29 May 2016

The Job & What I did on Sunday

I had a 1 on 1 with my boss last week, things went okay.  He was so tired he momentarily fell asleep while we were talking.  It was odd he started a sentence, finished it and then lights out.  I was kind of concerned but remained silent for a moment and he came back to life. 

I passed the pre-training class for the training I will be getting in two weeks on a security product we have.  I couldn’t believe the company actually required a pre test but they did.  I needed to pass with like a 70% and got a 90%, missed 1 question.  You were allowed to answer each question two times, which helped me.  I got everything right except two .. 1 that I missed totally and 1 that I missed on the first try.  They issue a certificate at the end and I was as giddy as a school girl when I passed.  I printed that cert out and hung it up on my wall as a badge of honor.  I look forward to being able to hang up many more certs but everything in time. 

The boss left us for Mexico until Wednesday.  Apparently he goes there a lot.  Must be nice, he lives close so it’s convenient.  I am eager to travel but don’t really see it in my future.  I’d love to go to FL or CA.

Friday it was me and 1 other person.  I worked on the anti-virus server.  Inside joke here.  It’s called Sophos but I was talking with a co-worker via text and auto correct stepped in and changed it to Sophia.  So now I call it Sophia for humor.  Someone clearly dropped the ball with this program, there are a lot of computers that need updates or to be removed.  I am working that clean up process, it sucks but does make time fly by.  I get to log tickets and send them to my old team, I am sure they hate me for doing that but it’s work that needs to be done.  It’s going to take a long time to get everything cleaned up but I worked like a champ on Friday.  Even managed to switch gears a couple times to take some urgent tickets that came in. 

I am starting to feel a little more confident which is good.  However, my training is no where near done.  I’d say at least two more months and then I will probably get thrown into the on call rotation.  If you call a co-worker and ask for help, they do everything they can to assist you.  It’s nice to work with people that are helpful.  There are some moody days and drama but overall it’s okay. 

There was some concern over mobile devices but it looks like that has all been worked out and I think we have a new approach that were going to explore.  I really didn’t want to buy a phone just for work, so I hope everything works out.  I really like what we have today but I understand why we need to change platforms, it’s more secure and provides greater flexibility.  That comes with a hefty price tag as well. 

Tuesday it will be me and one other person.  My schedule is pretty open at least that is the way I remember it.  I do have some training on Wednesday and again on Friday – both days I have to come in early.  Then the following week will be the kicker 2 days of super early start times.  I have classes that start at 7:30a.  If they don’t break for lunch and I can eat at my desk then were good and I can leave early as well.  If they break for lunch I will have to hang around for a bit.  Interested to see how it goes. 

Confidence comes with knowledge.  I’ve created new accounts in our 2 factor authentication system, worked with the firewalls (these are commercial grade ISP type firewalls) which are made by Palo Alto.  I’m telling you it’s like learning a second language but most everything that I have seen is point and click.  There is a command prompt and you can enter stuff that way but you have to know what your doing.  If it was DOS based I would be okay but it’s not it’s based on Juniper commands.  Then you get into switches that are made by Cisco and there is a 3rd language.  Thankfully no Cisco interaction for me, which is good.  Keep in mind this is all day to day security stuff.  I still have yet to learn that new hire and departure process.  There is a 200 page document for that and you have to jump from system to system.  Once you do it enough you remember the process but learning it takes a huge commitment. 

Overall I am happy thus far.  My bosses goal is to make me love my job and enjoy coming in each day.  I still have yet to figure out how anyone accomplishes anything around there because were always in meetings or on conference calls.  I think this opportunity came along to stretch me so that I can grow and further my knowledge.  It’s comfortable to be complacent but you never grow.  I will admit I don’t like being stretched, it sounds as painful as it is.  However, in the end it makes you a better person.  Also this is giving me invaluable experience that should something go awry, I will have valuable skills and be more attractive to a new potential employer.  I have no plans on leaving I am quite comfortable.  I really want this to be the last place that I work at, in that I can stay for the rest of my working years, however long or short that maybe. 


Now on to Sunday …. slept in, but you probably figured that out already.  Went out to breakfast and grocery shopping.  Then came home and fought to get a serial to usb adapter installed in Windows 10.  I need this to be able to program my police scanners.  There are some new municipalities that I want to listen to but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to manually program the scanner.  The software does a wonderful job but it won’t work without the adapter.  Modern PC’s don’t have serial ports because very few people would use them.  Sort of like media drives on a laptop.  Anyway, I finally gave up and purchased a new adapter, I shouldn’t have to do this but since Belkin stopped supporting their product, I have no other choice.  I tried every hack I could come across and while they worked for others they wouldn’t work for me.  I hope that when the new adapter comes in, it does the job and I can put this behind me. 

I went to Target and got a sewing kit.  It was between a small machine for $19 that would do all of the work for me or a $10 kit and I do all of the work.  I am no seamstress.  My best work is done like a doctor goes to put in stiches.  However this was for Bear’s bed and a simple hack job would suffice.  I used the conventional method that I learned as a young man and it worked out well.  I only hope that he doesn’t rip it apart with his claws. 

In searching for the sewing kit I found a watch that my partner bought.  It’s a cheap thing.  It needed a new battery and since my eyes are already challenged enough I figured I would give it a go.  Got the damn thing apart, changed the battery but had to open it back up two more times and now it appears to be working.  I have no idea how to set the date or even the day of the week.  However, I got the correct time on it, it’s actually a minute fast.  It chose Sunday as the day of the week so I’m like that’s good.  Provided it displays correctly tomorrow I will put it on.  Much prefer my own watch but it’s more of a dress watch and very valuable to me.  I have started wearing it out on a daily basis. 

Went to eat supper out, decided not to have pizza after all.  Opted for a cheesesteak it was salty as hell but other than that it was good.  Came home took some ant acid , had some milk a bit later with some cheesecake.  I hope it doesn’t repeat on me. 

Cleaned the house and still have laundry to take upstairs.  I didn’t do my usual shave and shower routine today, saving that for tomorrow.  Need to go up and medicate the children, and prepare for bed.  It will be nice not to have to go to work tomorrow but that will be over with before you know it.  Kind of dreading the bbq with my friends just because it’s so late.  Tempted to cancel but I won’t.

Cancelled my Dekkoo membership, they only had a couple of gay films that I wanted to watch and enjoyed.  It’s not worth the $12.99 per month to me.  I signed backup with Birchbox to get the Men’s monthly box for $10 so really only saving $2.99 per month but I had to justify the expense.

That’s pretty well it for the day.  Semi productive and I managed to squeeze in a nap which was super enjoyable.  Need to try going all day tomorrow without one not sure how I will hold up to that challenge. 

Talk with you all again soon. 

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