19 February 2016

Friday @ The Movies

I ventured out to the movies today and saw Ride Along 2.  It was funny and only cost $6.75 which was a nice discount.  Guess the early bird gets the word.  Afterwards I went to a restaurant close by and had my salad and chicken quesadeas.  It was delicious.  The weather was picture perfect, 70 degrees.  I was hot not sure if it was the weather or my fever.  I felt like total crap after the movie.  After gobbling down all that food I came back home and took a nice nap.  Then I woke up and still feel a little bad.  

Thought I would try something different and took an Allegra D.  I hope that I feel better when I wake up tomorrow.  I want to go downstairs but I usually take Friday's off from Technology.  I have been playing with my phone but that is as about as close to tech as I have gotten today.  

I heard last week that there was expected to be movement in my legal issue this week.  However, nothing has been communicated to me as of today.  Perhaps I will hear something tomorrow.  I am just eager to be able to put that behind me.  

Bear has really taken advantage of today.  He has used his bed as a litter box like he used to, a couple times in the past few days.  I tell him what a good boy he is when he does it.  I figure positive reinforcement will produce repeated behavior.  He just climbed in the bed again.  Need to tend to him, back in a bit.

Okay back now.  He is such a good boy.  He has been hamming it up with me getting belly rubs, food, treats and clean up service.  I know he loves me.  He needs his claws trimmed, they sure grew fast.  Feels like we were just at the vet and they had trimmed them.  Momma has been hamming it up as well.  Insty has been all over me and even Ruth has been oogling over me.  Marv and I ham it up at night when he climbs into bed with me.  I know that sounded bad but that is when he gets his attention.  The rest of the time he prefers to be left alone and is usually passed out in his little cat house or in my bed or on the floor.  That cat does more sleeping than anyone or anything that has ever occupied this house.  We have had sleep offs before and he easily wins hands down.  

Nothing on TV, I am trying to get into a new series on Netflix called Love.  So far not feeling it.  Thought it would be a good time to break out my iPad and do a blog post.  Surprised that since I don't use it that it still had a 60% charge.  It needs and IOS update, so I figured might as well.  Plus it hasn't backed up to iCloud in 7 weeks, not that there is anything important on it but might as well get current.  

Tomorrow my plans are to clean the house.  That sounds lame but welcome to my life, it will only happen if I feel good.  Otherwise I will just lay around like a couch potatoe and that is kind of appealing.  There is just no feeling like the feeling I get when I can do what I want when I want and not have to worry about anything or anyone.  It is usually reserved for Friday nights and Saturdays.  Then Sunday is back to reality. 

Oh BTW my hand is fine.  There is a slight yellowish bruise on it but it mostly looks like I got bit by a bug, small red spot that itches like a bug bite.  The results of the blood work is back but I haven't logged on to see them.  That is a job for tomorrow as well.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  Off to watch TV until I pass out for bed time.  Take care and we will talk again soon. 

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