22 May 2016

Time, a rare commodity

This weekend, I got a reminder once again how precious life really is and how we often (but not on purpose) take it for granted.  NOTHING bad happened, which is a good thing.  You’ve heard me talk about Will & RJ from YouTube.  Well now that they are married they decided to take a break from daily vlogs, which no doubt has saddened many of us.  I never really did understand how they were each able to live their lives and make YouTube videos, but they did it for several years.  I remarked a couple weeks ago that there wedding was awesome but also kind of made me sad, given my situation.  In looking at their video where they broke the news about not doing daily vlogs, I believe Will mentioned about his blog.  I also saw it on his twitter feed.  So I decided to check it out.  I would invite you to do the same, it’s at A LIVING WILL BLOG

Will is a normal guy and I have enjoyed watching him grow up and learning about him, his adventures and his boyfriend, now husband.  He disclosed a long time ago that he had a brain aneurysm.  It was concerning but like many things in life I kind of forgot about it.  That is until I looked at his blog and there was the reminder staring me in the face.  I believe Will is in his 30’s but my point here is he’s way too young to have something like this.  It’s like a ticking time bomb that could explode at anytime, without any warning.  As he remind us in his blog, we all have an expiration date but no one knows when that date is.  It is quite a sobering thought to see that he has faced this head on and has come to terms with it.  Headaches for you and me are no big deal.  Headaches for Will are a major deal because of the aneurysm.  While it’s scary he seems to have a pretty good grip on life and reality.  I don’t know how those that are closest to him deal with this.  As you will read in his blog he got the news at a very young age, he managed to go years with it not growing but now it has grown.  There are photos on his site, but I’m no medical pro from what I see I would think that there has to be a fix for this.  Of course the procedure or remedy to fix this would come with high risks but provided everything went well and doctors could fix this or even better remove it, the payoff would be well worth the risk.  Medicine is science and just like with life there are no guarantees anyone can make.   

It would be a very sad day for a lot of people around the world if Will passed away at such a young age.  He and his partner RJ have touched and made a difference in so many peoples lives.  It sounds to me that he has no regrets and is living life to it’s fullest.  He stays in shape, eats pretty good and does things that everyone does.  I would think that exercise would be very risky but apparently that is not the case.  With the aneurysm not in the picture I can tell you easily hands down he is far more healthier than me and way better looking. I can honestly say that I am slightly jealous of him, he seems to have a perfect life.  I realize that I have only seen a glimmer of it and that in reality he has good and bad days just like everyone else. 

Back when I wrote my book he is one of a select few that I sent a copy to.  Now he has written a book that is a biography about himself.  I can’t wait until it’s published as I plan on snapping up a copy.  Although the audio version would probably be better for me, there is just something about reading from a physical book that is special.  I am not a reader in general but I am no stranger to books it’s just not my passion.

So this for me in many ways served as a wake up call.  I feel as if my life is passing me by and I am just sitting on the couch.  I know that I have made great progress since my partner passed 3 years ago but there is so much more to do.  Will has reminded me that it’s time to get going and get on with it because my expiration date could be later today, later this week or maybe years from now.  It’s an unknown factor and for that very reason it’s vitality important to live like there is no tomorrow, I mean you can plan for it but just don’t expect it. 

Will, if your reading this thanks for stopping by and for being such an inspiration.  I am so happy for you & RJ and hope that you have a long life together.

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