04 May 2016

The Middle

Oh boy made it to the middle of the week!  So today there was a lot of grunt work to do, it was more stuff that I was used to taking care of in my previous role.  I knocked out the job quickly and then another one came.  I had some time to do some exploring and was trying to hunt down a document which I have not yet been able to find.  I don’t want to ask that is the easy way out but I may eventually.  The thrill of the hunt is fun sometimes.  Right now all of this is very new to me and there is some apprehension on my part.  Each day I ask myself if I made the right call and honestly it’s way too soon to tell.  Just like it took time to hear the good news, it’s going to take time for me to get acclimated, I hope it’s a good fit because I am not in a position to want to look for a new job. 

So on to the cat house.  Things are uh-okay.  Bear is still peeing on himself so I am worried that he is going to block off again.  I really want him off the antibiotics but the vet said to be certain to finish them, so I am following their instructions to the letter.  Honestly I’m thinking that this bladder thing will probably be his downfall but I am remaining optimistic.

Momma left me a present in my room while I was in the shower.  It’s the kind of thing that should have been done in the litter box.  She wants me to know that she still isn’t right and there still is a problem.  I am waiting for the vet to call me back but I honestly don’t think that will happen since I didn’t agree to the expensive drug they want to put her on.  I have increased her medicine and she appears to be tolerating it.  I give her plenty of attention and she isn’t shy about asking for it either. 

Thinking of all of my animals why on earth do they get sick, why do bad things happen to them?  It’s like a new born getting sick or after a year or two being diagnosed with cancer.  Why do these things happen?  A guy I used to work with told me there was no God because if there was a God things like this wouldn’t happen.  I totally get his point and semi-agree with him.  However, I was raised that there is a God and honestly I can’t explain why those things happen, it doesn’t make sense to me.  I waffle on my belief and that is something my late partner told me that he really wished that I would stop and just believe in God.  I am most likely overthinking it, which is something that I tend to do. 

My hour break for lunch goes by faster than the entire day.  Last night I let Gator sleep with me and I woke up with a sore hip.  I have no idea what she does to me but I always wake up with a sore hip when I sleep with her.  Marv joined us but of course Gator being the ham she is, she stole Marvin’s spot so we couldn’t cuddle.  They both held their ground all night long.  I was dead tired last night, I fell asleep sitting in a chair and the night wasn’t that old yet.  All of this thinking and learning all day really is exhausting.  I of course was texting last night with a co-worker and playing on my phone.  There is so little time for me to catch up on social networking.  Kind of miss that but at the same time I am grateful.  I get tired at work in the middle of the morning but you yawn, drink some ice water and keep on moving.  The body is truly amazing!

So that’s all I have for now.  More learning and meetings this afternoon, then the drive home and time to see the children again.  Rinse – Repeat and eventually we make it to Friday.  Hope all is well in your world!

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Jude said...

I'm glad that it is so far so good. And I hope you don't mind but I have a little something to add to your conversation about God. We all hear that question "why does God do these things to us", well in my humble beliefs, I don't think God DOES any of it to us, it is life that does, and He is there for us to help us get through it. Just my opinion. :)