10 February 2016

Good Idea

Well I tried my good idea and stopped for Denny’s last night.  I got a bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup which didn’t look all that good but was.  Kind of salty.  Ordered a Cheeseburger and Onion Rings.  Man that meal hit the spot.  The best part was when I went to pay the guy in front of me handed me a page of coupons and said here take 20% off of your bill.  I was dumbfounded and eventually muttered out a thank you.  That jesture just caught me off guard and I wasn’t expecting it and therefore didn’t have a knee jerk reaction.  I turned to the person behind me and passed the page on so they too could benefit from the 20% discount.

Home to the muffins!  Bear still has yet to master the use of the pee pad.  I think he is destine for cat diapers as much as I don’t want to do that to him it beats sending him to an early grave.  I really wish his memory would kick in and he would return back to the way he was before he had the bladder issue.  See change isn’t always a good thing. 

I got a call from my mom last night.  I turned off the feature that rings my cell phone when my home phone rings.  If my cell phone is turned off or in do not disturb it causes calls to go to voice mail prematurley, which I don’t want.  She just left a message saying that she would call back tonight.  My guess is she will call at the same time and leave the same message.  We probably won’t connect until the weekend unless she asks me to call her back.  She said that when I call she is usually sleeping.  I am guessing she wants to cash in and come to my house for the weekend.  That won’t happen – I am far from feeling normal.  There will always be a reason, it’s just too risky to have her at my house since she is a fall risk. 

Woke up this morning to find that I have my Federal Refund so now I can decide how to spend it.  Paying off the credit card sounds good but it also sounds good to hang on to the money or some of it.  However, I realize that for my benefit it’s smarter to pay off debt because hanging on to it I won’t get as much interest as I am being charged.  This won’t get me out of debt but it will go a long way to helping.

I found someone who just caught my eye on one of the dating apps.  He is 43 and everything seems right about him.  Except that he is into physical fitness.  I sent him a message but he didn’t respond back.  I saw him on line and never heard anything from him.  It’s a subtle way of saying take a hike, I get it.  I really kind of had my hopes up for this one.  Maybe I am writing it off prematurley but I won’t be begging him for a repsonse.  One message and if you can’t reply to that then I am moving on.  I still keep wondering if or when I will find the one for me.  This is much harder than looking for a job but then again there isn’t as much riding on it as my job. 

Today I feel pretty good.  Still not 100% but I sense progress.  I just hope my body keeps moving in this direction.  Getting old is no fun and then when you find out you don’t bounce back from things as quickly it really is no fun.  It’s amazing what used to take a couple days now takes weeks to fight off. 

Slept with Momma last night for a little bit and Marvin as well.  Eventually they both asked to leave and I let them out.  It was a night of up and down, I had a hard time turning off my brain last night.  Tonight will be filled with TV show after TV show so it’s a night I look forward to.  I am doing the Chicken Noodle Soup thing.  Tonight will be one can of Progresso with all of the broth drained and then dump the can into a campbells broth with their Chicken Noodle, it will be two cans in one bowl and I hope that it tastes good.  Progresso’s broth is horrible and their cns tastes like it is made in a can.  They used to be really good not sure what happened.  Looking forward to seeing the muffins and maybe getting some rest.

Work has been helter skelter.  Busy is good but crazy busy is not good at all.  Thankfully things will slow down since we are in the afternoon.  I was late to lunch but have meetings to setup for so I have to keep my normal schedule.  There should be enough to keep me busy until quitting time.  Now I just hope quitting time comes soon.  The commute home is anticipated to be rough and long because we have more snow moving into the area and people here don’t know how to drive unless the weather is dry and even then it’s questionable for some. 

Stay warm, be safe and thanks for dropping by.  We shall talk again soon.

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