15 May 2016

Weekend Update

Friday night I forgot to take my sleeping pills.  I didn’t realize that until Saturday morning when I woke up at 2a after having gone to bed around 11:30p.  It was horrible and I was wide awake for hours.  I did manage to get back to sleep but had to wake up early so that I could make it to the eye doctor.  Plus sleeping with the children didn’t help, they love to hog my bed and fight for position. 

Things at the eye doctor went okay.  They were behind schedule for opening and my appointment at 8:30a.  They lost internet and everyone was panicking.  I thought why not pretend your back in the old days of say 1980.  Wow!  Just goes to show how dependent we have all become on technology.  So my exam went forth and 1/2 through the process the internet came back up.  Wow what a miracle.  I wanted to tell them I could potentially help you but you will have to wave my co-pay, I thought it was better to keep quiet regardless of how tempting it was.  So I saw a different eye doctor.  She had the bifocal talk with me also trying to get me into computer only glasses in addition to my regular pair.  Yeah I’m not wealthy, who can afford that?  My prescription has changed slightly.  My left eye has a touch of a stigmatism and the one that was present in my right eye has gotten slightly worse.  I am in the downward fall, eventually this means I will need bifocals but for now I am still a single vision guy.  So they asked do you want new glasses?  I said if you can match up a frame that I have had my eye on, sure, otherwise I will pass.  We went out to talk with the frame lady (optician) and she said the frame looked like Harley Davidson she was going to do some checking and would try to match me up as close as she could to the photo I provided.  We didn’t talk about coatings for the lens, if I wanted a normal or lighter weight lens.  She just told me that she would place an order and would be calling me soon.  Okay.  So they took the co pay from me but didn’t charge me anything for glasses, which is right but I hope that the insurance company pays their part if she orders frames.  Typically unless you get them with your exam I’m told they refuse, but I can’t see how that is possible.  It’s like either I have coverage or I don’t, there is no middle or grey area.  It’s an absolute.   Best part of this is there is nothing major going on with my eyes in terms of disease or damage, which I am truly happy about. 

All of the bills are paid but a new round will be rolling in very shortly.  Not happy about that but its the way life goes. 

I went to Cracker Barrel for supper, there was a slight weight but I got in and was well taken care of.  That is the closest that I will come to a home cooked meal, which is kind of a damn shame.  I love their food and have to remind myself to go their more often.

I managed to get Bears pee pads as well as the mail.  My $80 diabetes meds came.  I applied for the rebate and thankfully it took it this time.  There was a ton of information I had to supply, they have to check with your insurance company to make sure there isn’t a provision in the policy that prohibits rebates.  I think that is a bunch of bullshit, I have gotten rebates on drugs before.  I looked up this particular medicine and wow the insurance company gets the worst part of the deal, they have to shell out $900, in comparison $80 doesn’t seem that bad but it is a little more than what I had planned to pay.  Still the medicine is working or so I think.  I should find out if my doc sends me an order for blood work, which I expect shortly.  Another torture for a Saturday.  Do I know how to live or what?

While I haven’t met them I learned yesterday afternoon that I just got new neighbors.  Wow that house sold damn fast.  There are other houses in here that take months to years to sell.  Kind of makes me wonder if I put mine on the market how long it would take.  I really wonder if it’s the two guys that I saw earlier in the week.  I will just have to keep my eyes open and see.  Who ever it was, did some moving yesterday and they were gone by the time the sun went down.  Gay or not, it would be nice to make some friends.

That is pretty much a wrap on Saturday.

Sunday did the usual breakfast out, grocery shopping.  Hit up two stores and spent more than I had planned to.  I got some cold fried chicken, they refer to it as picnic chicken.  8 pieces for $4.  I heat up a couple pieces and have some potato salad with it, that is a meal.  The cats smell it cooking and flock towards me.  They normally don’t beg but that meal it’s impossible for them not to beg me.  I don’t give in and when I’m done I put all of the bones in a plastic bag and place that in the trash.  That way they aren’t tempted from the smell to knock over the trash.  I could put them in the garbage disposal but it’s easier to do the plastic bag method and a lot quieter.  Finished up laundry, squeezed in a nap that I didn’t need.  Talked with a co worker who called me, really didn’t want to have a conversation with her but I did.  Cleaned the house and looking forward to relaxing a bit, emptying out my DVR with some quality TV and then hopefully a peaceful nights rest.  When I wake we start Monday all over again.  Not looking forward to Monday well because it’s Monday but I am excited to see what will learn this week. 

It’s been quiet and uneventful which is the way I like it.  Next Saturday is the dentist which I actually look forward to unlike most people.  Then I am out of Saturday planned events, but I am sure something will come up to occupy my time off, that is the way life goes.

Will & RJ put the rest of their wedding on line, it’s 27 minutes or so.  Got to see the reception, dancing, the guys dancing with their parents and the wedding party being introduced.  As well as the cake cutting.  It was another tear jerker.  Momma being the sensitive cat knew something was wrong and flocked to me.  I got to hold her and listen to her purr.  Words can’t express how happy I am for those two, they are doing something that I wish I had the opportunity to do when I was their age.  It also makes me realize that I am alone.  I miss not having someone.  I’m kind of jealous but I know that eventually my time will come again.  Not so sure about the whole marriage thing, but I won’t rule anything out. 

So off I go to traverse the internet for a bit, then upstairs to pass out treats and watch TV, until it’s time to call it a day.  Weather has been really nice over the weekend, extreme cool had to turn on the furnace each morning and wear a jacket when going outside.  There is more rain the forecast and cooler temps I think will be the norm.  I’m all good with that.  Cool & calm sounds awesome to me.  Have a great week and no doubt we will talk again soon. 

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