26 April 2016

Glued Shut?

Happy Tuesday!  I am worried about my Bear.  I believe his cystitis is back because he is trying to pee but nothing is coming out.  I felt a couple of drops over the weekend but I haven’t seen a solid stream since Friday.  That is a long time for a bladder to hold it.  I am wondering if his outlet (aka penis) is glued shut. You can tell he doesn’t feel the greatest but he is putting up a brave front and using that nervous purr to try to throw me off.  We even held hands and he put his claws out to grab on.  What a truly rocky road this guy has had and I am not sure why.  He’s the best cat and really doesn’t cause problems and is very laid back.  He will of course fight with family but outside of that he is just so sweet.  He is eating a little bit and drinking a lot.  I have my doubts if we are going to be able to hold out until Saturday to see the vet.  I am trying but if things don’t change then I think I will need to make the call to go over early.  Each time he gets sick I wonder if this will be the last time.  I really still want to hang on to him.  I know he wants to hang on to me.  I guess time will tell.

Ruth is back to her old self, she doesn’t like me to watch her eat but she sure begs for the food.  I give it to her and sit back to see what she is going to do.  She knows I am watching so she plays like she doesn’t like it.  Turn my head and look back in a minute she is packing it away like it’s going to be her last meal.  Everyone knows I am worried about Bear and I think they all know he doesn’t feel the greatest but so long as I continue to put food out they all seem content to eat. 

Work is very awkward this week.  I am so ready to move on.  Talked with my new boss yesterday he is a chatter box.  He told me that no one ever asked him about moving me and so unless I had an objection that I would stay put.  I am going with that for now.  If I have problems then I will address it and try to get moved but not sure that I would ever be as fortunate to get moved to an office, like I really want.  My hours are going to be the same and I can always re-address that and get to a different shift if I so choose.  That is kind of nice but for right now there is going to be enough change going on with learning I don’t want to put too much on my body.  Plus you have the whole Bear situation.  If something is going to go south with that there will never be a good time but I don’t want to have to take time off in my first week.  I know everyone will understand and it’s a new role not like I am a fresh face and starting day 1 with no seniority.  Still I don’t want to make a bad impression.  Very anxious to be off the whine line.  I know that a good portion of my days will be spent on the phone in conference calls, meetings and training.  However, that is totally different than taking a call from a user who’s computer ‘doesn’t work’. 

Last night I came home to my new trash cans.  One is for trash and the other is for recycling.  They are huge and I only barley have room to fit one of them in the garage.  So I will be doing some garage cleaning over the weekend.  Still only keeping the trash bin in the garage.  The recycle bin is on the deck and will stay there, I am not a recycler.  Sorry but it’s just not my thing.  We were all told that we should not use the bins until next week still people filled them up and put them out.  The trash truck came this morning and they passed everyone by that had used the new container.  There is going to be a lot of upset folks.  They are the same people that will be clueless about the pick up day changing.  Were supposed to get a post card this week to notify us of the new day of the week..  Not looking forward to that because your asking me to change something that I have been doing for 15 plus years.  However, with time I will adapt even if it takes a calendar reminder.  I still like the old way but I do see advantages of the new way.  I have to get used to it for a bit and then see how I feel.

In the way of food I picked up some Magnum raspberry ice creams bars from the store.  3 bars were $5 which is a bit much.  They are coated heavily in chocolate with a nice layer of raspberry inside.  I have only had one and could easily eat the whole box.  They are so good. 

There is a lot of work that I still need to do before the change next week but I have 0 motivation.  I am trying to just limp along.  I mean there is ample time to get it all done, it’s not like if it’s not done by Monday they are out of time.  It just means that someone will have to work at it … if I wasn’t changing roles I would still be taking my sweet time.  I’d get it all done by the mid May deadline but I just work at a different pace.  If you try to rush through it you will miss something and that will make someone mad and have to call for help.  Do I plan to dump most of this work off on someone, yes is the answer.  They would do the same thing to me if the tables were turned.  Besides that what if I was leaving to start a new job at a new company it’s kind of no different.  I have been pushed by a couple people to speed it up but we ran into problems last week that I didn’t help.  There are a total of 5 machines to change out.  I have 1 pretty well done.  Moving on to #2 today and then we shall see where we go from there.  Coming to work this week feels like I am on vacation but still required to work.  I am giddy about the change and ready to get on with it. 

Enough ramble back to the fun.  Watching my bear on the cat cam.  He is sleeping.  I look forward to being able to pet him, hold his hand and try to reassure him that everything is going to be okay.  Plus it would be nice to come home to clean up a mess, nothing huge but something so that I know we are on our way to recovery.  Never wanted to clean up urine so bad. 

Hope all is well in your world.  Happy Birthday to my only commenter – Jude!

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Jude said...

I sure hope he will be okay. And thank you! :)