28 February 2016

Leisurely Last Day

I was able to knock out all of my trips by leaving the house just once.  It paid to sleep in this morning.  Breakfast, Grocery Store, Cat Food Store, Gas Station, Car Wash and finally home! Put everything away, got undressed and collapsed on the couch.  Now I am in the basement after passing out lunch to the children. 

Tackled and solved the mystery of why my check was short.  Apparently payroll decided that I needed to pay taxes to another place.  Not sure what that is all about.  I already wrote and explained it to them in simple terms.  I asked point blank how do I get my money back and prevent this from happening again?  My guess is they will reimburse me but it won’t be until my next check, never mind that I could use that money now.  I alerted friends to watch their checks as well, just in case they did this to our whole office and not just me.  I knew something wasn’t right and I am glad that it stood out to me. 

Now to finish laundry and unfortunately tackle Ruth to trim those claws.  She is sticking and I am not looking forward to this.  Sausage Pizza thin crust for supper tonight!  Looking forward to it.  Now off to get a drink, very thirsty today.  Guess my sugar is way off from the Blueberry Pancakes I had for breakfast.  I know they aren’t good for my sugar but they tasted damn good going down.  They are also the reason why I needed a nap. 

Hope your enjoying the weekend.  Take care!

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