her back to just have the blood drawn and see what they come back with.  I am concerned about her and from what I have read on line this is a very common problem.  The most successful treatment option is the radioactive iodine treatment and it takes different doses for different cats which means the cost will vary.  The place locally that does it will take the cat on a Tuesday and you get them back on Thursday.  Then they go home for two weeks, come back for a Geiger counter reading and then in a couple weeks they go back to the regular vet to have their blood drawn to find out if the treatment worked.  It’s a lot of work and money.  I can do the work part but don’t have the money.  So I want to be as conservative as possible.  While the vet didn’t mention this my research pointed out that it’s possible that the cat could have Thyroid cancer.  I mean Bear has ‘invisible cancer’ so maybe his mom has the same thing.  I just couldn’t help myself with that snarky comment.  Telling the vet politely about plan B is my way of saying you need to find another fool.  You’ll never convince me that the local compounding pharmacy doesn’t give them a percentage back for sending business their way.  I understand that sometimes it’s necessary.  3 months at $50 I could deal with but 1 month at that rate wow that is 1/2 of my grocery bill. I love my cat kids but I have to look at the over all financial picture and no one can starve and everyone of us needs water and shelter.  If I had two incomes this wouldn’t be a big deal at all.  Unfortunately that is not the case. 

Speaking of a second income I got a message from a random guy on one of the dating services.  I looked up his profile and he looks suspiciously like the guy I had been chatting with before, who one day just disappeared.  While I don’t think it’s a robot it’s clearly a fake profile.  I blocked him and am not responding to the message.  I don’t mind chatting with someone, like last night on Grindr a guy hit me up and I looked at his profile as well as links to his social networks.  He’s 46 years old and a dishwasher.  Not that there is anything wrong with that but at 46 seriously and you want to be in a long term relationship.  Yeah okay.  I’ll chat all day long with him might even get to the point where we meet in person but unless the information I saw is totally bogus I doubt that we would be compatible.  Being in my situation it is easy and all too common for other people to take advantage of you and your kindness.  So I’m quick to smell that and steer clear.  If it’s meant to be then it will happen, warning signs or not.  However, I don’t want to wake up one morning with regret and say if only I would have …  My hope however is that since I have advanced in my job that I can advance in my persona life and find a serious boyfriend.  One step at a time. 

Remember Taz aka LB?  As of Sunday he has been gone for 1 year.  Man it feels like yesterday.  That was a horrible experience and I still feel bad for bringing him home.  I hope that he is with his buddy and having a great time in heaven.  Still I’m selfish and wish he was back here, he was the best cat ever so easy going. 

Well speaking of going time for me to publish this, grab some water and prepare for an afternoon of meetings – awesome!  Let’s hope I stay awake.  Talk with you all again soon. 

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