11 May 2016

Tears at lunch

Things have been going along fairly well.  I have made several contributions in my new role to both my team and to end users, I felt really good leaving yesterday.  We had an issue come up and it was an all hands on deck situation, I wound up staying a half hour extra and the whole time I was thinking traffic is really going to suck.  Nope it actually helped, all of the hustle and bustle was gone.  Smooth sailing on the way home.  I need more times where I feel on top of the world and glad that I was able to be a valuable contributor.  I think they will come but it’s going to take some time.  There really is a lot for me to learn and how I keep it all in my brain will be a miracle in it’s self.  I think once I am engaged and actually doing stuff that will help.  Right now I have my training wheels on and were starting off slow.  I just got my first clerical/administrative assignment to create of all things an Excel spreadsheet.  Yuk.  There isn’t any math involved but still, yuk.

One of the things I do at lunch is watch YouTube videos.  Late yesterday Will & RJ posted a video about the prep for the wedding.  There was a bit of a challenge to get through the video without crying.  I didn’t quite understand that, I mean it starts off like a normal video.  That changes towards the end and things get romantic and I started tearing up.  Wow it really sucks to be single.  I am truly happy for them, they are much younger than I am and you can tell they are just there for each other.  It’s a true match and that is evident when you see them interacting with each other.  Just makes me miss what I had and leaves me wondering if I will ever have anything remotely close to that again?  Who knows only time will tell.  I certainly hope so. 

Things are going pretty good at the cat house.  They are all eating and begging for more.  I didn’t get to relax with them like I normally would on a Tuesday night.  There was a very small movement in my legal issue.  Dealing with that and a distressed friend/co-worker took up my evening.  Lesson I learned don’t try to write a letter while your talking on the phone because your going to make a typo or worse yet the whole things might not even make sense when you re-read it.  Thankfully in my case there was only one grammatical error, but the point was conveyed. 

While I was talking on the phone I went to pass out treats for the furry children and noticed two hot guys and a girl on the deck at the house next to me, which is for sale.  One of them saw me and started to point to the other one.  I was wearing nothing but my underwear.  Wow guess they took it all in.  I hope they are gay and I hope they buy the house.  That would just be cool and who knows maybe they have a single friend.  Things could have been worse I could have been naked, but that only happens in the mornings (usually).  Once the house sells I will have to be cautious or at the very least draw the shades so no one can see my valuable assets. 

Weather wise it’s nothing but storms, rain and fog.  Yes I still have a dirty back window.  I haven’t managed to get my car wet enough to soak the back window.  The windshield however has been a different story.  Funny how that works.  Anyway my phone has been going nuts for the past hour or so telling me there are storm warnings out.  I hope it quiets down soon. 

So there you have it you know as much as I do, except for the fact that I ordered a case of pee pads for Bear.  He is going through them at a rate of 4 plus per day.  I’m happy that he is going but it is starting to become expensive.  It’s kind of funny to watch him pitter patter and slide in hot to his bed, it’s like a plane flying on to a ship.  Once he starts moving look out because he’s not going to stop and it takes everything he’s got.  Poor guy I feel bad that he isn’t more mobile, his siblings can out pace him easily.  However, if he is scared he can actually run! 

Well lunch time is about done, going to publish this and then work on the ever fun Excel spreadsheet.  Looking forward to being able to spend a relaxing evening with the family watching TV and being laid back.

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