01 June 2016

Retail Therapy is expensive

This morning I didn’t want to get out of bed.  That is mostly because I stayed up a little too late.  Marvin was all snuggled up next to me and I had flipped over facing away from him.  He was the big spoon and I was the little spoon.  It felt amazing and was the best surprise a cat daddy could wake up to.  I really had to fight and push myself to get going.  I made it but still it would have been nice to stay home. 

Bear is still amazing me, he now seems to hold all of his bathroom tasks until I am by him or in close proximity.  He wants the bath, he just loves the cleanup.  When I came home last night and saw a dry bed I was panicked.  I always think the worst but part of that is my upbringing and who I am as a person.  The other part of it is just being human.  I started passing out food and he leaped in his bed and started.  Got him cleaned up and a fresh bed made for him.  He ate and I went downstairs, I came back up and passed out treats.  He started going again.  This morning woke up to a dry bed.  Passed out breakfast and he took maybe 1 bite.  As soon as my back was turned he leaped in the bed.  I don’t care if he goes when I am not home just as long as he keeps going and he is putting out a normal amount.  What a baby he’s got me wrapped around his finger and I swear he is always trying to make that wrap tighter. 

Got the mail last night and presto no bills.  The cable came, I plugged it in and it worked.  Then I had to sign up to a website to be able to download all of the frequencies I wanted.  It’s $30 for 360 days which isn’t terrible. Frequencies don’t change that often so once you have everything set you really don’t need to keep up your subscription unless your truly serious about programming your scanner for every place you might travel to or through.  I just threw something together and still really don’t have what I want.  I am going to make a more organized attempt at it this weekend.

I had this nagging eating at me.  When I want something and my mind is made up, I am going to get it regardless if I can afford it or not.  I have heard of a cologne called Spicebomb.  It’s expensive but I think that mostly what your paying for is the package.  It comes in a custom designed hand grenade.  Kind of neat but it’s the fragrance I am after.  I haven’t even smelled it yet and broke down and bought some last night.  I hope to hell I love it and that it doesn’t make me sneeze.  Otherwise I may have gotten someone a gift that they don’t know about yet.  I have also heard of Kiehl’s products so I picked up some of their face mask.  One of the vloggers I watch uses it and well I guess I figured if it makes him look amazing maybe it will do the same thing for me.  I don’t expect a real transformation but hey it would be nice provided I looked really hot.  Those items will be arriving on Thursday and Friday.  Looking forward to it.

After spending the money I felt so guilty but then I said you have to treat yourself.  I am worthy of a reward for everything I have done and everything that I do.  However, it would be far wiser to save my money and pay off my bills.  Plus I will probably be getting new glasses and they won’t be cheap.  Part of this is the human factor and well I have a sense of entitlement in that it’s my money and I would like to spend it my way, doesn’t mean it’s the right way.  The upside here is that I should smell really good and my pores should be cleaner, or so I hope. 

We had more rain today, you would think I live in Texas but I don’t honest.  I have a classmate that lives there.  While I complain about rain what we have is nothing compared to what they have.  It was just enough to mess with the commute to work.  I was supposed to be early for training.  I made it but not by much.  Got another class on Friday.  Then 2 more classes, different subject Monday & Tuesday.  Those will require me to wake up super early and they are all day events so it’s like I will be on the phone all day long listening and they have tests so you almost have to pay attention.  I am kind of intimidated and scared of the subject matter but I passed the pre-test so I think everything will turn out fine. 

Long story short is that I am happy I have a job and wished that I made even more money than I already make now.  It would be even better if I could work from home a few days a week, but I am not pressing my luck.  All things considered I would say that life thus far has turned out pretty well and I’ve got the world by the tail with the exception of 2 things.  1 my legal matter and 2 the fact I have no partner/boyfriend.  However item 1 will eventually go away and item 2 well I am trying to make it happen.

Lunch is winding down so back to the monitors.  Got a short meeting this afternoon, I get to leave early since I started early and right now going home is top on my list.  My foot is killing me, you’d think I would have less problems since I am not on it as much but it appears to be just the opposite.  Looking forward to a date with ICE.  The massage lady will be here tomorrow so I have to go see what time slots are open.  It would be nice to get in, my tomorrow is pretty well open and it just sounds like another treat I don’t want to pass up. 

Happy Hump Day, made it to the middle.  2 more days to go, we can do this!!

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