16 February 2016

Malware Tuesday

We had a couple people get a strange email and they were dumb enough to click on the attachment.  I mean you can preach all you want but in the end you can’t save people from themselves.  They both got infected and need new machines.  Makes for a busy and stressful day.  I just keep telling myself that tomorrow is my Friday, so it all seems worth while.

I was going to skip irrigating last night I felt really good.  I am glad that I went with my gut and kept it up.  There was plenty of stuff hiding.  I am looking forward to seeing the doctor in the hopes that he can give me something that will dry this all up.  I feel like I am teetering on the border between sick and not sick.  Sometimes it goes more towards sick and other times it goes towards not sick.  At the end of the day I know that there is clearly something wrong with my body.  I sound nasally which is not normal.  I have a cough and by the end of the day the river of sinus soup starts up.  It is just not any fun.  Mornings are the worst because everything has had time to sit and your body has to readjust when you wake up.  Not fun. 

Last night for supper I had that Birdseye vegetable and pasta dish.  Yeah it was in a light garlic sauce and things started out really good.  They quickly went south because I can’t just eat pasta and vegetables.  I need meat and the more the better.  So I started eating other things that I knew were not good for me.  I should have just made something else but didn’t want to trouble myself.  Cinnamon Oreos are really good they taste like a cinnamon roll. 

Had a rough night.  Marv didn’t want to sleep with me so I slept with Momma.  I got up to use the bathroom and Marv came to bed and Momma stayed put.  They collided which wasn’t good.  Things settled down and I went back to sleep.  Momma crapped in my room and then clawed me in the head to wake me up to alert me that she made a mess.  I let her out of the room.  Marv stayed and we finished sleeping as best as we could.  He let me know that it’s time to trim his claws.  He really wanted to murder my arm but I wouldn’t let him. 

Woke up after sleeping in a bit and had to rush to get out of the house.  There was winter weather coming and I needed to get to work before it hit.  I made it but the price I pay is that I have to go home to clean up the mess that Momma and Bear made overnight.  I hated to leave things like that but I had to make a choice.  There are plenty of pads out and Bear will be okay.  Momma will use the litter box hopefully.  I had to fight with her last night to get her probiotic down her.

Saw Grandma last night it’s a movie with Lilly Tomlin, I paid $5 and it was money well spent.  A good movie that made me laugh some.  Just what I needed.  I could use the same thing tonight but Tosh.O is back on so maybe I will get a few laughs out of that. 

Hoping that I will be able to have some fun and relax this weekend, most of all that I feel much better by the time next Monday rolls around.  Take care and we will talk again soon.

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