20 February 2016


I obtained my A1C results and they are high.  Primarily because I don’t watch my diet and I make the medication do all of the work.  I will be able to get away with that for a short time and then it will become more mandatory to regulate my diet.  I can’t say that I will or I won’t.  Right now I just love food and it’s one of a few things that I take solace in, no one is taking that way from me.

When I logged on to get the results I saw that I had an email from the CUNT.  She said that my diabetes was out of control and that I would most likely wind up being referred to an endocrinologist, but that it would be dependent upon the results from the A1C.  My doc is off on Fridays which is why I haven’t heard from him.  However, I suspect that he will be reaching out to me to either make a medication change or to refer me or who knows both.  Right now I say lets adjust the medicine, if things continue to get worse (as I suspect they will) then we can talk about adding a specialist in.  Right now dealing with what I deem as bad news is not something that I am able to tolerate.  There is too much weighing on me.

Judge me not but I went out to breakfast today.  Had Blueberry Pancakes, Eggs, Sausage and Hash brown Casserole.  Extra Blueberry Syrup, Extra Butter, Extra Egg and threw in some cheese for good measure.  Why the hell not?  I work for a living and earn my money, might as well spend it the way that I want to.

I came home after that and watched a documentary on the Electric Chair.  Interesting conversation but there were some graphic photos that I could have done without seeing.  Then I started to watch another movie, knew that the sugar coma was coming so I paused it and fell asleep. 

Woke up in time to feed the children lunch.  Bear scared me because he kept trying to go to the bathroom but nothing was coming out.  I thought here we go again.  I checked him and he wasn’t in pain.  I took a look at the back door and there was something white that was crusted over, I gave him a good wipe down and made sure to clean that crusted junk out.  Then the water works started.  I was happy.  I know he is scared because he knows his days are numbered but then again all of us are living numbered days.  It’s just that our counter we think has more time on it than Bear’s.  He is such a good boy.  I sat down with him and gave him some attention, held his paw as he flexed his claws.  They need to be trimmed. 

Then I started cleaning up this place.  It’s a mess and laying around isn’t going to get it clean.  I thought this was the weekend I was supposed to clean the water fountain, turns out the calendar set me straight and it’s actually claw trimming weekend.  I already had the fountain in the dish washer, it isn’t going to hurt anything to clean it a week early.  As for the claws well I might give Ruth a week reprieve because I really don’t want to mess with it anymore than I want to break out the carpet cleaner.  I am still very much sick and not a whole lot matters to me right now. 

It was a struggle to get out of bed but I did it.  It’s easier knowing that you don’t have to go to work.  When work is involved it seems much more of a challenge.  Another nice day here in the 70’s with lots of sunshine.  Tomorrow that will all change as rain moves in and we go back into the deep freeze.  Short lived spring, but a sign that it’s on the way. 

To make sure that I wasn’t getting ripped off by my auto insurance company I checked three companies for quotes.  State Farm was actually the closest to what I am being charged, they were however over by 59 cents.  The other companies want twice as much as what I was quoted for 6 months.  They try to hide that by breaking things down in to what looks like affordable monthly payments.  I have a calculator and did the math, I can be fooled but not today.  As usual I am staying put, I don’t like the price but I can’t beat it so might as well just shut up and pay the damn bill.  Who knows what will happen in the next 6 months. 

I thought about doing some cat food shopping but decided that if I was going it will be tomorrow.  I am comfy here at home.  Lonely but comfortable.   I saw a Jim Carey movie I Love You Phillip Morris.  It was good but I am no Jim Carey fan. 

Not sure what’s for supper but I need to go upstairs and figure that out, plus it’s cat feeding time again.  Surprised that Insty hasn’t been down to remind me.  They normally don’t eat until after 6p but when I am home all of those rules go out the window.  They know I am a push over and they boss me around like I am their staff.  I let them because I love them.  They don’t always get what they want but most of the time they do. 

Happy Saturday.  One more day, thank goodness.  Unfortunately, I will have to go to the grocery store and I will have breakfast out again.  Well that’s all I got for now.  Talk with you all again soon.  Hope your having a great weekend and that your not sick like me.  I am starting to wonder if the infection is ever going away.  I mean really?  It’s been with me for three weeks.  No fun but hopefully it will get better soon.  

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Jude said...

Yes, one of these days you may have to start making some dietary changes, hopefully not soon though. Hope you continue to feel better.