22 May 2016

Catching up

It has been a few days, sorry but there has been a lot going on and little time for blogging.  I have been really worn out lately from work.  Thursday & Friday were bad emotional days.  Thursday a co-worker got bent out of shape and decided to yell at a couple people involved in a situation.  I was of course one of them.  That made me super angry and I just let them spout off and faded into the sunset.  Friday I relayed a message from our boss to a teammate and they got upset.  Then later in the day I tried to help said teammate and got my head bit off.  No good deed goes unpunished.  I have seen some pretty bad behavior and emotions with in my new team and it’s all the more reason that I question if I really made the right call.

The ball is totally in my court here and I am tempted to quit and try to retreat to my old job where there was more organization, policies and procedures and everyone worked together – the team dynamic was much better and so was my boss.  However, my late partner would remind me right about now that life is about moving forward and not going backward.  I chose this and I need to see it through or at least see where it leads, even if that is to the unemployment line.  I have seen some neat technology and so long as I continue I will get to play with some of that technology, which will be awesome.  I never thought I would say I miss the exercise from my old job but I do.  I take every chance I get now to walk around.  I’ve got a fitness tracker and it’s barking at me now that I am slacking.  Today I got on the treadmill, it was fun.  My problem is sticking with it. 

I really wanted to tell the consultant at work that I thought he was hot.  I wouldn’t dare do it in person because well it could easily out me to the entire company.  I found his email address and started to compose an email.  Then I thought about how silly it all was and just gave up on the idea.

Today I went out for breakfast and a waiter that I haven’t seen before came in.  I was totally psyched up to tell him that I thought he was hot.  There was no obvious sign he was gay but hey you never know unless you ask.  Well the opportunity for me to talk to him never presented it’s self.  Being the sleuth and stalker that I am, I did some research and found out that he’s straight and has a girlfriend.  Now I am kind of glad I didn’t make any moves.

I got to the dentist and got a clean bill of health again.  I realized that the dentist is the one place that I can go on a consistent basis and get good news.  Next time I think all I ever get is bad news, I will have to remind myself that I should go to the dentist.  I made my 6 month appointment and don’t go back until November, by then I will probably be in the on-call rotation.  It will also be very close to Turkey Day.  Seems like it’s way off but it will be here in the blink of an eye.

I have spent the bulk of my weekend fighting with AT&T over not being able to get Text Messages from Bank of America.  They have a very old site where you can control text messages, I was told to go there and enter in the short code for BoA that would fix the problem.  My next problem was that I didn’t have that sight in my password manager so I had no idea what I chose for a password.  I quickly locked myself out.  I also didn’t remember the answer to my security question and had to call for help.  Problem is the system is so old no one knew how to reset my password, they had to put in a ticket to advanced tech support and it will be 3 days before they get back to me.  Thankfully I am persistent and finally remembered the password I used.  Then I got logged in and saw the answer to the question I would have never guessed that.  The question was what is the name of your pet.  I typed in the name of every damn pet I had but nothing worked.  The answer was something other than the obvious but I didn’t get that and managed to out smart myself.  I entered in the short codes that BoA uses, but still no messages would come through.  Then I remembered there is a block feature in the iPhone.  I had purchased an app a long time ago and by default the app added a bunch of phone numbers and short codes to the block list.  Turns out BoA was on the list.  I quickly removed them as well as most every other number that was on the block list.  Now all is working well.  I didn’t bother to call AT&T back, but I am interested to see if they will follow up with me. 

Realized that next weekend will be 3 days long, that is so awesome.  I don’t have enough time to accomplish everything I want to get done, so having the extra day might make the weekend extra productive.  I do plan on travel to the buffet at the moment barring any unforeseen problems or circumstances.  A coworker had a relative of his make me a strawberry cheesecake, which he refers to as pie.  So not only have I said pie but I’ve eaten it to.  It is so good and very rich!  Not what I need but what I enjoy.  I got him a gift card to the grocery store and a thank you card.  Whoever made this thing knew what they were doing and should be selling them. 

Momma is after me so I guess I should head up and pass out treats.  Might have a piece of that cheesecake as well.  Then it will be time for an early retirement.  I have to go in early tomorrow so I can attend some hour long training for a system in which I don’t have an account for.  It’s an interactive training course but I don’t understand how I will be able to interact since I don’t have an account.  My boss wants me to get this training as well as several additional courses before he will even entertain the idea of giving me an account.  You’d think this was gold but it’s really only to our spam filter.  I have a domain admin account so if I wanted to do damage to the network it would be done by now.  He is just a little overly paranoid or cautious, take your pick.

Before I run, I did manage to get my recovery key code.  I downloaded a piece of software that had potentially unwanted software in it, but it did the job.  I took a screen shot, archived that in multiple places and deleted the software.  Now I am all set to reinstall if I need to.  Thank goodness.

Okay, momma is really ticked.  I should go.  Funny how food motivates an animal.  Here’s to a great week ahead.  Talk with you all again soon.

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