01 May 2016

Cats still going–my bank account is dead

We got to the do or die point, exactly where I didn’t want to be.  Bear has a 100% blockage of his bladder.  Surgery wasn’t required but they did have to use a catheter to drain his bladder.  I got him there in time, but if I would have waited any longer the outcome would not have been so good.  Typically cats with blocked bladders if not treated will die from all of the toxins that are in there system.  The bladder can also rupture and if that happens and you want to save the cat, you might want to go apply for a mortgage loan because it’s going to be expensive as hell and despite the cost there is no guarantee for a successful outcome.  In Bear’s case they drained the bladder, he was hospitalized and they pushed fluid to flush out his system.  He sat in the hospital for a day while the fluid went in and came out of him.  All of his output was normal.  They did blood work at the start of this and that showed elevated levels of potassium as well as issues with his kidneys.  After the 1 day was up, they redrew his blood and everything had normalized.  There is no kidney damage and that I find truly remarkable.  It’s like God is really watching out for him and despite the 9 lives rule, Bear just keeps on going.  I was told from the outset that I could shell out a bunch of money and still have a dead cat.  I am selfish and want to hang on to him for as long as possible.  We dodged a huge bullet and I am so very thankful.  There will come a day when we will not be so lucky.  He peed all over me once we got outside and he peed in my car.  I knew I should have brought the truck but I was eager to get him out of that place.  He’s been hamming it up ever since he has been home.  I have medicine for him which he takes with a little bit of a fight.  When they sedate a cat it screws with their bowels so they don’t go for several days.  That flood gate broke last night and I had another mess to clean up.  As much as I complain I would rather pay for pee pads, paper towels, baby wipes, food and give him my time.  He’s one very special cat and he knows it for sure.  He plays me like a fiddle and I let him because he is not only special to me but he was special to my late partner.  This was one of those times when I could have let go but it just didn’t feel right.  I’m told that when the time comes I will know it.  Well I hope someone hits me over the head with a hammer to get my attention because honestly I don’t want to let go now or ever.  Now I have to keep a close watch on him and if there is any sign that he might be blocked, he has to go back, he can’t afford to have a blockage again.  Honestly I can’t afford for him to have a blockage again. 

Momma went to the vet on Saturday.  She was last there in November and we did blood work then.  I could have easily gotten her medicine refilled without any argument but since she has been leaving me presents, that is her way of telling me something just isn’t right.  So they did blood work and sent me home with a refill of her medicine.  I just got a call with her blood work.  She was trying to tell me something.  Her thyroid level is elevated, which is not good.  We could increase her medication but there isn’t long term hope that it would work because it seems like an absorption issue with her body.  They want to try a new medication that is made for humans but would have to be compounded for her, it’s not cheap but I don’t have an exact price.  It acts like Prednisone but doesn’t have all of the side effects.  She already has a heart murmur from her Thyroid.  So this is the next best option.  I should have pricing information tomorrow and then can make a decision.  I am also considering have the radioactive treatment done and that would take her thyroid out of the picture.  It would be super expensive but it would prolong her life.  There would be isolation involved and I would probably have to take a couple days off work.  I really want to do what is best for her and best for my wallet.  The vets best guess is that if we do nothing that she will probably live 6 months to a year and then pass away from heart disease.  Momma is a tough bird and I need her so does Ruth.  So I hope the cost isn’t terribly expensive for the new medicine and that it works.  Provided I go that route we would recheck her thyroid in about a month and that would be another $100 for the blood work. 

Ruth is still playing me for special food but she has a new habit she doesn’t like to be watched when she is eating.  Watch her and if she figures it out she stops and just stares at you like she wants you to die.  If looks could kill I’d be dead now. 

Marv is hanging in there along with his sister Insty.  Everyone vies for my attention and now I understand how a parent with multiple children feels.  You love them all equally, you have your favorites but you try to give a little attention to everyone.

Tomorrow starts a new chapter for me at work.  I am excited but also a little fearful because there will be a lot of information coming at me.  I don’t know if I will be able to keep up but I am going to try.  My access changed on Friday night and I started to get emails that I have never gotten before, they are still coming in over the weekend.  Not everything looks super important but I don’t want to set up any rules to filter until I know for sure what’s what.  I am in training which means there will be very little actual work for me to do but that won’t last terribly long.  So right now it’s relax, take it all in and enjoy not having to do work.  I made a sign for my cube because I know people are still going to bother me and I can’t have that.  They have to follow the normal procedure and I know no one likes that because they don’t know the person on the other end and they don’t get personalized attention.  All of my former users are very spoiled and very sad that I was able to climb up.  They are happy for me but sad for themselves because now they have to start over.  Whomever they get to replace me I will be sure to let them know the secret to my success because if you keep your users happy, they will keep you happy.  You don’t want someone talking bad about you and I’m sure I had a little bit of that but I was showered with praise on a daily basis and who doesn’t like their ego stroked?  I mean I really thrive off of positive feedback.  I won’t get that as much so I will be starving as well which is another reason why I question if I made the right move.  Time will tell and I will give it a fighting chance.  Right now I am focused on the excitement of the change and the fact that I won’t be taking phone calls from people complaining about their pc not working.  My forte has always been End User Support.  Like anything if you get away from it long enough you forget how it’s done. 

Speaking of work the co-worker who allegedly told her boss that I was harassing her, got me all alone where there was no witnesses and told me that I shouldn’t have assumed she filed a complaint.  Her boss asked her and she told him.  Duh isn’t that the same fucking thing as filing a complaint?  I mean you could have said well it’s personal but no she had to open her clam and be honest.  She told me with her tits all in a knot that next time I should come to her instead of assuming.  I let her have her say.  I thought to myself bitch you have no idea but your dead to me, there won’t fucking be a next time so get it all out of your system, feel better because this was the last straw.  Another co-worker who is friends with both of us told me that I was rather quick to write people off.  I told her I didn’t do it without a good reason.  She has snapped at me twice and there won’t be a third time.  I don’t have time for bullshit in my life, I’ve been through far too much.  Which was the nicest way I could say look you take care of you and I will take care of me.  Now she is being distant with me as if she is mad at me.  Simply put I am not a door mat and you can’t walk on me, unless of course I let you.  Being alone for 3 years has hardened me (no pun intended) and I just won’t tolerate silly bullshit.  It’s easier and more fun to have friends and people in your life, but I have already proven to myself that I need no one but myself to survive in this crazy world.  I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life and I don’t want to alienate people.  I think I was more than fair here and even if I wasn’t my mind is made up.  There is no changing that even if you had a gun pointed to my head.  Once my mind is made up it’s done be it good or bad.  I’m hard headed and stubborn as the day is long.  Besides that I’ve already found out co-workers are ‘friends’ for the most part as long as you work together but the minute one of you changes jobs, it’s bye girl.  This particular person has promised to go out with me to a gay bar and to introduce me to her gay friends but she is all talk and no action.  Hell we have been supposed to go to lunch together for a year but she never tells me when she is free.  So walking away is what feels right and I am going to keep on walking and keep on talking.  It’s pretty clear we won’t miss each other even though she claims to be my friend. 

Ah, once again time has spiraled out of control and I didn’t get somethings done.  I promised the kids I would return upstairs and I am going to spend the rest of the evening finishing up a movie, watching Last Week Tonight and then hopefully getting a very good nights rest so that I am fresh for the morning.  Wish me luck and I will tell you how it goes when time permits. 

Here’s to a week filled with joy, good news and happiness – we all need and want it.  Let the sunshine in and dry up the rain! 

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Jude said...

Good luck with the new position, and fingers crossed for both Bear and Momma.