09 February 2016

Strange Dream

I made it through Monday.  It took a lot out of me.  I figured I would sleep really good, I did sort of.  I had this issue where I kept waking up every few hours.  Not sure why but I would manage to fall back asleep.  I had a very strange dream.  So I was with RJ from the Shep689 Vlogger channel on youtube.  We were at a local college and he convinced me to go to a gay speed dating event, you just walk in a line and if someone likes you they will make conversation with you.  The next thing I knew I was in some giant Mall, I had accepted a date from someone but needed to find RJ.  In the process of going through the lines I also managed to loose an orange shirt that I had.  Eventually I caught up with RJ, never did find the shirt and I met my date.  He was in a hurry as was RJ and the date never happened.  Then I woke up.  Now I don’t even have the hots for RJ, he’s not bad looking but just not my type.  It was all really odd to me. 

The next thing you know I find myself at the table eating breakfast and wondering how in the world I would make it through the day.  I didn’t think I would even be able to set foot outside the house but I did.  To add to my discomfort it was snowing (which isn’t bad) but traffic was a mess.  I heard my normal way was all clogged up like my head.  So I decided to take an alternate route and well that was just as bad if not worse.  I got to work 15 minutes late, but never bothered to tell anyone. 

The Dell guy showed up just as I sat down to eat lunch so I was with him for 30 minutes.  Then I started eating again and got interupted. So it’s like I never really took lunch and I figure it all evens it’s self out so as far as anyone is concerned I worked normal hours. 

Last night as I sat on the couch trying desperatly to find something on the hundereds of channels that I receive I was thinking that tonight would be an awesome night to go out to eat.  I could hit up Dennys it’s across the street from me and a bowl of chicken noodle soup, a burger and some onion rings sound pretty good.  I don’t think I am going there all of that stuff still sounds good to me but I think I am better off at home with the children.  I am going to heat up a can of Chicken Noodle Soup because I could use it.  The phlem in my throat is killing me.  It’s all draining and it’s so far back I can’t get it to come out so it’s like I am eating Sinus Soup and it’s not plesant. 

I looked at my blood work, turns out the dip shit cunt didn’t even order an A1C test and she said that I had Bronchitis but she never bothered to tell me.  I kind of think I need to know since I am the patient and the one paying the bill.  Looks like I will be keeping my appointment for my physical so that my doc can order the proper tests and we get a true picture of how my body is doing.  Hopefully by then I will be feeling a ton better. 

Lots of people here at work have had something similiar and they tell me it’s a mother to get rid of.  It just hangs on like a leech and doesn’t want to let go.  You may not have any outward symptoms but it zaps your energy level.  Yeah well I just need this thing to be gone and if that can happen today great, if not then tomrorow if perfectly fine.  I hope that I am not doing more harm than good by coming to work, not that I want to be at home but right now with the way I feel I wouldn’t object.  I’d actually love to get hooked up to an IV with some high grade antibiotics that would for sure kill this and put me back on the narrow.  I would say straight and narrow but we all know there isn’t anything straight about me. 

Poor Momma is still sick.  She dumped downstairs this morning.  I think were getting away from the antibiotic and going to a probiotic.  This Thyroid medicine is a bitch on her and I know she doesn’t like it at all.  I just want to get her to feeling like her old self.  She puts on a good disgiuse but I know when my girl isn’t feeling well.  I think warm weather would be very helpful right about now.  Good news Bear went on a pee pad last night, so proud of him.  Let’s hope this keeps up!

Well speaking of helpful I need to get back to the grind, things are winding down and I have to prepare for the ride home in about an hour.  Let’s hope that tomorrow is the day that I start to feel much better.  C’mon Chicken Noodle Soup do your magic in me!

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