04 February 2016

In the middle

I'm in the middle...getting better is on one side and death is on the other.  I get equal torture from both sides.  Just wish the pendulum would swing so I knew if I was going to live or going to die.  See this proves I've got too much time on my hands.

Went to the ER yesterday.  Got a hottie named Zack to do a flu test on me.  Got a chest X-ray and then was kicked out about 3 hours later.  I am on the brink of walking pneumonia.  They called it a Upper Respiratory Infection. Said it would take 2 weeks to recover but that I could go back to work on Friday.  How nice but I still feel very bad.  There is no work this week for me.  I'm going to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully at the very least they change up my meds.  At the very most they hospitalize me for a day or two.  

My house is going to shit.  Bear needs a bath.  I have to force myself to eat.  This being alone and sick is no fun.  I'm ready and have been for a while to check out but apparently I am still needed down here on planet earth.  I'm ready to fast forward to good times, good food, good friends and no worries.  Wish I could snap my fingers and make it happen.  Now back to my illness and tv.

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