06 May 2016

Heart Breaker

I suppose I am a heart breaker.  I was talking with this guy on Grindr, he hit me up.  Yeah it’s the guy who is the dishwasher.  Anyway, we chatted back and forth.  He’s really into me, which I think is great but then he had to tell me that he is HIV + and asked if that would be an issue.  Holy crap, that is a curve ball I wasn’t expecting.  I certainly don’t want it but told him that I would have to do my research to find out more.  Honestly I know very little about HIV and being a gay guy I should probably know more, even if I am not sexually active.  So we got past that hurdle then he said he would like to meet.  Okay so no harm no foul there.  I asked about a specific location he responds back that he doesn’t have transportation.  Holy shit your in your 40’s, your a dishwasher, HIV + and don’t have a car.  All of those are serious red flags for me.  I am going to pass on meeting him.  I mean he might be the best guy ever but it doesn’t sound like his life is in order.  As we all know I have been through hell and back several times.  I own a house, have 2 vehicles and a full time job that affords me the ability to make the house payment.  I know it sounds like I am saying I am better than him and that is totally not the case.  I just see that there are serious areas of concern and that he might just be looking for someone to take care of him or be his sugar daddy.  That certainly won’t be me.  I don’t have enough sugar to be my own daddy.  I really hate being in this predicament.  I don’t want to hurt anyone, just looking to find my Mr. Right.  The only thing that he has going for him that is a plus is that he is interested in a Long Term Relationship.  I know that one this is part of the process and two guys who are interested in Long Term Relationships are rare and most of them are not on Grindr because it’s a hookup app. 

In other news the job is moving along.  We made it to Friday and my coworker is back in the office.  Unfortunately, our days got rearranged so we don’t meet up as in the two of us until later in the day.  I have all sorts of questions and I know I could call her but honestly everyone is overwhelmed.  Slowness and Boredom are rare things once you know what your doing.  The good news is that will help keep my focus and the work days and weeks will fly by.  We were talking just the other day that Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.  Yeah by then I will have either made it in this position or they will have shoved me out the door.  Everyone is so positive that I am going to make it, they are going to work with me.  It all is a bunch of confusion right now but it’s supposed to make sense.  There are a lot of technologies and things that are going on that are of interest to me.  So while I am semi scared and I want to run away, I am forging forward to see if I can’t make me proud of myself.  I occasionally lack self confidence but I know that I can do amazing things and I have gotten through a lot of very trying and difficult situations, so just treat this like one of those times and hopefully I will do fine.  I really want to make it and right now I just feel like I am in over my head.  Someone took a huge chance on me by giving me this opportunity and I feel very fortunate to have it.

In cat news, everyone appears to be doing okay.  Bear is making urine so that is a good thing.  He’s getting a bath this weekend and that won’t be fun for either one of us but we will get through it.  Momma is still craving attention.  No more presents at the moment but she doesn’t give one every day, thankfully.  I hope they all stay happy and healthy for a long time to come.  I have my concerns but I try to keep them at bay and enjoy what time I do have with each of them.  They are all special to me and have changed my life forever. 

My next battle is brewing.  I filed an appeal with my health insurance company to reimburse me for an Urgent Care visit that I had to pay for.  As I suspected and told them all along, the claim was improperly submitted as an office visit and that is why a bill was generated.  If the provider would have billed it correctly then I could get my money back.  My insurance company responded and said they have to pay claims based on the way they are submitted and they can’t make an exception for me.  I can sue them and/or file for a voluntary review.  I am not going to sue them because that would cost me more money.  I am going to file for the voluntary review.  I am also writing several other letters like to the top brass of the physicians group that I had to pay.  The administrator of the local hospital that runs the urgent care center as well as my states attorney general since I view this predatory and fraudulent.  Those letters and supporting documentation will take time but hopefully it will get me back my $115, so it’s kind of worth my time.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.  Start a paper war and you just might win.  It’s worked before and hopefully it will work again.

That is really all that is brewing.  Saw a great movie last night on Netflix called 4th Man Out.  It’s about a guy who comes out to his friends as being gay.  They are determined to help find him a man.  Chord Overstreet and Parker Young both of which are HOT! It’s entertaining and funny.  I am looking forward to binging on Frankie & Grace Season 2.  It is out today so going home and writing those letters won’t be something I want to do but I will get it all done some how. 

Today is the first day of the automated trash collection.  No trash picked up by the time I left, which was disappointing.  I also almost hit the damn barrel.  See bags are better but that is just my opinion.  Now the instructions say that the handle should face your house.  Is that the handle on top of the lid or the handle that you push the barrel out with?  Of course I am the only one who did it differently in the neighborhood so it will be interesting to see if I got it right and if all of my neighbors are wrong or if I am the one who is wrong.  Chances are really high that whom ever is wrong won’t have their trash picked up and well mine is filled to the brim so it need to be dumped today.  It will be interesting to see what I find when I get home.

Now it’s about time to join my first meeting so back to boring I go.  Way too many meetings and not enough productivity but hopefully I will be able to change all of that.  Who knows? 

Have a good weekend and I will talk with you all again soon.

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