02 February 2016

Sick & Bored

I feel horrible.  I've got a new best friend that I'd like to dump.  His name is cough.  It's times like these that I wish I had a care taker.  I've exhausted Netflix and Amazon for content.  Went out today to get pill cough medicine and dropped $40 but I got $80 in settlement checks in the mail.  Wanted orange pineapple juice had to settle for orange juice.  Tastes horrible.  Been drinking and peeing a lake.

I will know that I am getting better when #2 starts.  Until then it will be hell for me.

Top that off with a sick momma.  I'm doing good to take care of myself and forgot her meds.  Now she doesn't want to eat.  Can it get worse?  Answer Yes I burned my lower lip eating lasagna and the freezer is making an odd noise.

Work is backing up and I just want to go off and die.  This year still sucks but I keep holding out hope it's going to get better. 😢👍

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Jude said...

Feel better soon!