02 May 2016

Systems–Passwords- Scrambled Eggs for Brains

So it’s been an interesting day so far.  Tons of systems to manage, monitor and each one requires you guessed it a login and password.  Some passwords change and some do not.  It’s going to be a mess to try to keep it all straight but I think once I am used to it all that I will be fine.  I still have concerns that I might have stepped in deep water but right now I am fine. 

There are huge breaks in my schedule and at first I didn’t understand why.  Now I do, you need time to think about what you just learned and try to unscramble your brain to prepare for the next meeting.

Found out early this morning that my old boss is in the hospital.  It doesn’t sound good but all of the information I am getting is 2nd or 3rd hand so lots can get lost in translation.  I sent a well wish email and I hope that she makes it back home and is on the mend soon.  She is dealing with cancer and also has heart issues.  She is very well liked so lots of people have concerns. 

Light bulb moment for me with Momma.  She didn’t have her medicine before she was tested, of course the levels will be higher.  I called this morning and passed the information on.  Waiting to hear back.  Maybe I will need to medicate her and retest to be sure that all is normal.  I am speculating and that often doesn’t bode well for me.  So I will wait to hear back, I just hope they call at a time that I can talk and not during one of my meetings. 

Everyone appears to be okay. Bears barked at me this morning he is so lazy he didn’t want to go to his bed to pee, he had me lay down a pee pad in front of him and then he climbed on top of it.  Hey better that he goes on the pad than on the already ruined rug.  I need to clean the carpet again but want to make sure that it’s done at a time when things have normalized. 

My allergies have kicked into high gear.  My eyes are bothering me and my nose is a little bit.  I’ve updated the medication but still some symptoms persist.  All apart of the suffering.  Love the warmer weather but hate the pollen.  Wishing I could cut my own lawn that would save me money, get me a workout and both of those are things that I need to do. 

So far this week is off to a good start.  I pray it stays that way.  Getting ready to head back for more fun and another meeting.  I am already tired.  Slept with Insty and Marvin last night.  She is a huge cry baby and lets just say that I would have had more sleep without her by my side but she was more comfortable than I.  The things I do for all of them, you’d think that would give me good karma for life.

That is all I know at the moment.  I am looking forward to sleeping tonight and hopefully it’s with Marv he’s my snuggle buddy.  I don’t mind if Bear joins us but no girls they are far too needy.  I would really be amazed if Ruth wanted to curl up together and I think we would each enjoy that but don’t think that will ever happen unless it’s in a dream.  Speaking of dreams time to wake up and head back, ten more minutes of lunch left.  Talk with you all again soon. 

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