13 May 2016


So I have made it through week #2. My new boss is pretty impressed with me, I heard that from a third party but it still was something nice to hear.  I hope that the compliments continue to flow in.  I was given more training on our anti-virus software today and right now that server is my baby.  I am beating machines into submission so they are compliant and up to date.  It’s kind of fun but it’s also work at the same time.  If I would push a wrong button there isn’t much harm that I could do there.  However, on any server when I go to log off if I click shutdown instead that can create a problem since I am a domain admin I have full rights to go where I want and can do anything, with power comes responsibility.  I kind of think that I sold myself short on money but this is still a good experience.  I wish there was less meetings and more working.  I was stuck on the call from hell yesterday.  It was a meeting with a vendor that didn’t know their product and they were telling us to go one direction while our engineers wanted to go another.  It was scheduled for 1 hour and we went 2 1/2 that pretty much took care of the rest of the day.  All of my training was cancelled and rescheduled, no one wanted to be on the phone so I was off on my own.  Not a bad thing.

The commute home last night was horrible and the jams came in waves.  You wade through one get going a little bit and presto another jam.  I was never so glad to be able to get home.  I got food set out for the hungry fur guys and gals, then I went around the house and emptied the litter boxes, trying to get the most bang for my buck when it comes to trash.  I put everything in the barrel and wheeled it out to the curb.  I thought for sure someone would hit it but not as of this morning when I left.  It’s just odd having something you have done for 15 years just up and change.  I can adjust but I still don’t like change when it comes to my daily routine or habits. 

Tomorrow is the big day for my eyes, I get to see how much they have changed since last year.  I have all of my ducks in a row and am ready to go.  Just wish that I made the appointment for later in the day.  Normally when I am done I like to come home and take a nap to give the dilation drops time to wear off.  I have to hit up the post office for those pee pads so looks like as long as I can see well enough that is where I will be headed after the eye doc.  Then I can come home and nap. 

I have been having some strange dreams, but over all sleeping pretty well.  Just wish that I could make it through a couple nights without waking up and having to go to the bathroom.  The joys of getting old. 

I got a response from the parent company of the urgent care center, but I can’t read it until I get home.  I am dying to know what they had to say, it will either be disclaiming their alleged error or they will admit their mistake and be sending me a check.  I can’t see it going any other way, but I won’t know until I take time to read the email. 

Got most of my bills paid last night.  I have a couple more to take care of tonight and then I am done.  I am going through hoops to get my $12.19 back from Steak N Shake.  Lesson learned there if your going to pay do it with a credit card, disputes are easier and quicker.  Right now I am waiting for a temporary credit to show up, have to wait for paperwork to fill out in the mail and once the investigations is done the temporary credit will be perm if they find in my favor, if not they will debit my account to get the credit back. 

No real special plans for the weekend but I have given thought to going to eat at either the buffet or for pie.  I’ll probably talk myself out of it for now and go closer to Memorial Day.  It’s been a long time and while I don’t always like the drive it can be fun. 

So back to checking on the antivirus server, getting more training and attending more meetings.  Everyone seems to be in a fairly good mood so that helps.  I am eager to depart and head off into the weekend.  There is something so special about a Friday night and it feels like your a million miles away from Monday but blink and it’s staring you in the face.  I hope you have a great weekend and I will talk with you all again soon.

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Jude said...

You had me at "pie". :) Have a good weekend!