21 February 2016

Better Maybe

When I take antibiotics it stops up my body’s plumbing.  It’s like the first pill does the trick.  I don’t quite know why.  It used to be that it caused the opposite reaction.  In any case I don’t feel better until my plumbing issues are worked out.  I purposely eat as much as I can to force the issue so that I don’t have to get out any tools (if you know what I mean).  Finally after 3 long days we have lift off.  I felt horrible this morning, now that everything is cleaned out I actually feel better.  It might also have something to do with the fact that today is Sunday and I don’t have to worry about work.  I still sound nasally and I hate that. 

I am operating on little sleep.  I went to bed last night, well actually this morning at 1am.  The children saw the first glimpse of day light and seized the moment and woke me up to feed them at 6am.  I fed them and my head felt like a bowling ball.  Then I climbed back into my freshly laundered bed (someone threw up on the comforter last night, always seems to happen after laundry), kicked on the electric blanket and tried to go back to sleep.  Unfortunately, when they woke me up my brain switched on and that was the end of it.  I laid there and kept trying but it was no use so I climbed out of bed and started to go through my iPhone.  Nice to see what is going on in the world, plus I need to get my daily dose of men via Instagram.  It’s nothing but shirtless muscle guys but still it’s nice to look at.  Maybe someday I will get a guy that is built and be able to touch a nice body. 

I eventually got dressed and motored out to breakfast.  Had a bowl of chili and a burger with fries.  No cute cook working today but I did get my favorite waitress so that made it worth while.  Then on to the store.  I have a specific checker that I go to.  A couple weeks back she made a remark that she was able to wait on her two favorite guys.  There was this kid in front of me, who is in college.  She introduced us.  He’s apparently really smart and is eager to go live in China.  He is very cute, but I didn’t make any moves.  Well we ran into each other this morning and as fate would have it we both wound up in line with the same checker just like a couple weeks ago.  Kind of nice.  Only I purchased cough medicine so my bill was jacked up because it’s in a pill and is a name brand product they can charge out the ass.  Still saved $20 but the total would have been much lower if it wasn’t for my sickness.

Oh yeah, hope your sitting down for this one.  I logged on to my health insurance providers website.  They always seem to think I have other coverage because I am employed.  So I get questionnaires every few months, where I have to tell them I don’t have any other coverage.  I saw claims pending for the week that I was off work.  Man that was an expensive week, I racked up a bill that was 4 thousand dollars.  That’s my ER visit, the doctors fee, the x-ray, the trip to my doctor.  Wow very happy that I have health insurance.  Now lets hope they pay like there supposed to so that my cost is minimized. 

I have most everything done.  I got a bright idea to wash the kitchen trash can lid in the dishwasher.  I put it on air dry because plastic melts.  Anyway, it did a superb job and that saved me time and aggravation.  Wish I would have thought of that years ago.  It gets dirty fast and now I know how to keep it clean.  I was on a quest to try to rid myself of everything in my environment that could possibly be making me sick.  I have cleaned a lot of things, even rolled down the windows in my car and sprayed Lysol in the car.  Washed all of the whites in bleach and hot water, so all of my handkerchiefs are super clean. 

Overnight Mr. Bear had an accident over night thankfully it was in his bed.  So I trimmed his claws and then gave him a bath.  He complained the whole time and I got pawed in the face by his back paws and it was light.  I had to raise my voice a bit and remind him that I had him, he wasn’t going anywhere.  All I had to do was say the word Bath and it set panic in him, he started crying and breathing heavy.  Yeah, well when I hit the sweet spot where all of the dried on junk was it itched and he was a happy camper then.  I had to soap him twice to get him clean.  He went all day and then at supper time he peed on the carpet.  He thought he was on the pad but he misjudged.  I am wondering if something is off with his eye sight or if he is just lazy.  Either way he knows I love him and that I am NOT giving up on him.  Even though there are times I want to.  Cleaning up after him has become a chore and a burden, it gets very old very fast.  However, it’s part of ownership and I can’t just part ways with him because I am frustrated.  I mean I couldn’t live with myself.  Lots of other people have told me it’s the right thing to do because his quality of life is gone.  Yeah, well when you start shitting your britches we will be sure to line you up in front of the firing squad because it’s the right thing to do.  Yeah then they see things differently, amazing!!

Found a coupon for $10 off my next $30 purchase at Maggiano’s.  It expires at the end of this month.  Depending upon how I feel I am going to reach out to some friends and see if we can’t get together next weekend.  If not then I may be stopping one night after work.  The amazing thing is that it’s like 5 minutes from work and I have only stopped in 1 time after work in the year that I have had this job.  Traffic is a nightmare so that is my deterrent to come home, plus I look forward to seeing my furry children.

That’s all I got, pretty dull and boring I know.  Welcome to my life.  Actually not having any drama, anything hanging over my head and not being on call – just being allowed to live stress free with some dull and boring would be kind of nice.  Plus getting rid of this bug that has taken up residence in my body.  Too bad I can’t charge rent for as long as it’s stayed.  Here’s hoping that I am on the road to recovery and that by the end of this week I am done with it.  Kind of tired of doctors and medicine, as well as cold weather.  More snow is in the forecast 2 days this week – sounds like it’s going to be another sloppy mess.  Oh joy lets go play crash up derby and fuck up everyone's commute. 

Have a great week and you know we will be talking again soon.  Take care!

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