27 February 2016


I went to bed on time last night, slept pretty well.  Woke up to feed the kids breakfast and went back to bed.  Rolled out of bed and had breakfast around 8.  Then it was time to get dressed and venture out into the big bad scary world.  Got my hair cut.  The lady that was doing the job didn’t really say anything until she was done, then she said how does it look.  Without missing a beat I looked at her and said it’s horrible, pause.  The look of oh shit washed over her face and then I said please glue it all back on.  Then she knew I was only kidding.  From that point on she was a chatty Kathy.  She reminded me of a co-worker that I interact with.  Then it was time to stop at the expensive grocery store only to find out they no longer carry my oatmeal, now I am ordering it from Amazon.  Sounds silly to me but hey I want it and Amazon has it so why not.  Also stopped at Target and not sure how it happened but the checker scanned both of my cat litters, rang up the rest of my order and then I gave her a coupon to take $2 off of the cat litter.  The litter never registered on the receipt so I just got a random $2 off my order.  Free litter sign me up.  Last stop post office.  Next stop home and time to lay down for a nap.

I went to see the doc in the box at work.  They really have it going on over there.  The ditz that checked me in also asked me medical questions when we were in the room.  She was happy as most healthcare professionals are when I pulled out my big long list (you thought I was going to say something else, I’ll bet) that told my medical life story.  She saw medication for diabetes and then she asked me are you a diabetic?  No I just take the medicine for giggles, what a fucking stupid question.  I said yes and then she told me they check blood sugar and A1C on every visit.  Oh crap just signed myself up for a prick with a small needle.  She was really great with the needle hardly felt it all all while she was taking the blood from my finger, but afterwards it hurt.  Turned black for the rest of the night and then this morning it’s back to normal.  Anyway, sugar was high as was the A1C.  I saw a Nurse Practioniner but he was actually a doctor.  He told me that he used to be a PCP (Primary Care Physician) but opted out of it because the insurance companies give you 7 minutes to spend with a patient.  If your a NP you get a whopping 10 minutes.  Which explains why the Cunt at my doctors office is quick in and quick out.  It doesn’t explain why my doctor takes his sweet time.  So the verdict is that one ear has too much pressure, but it will resolve on it’s own.  As for my infection he said it was gone.  My lungs still need time to recover there is some tightness in my lungs.  To fix it he gave me an inhaler.  Never had one before and not sure that I want one in the future.  It does help but it also makes me cough more, he said it would decrease the cough but I am here to say otherwise.  They are going to call me on Monday to see how I am doing and we will form a plan from there.  I can either go back to be rechecked or go back and he can listen to my lungs or not go back. 

I am quick to fatigue and I suppose that is the after effect of being sick for the majority of the month.  It will take my body time to recover.  Just from the errands I ran this morning I was wiped out.  I said I would go back out later for cat food but I am not.  I will get it on Sunday. 

Woke up from my nap, fed the children lunch and watched TV and lounged.  Got up and forced myself to carry Bear to the basement and start cleaning the house.  I broke out the steam cleaner but only used it in the area where he has peed the most, which oddly enough is in the living/dining area.  It’s all wet and that is usually where the girls eat all of their meals.  Bear gets his catered to him wherever he happens to be, I don’t make him come and get it.  Marv just follows me to his brother because he knows brother equals food, but only when I have a plate in my hand.  After I was done I carried him back upstairs and put him in a dry area.  I had to lay down because I was wiped out.  Tried to take a nap again but my body wasn’t having it.  I eventually got up and we had supper.  Then I came to the basement and started on laundry as well as paying bills.  I was surprised that my check is short about $70.  Not sure why unless there is a penalty to pay for using time that you don’t have.  I will know more tomorrow when I can access my paycheck stub and that should contain all of the answers I am seeking.  Anyway, I am not happy about it. 

I paid all of my bills and for the first time in my life I am paying my auto insurance on a monthly basis instead of fronting them all of the money at once.  It actually costs me $20 more but I would rather do it this way than throw it on a card and wonder how I will pay it off.  Under normal circumstances I have the money but given my legal issue it’s really fucked up my finances.  It is going to take me a while to recover.  That tax money I used to pay for the legal bill well it could have gone to auto insurance as well as credit cards and then I would be much happier.  Ah well.  Were about to enter the 3rd month of 2016 and I hope there are no challenges waiting for me – I only want calm and stress free.  I’ve been through enough drama to last one person a lifetime, I need no more.

On to the world of dating.  I decided to change my filters for the age range of guys I am looking for.  Dialed it all the way down to 21.  Wow there are some nice guys out there.  I know 21 is a bit young but no harm in looking.  I believe I matched with a 24 year old.  It was exciting but I wasn’t going to make the first move that was up to him.  Turns out he blocked me, okay fine by me.  Age is merely a number and people can exist as a couple and be years apart.  I will say that is not for everyone and most people only want to venture a year or two from their own age.  If the guy is adult enough then I can get along with him but if he is going to be like the jerk that I went on a date with last year that ditched me in the end then no way.  I got a message from a guy in OR who is interested in me.  While I would like a boyfriend we are no where close to each other so that won’t work.  I am not looking for long distance I want a guy that is within an hour driving distance or closer if possible.  Not someone who is a million miles away.  How do you hug some one that is across the country?  I just couldn’t see myself doing that, it would be like a telephone boyfriend.  If I am going that route I may as well up the ante and higher an escort, which I have thought about doing.  Not necessarily for sex but more for companionship of course if I am shelling out an outrageous amount of money then my pants will be coming off at some point.  I haven’t got that desperate yet but I have looked and escorts are super expensive.  They think they can bill by the hour like they are attorneys but they aren’t.  What your getting is just some flesh to grab.  It would be easier to find a new therapist and let the insurance company pay for it. 

Oh my toe nail clippers turned up last night.  The cats had them held hostage and I saw them on the floor last night next to the couch where Bear likes to hide.  Wow I should have thought to look under the couch but my brain didn’t go there.  This sickness has had an impact on my mental capacity as has everything else that is going on in my life.  I am very eager to return to normal old me.  Not exactly sure when or if that is going t happen. 

Going to head upstairs to put out my medicine, medicate Bear and Momma, then shave and shower.  Watch a little TV and then hopefully by that point I will pass out.  Looking forward to going to breakfast tomorrow and enjoying the last day of peace and quiet before I go on-call Monday night.  It’s only for a week but it feels like that week is a month long.  Unless something happens I will be good until May, then it will be time to pay the piper again.  I was notified that one of my users dropped their laptop and it’s destroyed, so I have to break out a loaner and then figure out if it’s fixable or if I have to build a replacement machine.  Good thing I have a Dell Tech coming out on Monday, they should be able to help me sort it out.  Sounds like next week is going to be just as challenging if not more than this past week. 

I am actually physically, mentally and spiritually ready to go on vacation for a week.  Going some place to just get away from all of life’s little troubles.  To be pampered and relax like I never have before.  Problem is I don’t have the time or money and I would really like to go away with someone rather than on a trip by myself.  I mean I can have fun alone but it’s more enjoyable when your with someone.

There you have it my world on Saturday.  I hope all is well in your world. 

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