25 May 2016

Moving quickly

The days and nights are passing faster than it seems I can keep up with.  I woke up this morning completely exhausted.  I kept pushing myself and by the time I left I was finally awake.  It kind of felt like I was up all night and got no sleep but that wasn’t the case.

A few things have happened since I last blogged ….

1.  The provider I wrote about the office visit when I went to urgent care last year, agreed to refund my money.  I got the money last week.  Yesterday they sent me a bill asking for the money back.  I looked on line and sure enough my insurance company paid them the day before the exact amount they were billing me for.  So I fired off an email asking them if they want their money and told them that there business practices reaffirm my belief that they are guilty of fraud and deceptive business practices.  I have a reply from them but can’t read it until I get home but I suspect they will say they don’t want their money back and it was a computer glitch.  Yeah right and I was born yesterday. 

2.  I got a response from a bank I wrote about declining my application for credit.  They are reconsidering my application and told me that I should expect a decision within two weeks.  Moral of the story never accept no for an answer until you have exhausted all possibilities. 

3.  I am giving some thought to writing an autobiography.  I really liked putting together my first book about me and my late partner.  My big stumbling block is if I should use my real name, I mean it’s an autobiography.  Then there is the other little fact, is it a waste of time, I mean would anyone but it and read it? 

I literally just sat down to lunch, finished my meal and now it’s about time to head back to the grind.  There is plenty of things to do but just not enough hours in the day to accomplish them all. 

I did get an invite to my friends for supper on Monday, which is Memorial Day here in the US.  I am not happy that they are catering to their neighbors work schedule and having the meal at 6p.  I mean ideally I would like to be home at that time, winding down and preparing for Tuesday.  I am going or so I told them, I will most likely follow through.  It will be a dine and dash type event, where I eat and then run out the door to get back home.  I need some evening time to myself before I begin the journey of a new work week.

Speaking of work I got word yesterday that they hired my replacement for my old job.  He will start soon.  I just hope they picked the right person and that he will live up to carrying on the quality and quick service that I was known for.  I suppose there will be some training on my part but I am more interested in where he is going to sit, there may be an opportunity for me to move, if so I’d like to move down a floor where it’s quieter.

Well the next meeting is ramping up and I need to run.  Hope all is well in your world.

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