02 November 2015

The Land of Confusion

I got a call today from the Roofing company and were on for this Saturday.  If this doesn’t work out for whatever reason then I am going to break down and take a day during the week.  I really wanted to do that now but it looks like the weather is going to cooperate.  I will of course keep a close eye on things and if there is even a hint of rain, we will be moving to a week day. 

I survived time change weekend.  All of the clocks with the exception of the truck and my late partners bed room have been updated.  The alarm system updates on it’s own and they are years behind.  They built the system not even thinking it would be possible that a lawmaker would change DST, but that happened.  So it will catch up in a few weeks.  Thankfully it doesn’t affect the protection the system provides.  It’s just that time stamps would be off by an hour, if something were to occur.  I ran a test yesterday in the hopes it would update the time but nah, didn’t work.  I’ve got a sweet deal on the monitoring and I am not calling to complain about anything, I don’t want to lose my sweet deal.

Yesterday I over spent at the grocery store.  I thought I wouldn’t hit the $70 limit and I made it to $100, which was after the discount.  Yikes!  Next week I will be a little more conservative and just shop normally, if I don’t make it, oh well. 

Nothing really exciting going on just an average hum drum day.  Went to bed early last night and didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.  Left the house on time and got caught up in traffic.  Had Pizza for supper last night.  Free pizza for lunch today and you’ll never guess what’s for supper tonight.  Yup, pizza.  I am ready to move to different food.  However, the 2 slices I have left I don’t want to go to waste.  I paid for them and I am going to eat them.  Plus I put on extra cheese that makes it worth while for me.  There is no such thing as too much cheese in my book. 

I really thought that today would fly by because of the time change, but it actually seems to be going rather slow.  Funny yesterday seemed to take forever to go by.  I was seriously off on timing of most everything.

Ever get a feeling to do something?  Well yesterday something told me to open the front door.  So I did.  I saw a box from Amazon sitting on my porch.  I have no idea how long it had been there.  I just know that I didn’t order anything from Amazon that I was waiting on.  So I looked at it and it was for a neighbor.  Our streets all start with the same thing so the delivery drivers get mixed up pretty easy.  It’s not difficult all you have to do is read but life happens.  Anyway I put the box in the truck and ran it down to my neighbors place.  Then gassed up the truck.  Now I am all set to head to the buffet whenever that is I decide to go. 

Momma is due back at the vet.  I think that will be a next weekend project, I really can’t spare the money but she needs her medicine.  She has turned in to a little gas bag, I know the vet will tell me it’s her diet but she isn’t eating anything different, just more of it.  She seems to eat in shifts.  A little now, a little later, a little after while.  She is still the same old momma just with a bigger appetite, now lets hope she doesn’t gain too much weight.

One hour and thirty minutes then it will be time to head home and drive in the dark.  I am so not looking forward to it.  People will all be off of their game.  I just hope that traffic isn’t too bad and i can sail home with little to no effort.  I’ve got mail waiting at the post office but I suspect that it’s just bills – probably from the urgent care visit.  I am not expecting anything important and unless I feel differently I am going to skip it and let it all wait one more day.  By law I am supposed to empty the box every day but it’s large enough that I could go once a week and I would be fine.  I like the every other day visit unless of course I am expecting something then I can’t get there fast enough.

Everything else is status quo and that is the way I like it.  No drama.  I hope this is my week for everything to fall into place.  One day almost done.  4 more to go.  Come on Friday!  Have a great week. 

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