07 February 2016

Hacking on

Made it to breakfast and the grocery store.  The store was super crowded because of the super bowl.  Nothing was sold out because it was still early but I am guessing as we get later in the day things will be sold out.  I saw a King Cake, tempting to purchase but I passed.  We had an authentic one at work this past week but I of course wasn’t there.  I want the real thing and not a knock off. 

My cough is starting to gain traction and I am doing it more often. I don’t like that but I know that it is something I have to go through.  I saw a commerical for Navage this new nasal wash system.  Looks like it helps and actually seems enjoyable to use.  It’s $49 if you buy it online but you have to buy salt to go with it.  I can get it on Amazon for $79 and that includes salt with Prime 2 Day Delivery.  Tempting but I am going to pass for now.  I’ve got a netti pot if I want to go that route.  The Navage seems like it’s less stressful to use and the cleanup is simpler. 

Talked with a co-worker, told that I didn’t miss much.  She works in a different area than I do but were both in the same office.  Talking is what started the cough and talking is a big part of my job.  I feel wiped out today.  The trip out to the grocery store has done me in.  I really don’t know how I will make it tomorrow, hopefully something positive will happen today to make me able to make it.  Staying home sounds really attractive but then I have to get my doctor involved with an insurance company and I only get 60% of my normal money.  Just simpler for all if I go in.  If I don’t make it, I don’t make it but at least try.  Chances are pretty good that once I am there I will stay for the day.

As for now I am working on the little laundry I have to do.  Going to lay down and watch more TV, hopefully I will fall asleep if only for 30 minutes that would be fine.  Things are super quiet here, too quiet for my own good.  I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts.  Happy Sunday and if your a football fan I hope your team wins.  Stay warm!

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