26 February 2016

Finally time for blogging

It has been a very busy week.  Most of the week I have been chasing my tail to just be able to keep up.  Yesterday things were calm but still steady.  Wednesday I saw some improvement on how I feel and yesterday was even better.  Today isn’t so bad but I woke up with an ear ache and I am still coughing as well as blowing my nose.  My antibiotic runs out on Saturday.  I am going to drop by the doc in the box here at work to see what they think and maybe I will get a couple more days on the antibiotic, it is working which I am thankful for.  I’ve been sick the majority of this month and I want to enter next month feel well and staying well.  This has been no picnic even if it did get me some time off, it’s not the way I wanted to spend it.

So I checked on my insurance and with the claims that were submitted for my illness thus far it will cost me $25.  There were a couple more things that trickled in that are still pending.  The emergency room has to give me back my $50 so take $25 of that and pay the doctor bill then put the other $25 in my pocket.  Since I reviewed my policy and better know the coverage I have I paid $115 last year for going to the doc in the box and it shouldn’t have cost me a dime.  I did some checking and I have the right to appeal, I think once I explain myself that I should be getting back $115, if not it was at least worth a try.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I mean I won’t lose anything other than time, ink, paper and postage.

It’s been almost but not quite three years since my partner passed.  I am still getting mail for him to this day.  I wonder if and when it will stop.  I return what I am able to letting the sender know that he passed away in the hopes they will update their mailing list.  What I can’t send back I just pitch, thinks like bulk mail.  If it’s 1st class I send it back.  The only thing that I get that is in his name that is legit is the power bill.  He was on budget billing and I figure if I tell them he passed away they will make me bring the account even (it’s current) paying the arrears of the budget billing and then they will change it in to my name.  I don’t know that for certain but it’s my fear and I don’t want to shell out anymore money than I have to.  So it’s easier to just keep paying the bill and not change the name.  They will keep everything on so long as they get their money.  All the power company cares about is money.  They will tell you they are focused on the customer and the relationship they have but in the end it all comes down to money, just like in any other business. 

On to the children.  Bear is using the pads about 50% of the time.  I really want to clean the carpet but if he is just going to mess it up again it’s kind of pointless.  I still may clean it this weekend in the hopes that it will help him have better aim.  Momma used my room for a litter box again this week.  I have adjusted her medicine and the probiotic, just waiting to see how it plays out.  I hope to reach a compromise with her stomach that keeps her happy as well as my room from not being a litter box. 

This is the weekend before I go on call.  Hoping for a quiet and calm time, which should be true for the bulk of the week.  The weekend however is usually the busy time and where I earn the most money.  The upside is being paid extra the downside if the inconvenience.  So I will be stocking up on cat food so if need be I can stay home all day on Saturday.  I believe I am working in a haircut and that’s probably it for me.  Unless something hits me to be spontaneously do something I will probably be a home body and loafing most of the time. 

Nothing else going on, just life pretty much status quo.  Just really want to be done with being sick because it’s exhausting!  I am sure we will talk over the weekend.  Hope you have a great one.  Ciao for now. 

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