06 March 2016

Finally a post

This has been a very busy week.  Started out kind of slow but ramped up and stayed that way for most of the week.  By the time the work day was done with I was in no mood to deal with technology.  Unless of course I got a call and had to.  I have had two 4am wake up calls one on Thursday and the other on Friday.  Thursday was a false alarm and the guy fixed his problem by the time I got connected.  Both days I could barley see, I woke up poor Ruth who was sound asleep in the basement.  She wasn’t too happy about it. 

Spent the day at home yesterday and got to Binge watch House of Cards.  Season 4 is interesting and I wish they were ready with Season 5 already. 

One day this week I opened a can of Beef & Gravy for Bear, which exploded.  It was spoiled and looked like someone crapped in a can.  It smelled horrible.  It was all over me, the floor and the cabinets and countertop.  Of course it happened in the morning when time is precious and I have little to spare.  I threw it away and cleaned up the mess.  I got out something different and passed that out.  Yesterday I mustered up the courage to try another can of the same thing.  I opened it and everything looked fine.  He ate it and I thought all was well.  Until about a half hour later he started puking.  He very rarely vomits.  Poor thing was still doing it last night.  He is back to hiding under the couch.  I have to pull him out in order to get him to eat and then he won’t eat what I give him, he wants special food.  Just another scare with Bear.  My heart is on edge and will probably stay that way until he passes which I hope is years from now. 

I think I mentioned that I ordered Oatmeal from Amazon.  Well it came in.  I tried the Pumpkin & Spice and it’s horrible.  I am going to give the rest of the box to a co-worker who loves the stuff.  As for me I will stick with Apples & Cinnamon or Cinnamon & Spice.  I’ve got enough to last for a while, which is a good thing.

Yesterday while watching House of Cards some lady knocked on my door with a clipboard.  Looked like she was wanting signatures for a petition or maybe she was campaigning.  I was in my underwear and comfy on the couch.  I know she heard the TV but I never got up and she went away.  People seem to think that the No Soliciting Sign doesn’t seem to apply to them.  Some people have even said they didn’t see it.  Well I am taking the guess work out of it.  I bought a 4 pack of stickers and will place one on the front door, if this doesn’t do the trick then they have to be illiterate.

3-6-2016 1-51-24 PM

I mean this spells it out very clearly short of saying the words go away, fuck off, I don’t want any I think this is the best way to let people know not to bother me.  I will put it eye level with the door bell.  The screen door has a deadbolt on it but the key from the outside stopped working.  So you can latch it inside but you can’t get in from the outside.  I have had to leave it unlocked for years because if the power goes out that is my only way in.  I bought a replacement lock with these signs and I hope it works.  Then I can lock the screen door and have a key on my ring as well as one in the lock box that is outside. 

On a different note my doctor never did call me to say what to do about the new medicine he prescribed, if I am supposed to stop taking it and take the new stuff or take them both.  I called his office on Friday but no response yet.  I decided to start taking the new stuff and not stop the old stuff.  I figured if I fell ill with low blood sugar I could easily fix the situation and would know 1 drug and not both.  Turns out they are a good combination.  I have kept an eye on my sugar and it’s doing pretty good.  I am pretty sure I will hear something tomorrow but in any case I plan on taking both and then hopefully when he checks my sugar again in a few months he will be impressed and I can tell him I am taking both drugs.  Hopefully this is the magic pill I have been looking for.  I know that diet plays a major part in this and well I am just not ready to give up sweets.  I try to eat in moderation but that doesn’t always fair well for me. 

The ants showed up early this year.  I noticed this week when I was eating breakfast that I would see an ant here or there.  Friday night I wiped down the table and figured that would take care of them.  I never found a cluster of them which is typical.  Then I saw one in the water fountain.  I went to clean it out and boom there was the cluster.  I drowned as many of those bastards as I could.  Still a few got away and I have had to kill them one by one.  I put the fountain in this dish washer and got it all clean for the kids.  I put down bug spray carefully and that should take care of them, at least for now.  Once the weather stays warm I might be in trouble again.  I don’t want my kids drinking ant water.  I have found them on my skin and one I kill one of them it feels like there are a hundred of them on me.  I try not to freak out about it but that isn’t easy. 

I feel like I am in machine gun mode and just jumping all over the place.  I get so much on my mind to want to put in to words and if I don’t type it quickly I will forget it.  I have been much more forgetful lately and I am attributing it to stress.  If it continues then I will bring it to my doctors attention.  It’s bothersome but then again if I forget about it there is no trouble at all.

Oh I am feeling better.  Still have the cough but generally feel okay.  I use the inhaler occasionally and it does nothing but make me cough.  So that is why I use it on occasion.  Just stopped taking the cough medicine today, all is quiet.  I hope that I am not that sick in a very long time.  It sucked and robbed me of a week of time. 

Hope that all is well in your world and that life is treating you and yours well.  Looking forward to 7a tomorrow morning because that is when my on call shift ends.  Then I can go back to normal and not have to worry about being interrupted.  My evenings will once again be my own and I can sleep peacefully through the night with no fear of being suddenly woken up.  Although my body is hyper sensitive right now it takes a few days for that to flush out but once it does life is normal again.  I am good until mid May before this hits again.  I think I will get lucky and probably make it until June but time and the schedule will tell. 

Talk with you peeps again soon.  Be well!

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Jude said...

Glad your on call is over, and that you are feeling better. Have you tried any kind of ant traps? There are even home-made things you can try. Good luck!