12 November 2015

BIG news

I finally got around to calling the city about the roof.  They will send an inspector out tomorrow and no one needs to be home.  They will leave a report, hopefully it’s all good news. 

Now for the good stuff.  As you know I have been exploring the world of on-line dating.  It hasn’t really produced anything for me, that is until now.  I recently changed my preferences on an app because I wasn’t getting any matches.  I lowered the age limit.  I got a ton of prospects.  I happen to open a profile of a guy that I thought was cute.  He wasn’t looking for an old man like me so I didn’t do anything else.  Well long story short he reached out to me.  We talked off and on all day yesterday.  Normally I carry the conversation and then it drops after that.  I let him know that he could ask me questions as well.  We started talking about restaurants.  So I was talking about a good place that is close to the office.  He said something like we could go there sometime.  Then he gave me his phone number and said text me.  Yeah, uh I am not all that in to texting a stranger.  We talked a little bit more and now we have a date set for tonight.  I did give in and texted him, so he knows my phone number.  Hopefully he isn’t a psychopath and I won’t have to take any drastic measures. 

We have actually chatted before on Grindr but he didn’t mention it and I wasn’t going to bring it up.  I thought he was hot then.  Anyway, my profile clearly says that I am NOT looking for a hookup.  The app that we met on uses your responses to question to figure out how compatible you are.  The app says he is a 48% match.  You can look at the other persons responses to the questions to see where you differ.  I am concerned about one of his answers but it’s in the sex area, it’s something I like but he doesn’t.  I guess if we make a true connection and ever make it as far as the bedroom we can work it out.  Right now I am focused on tonight.  The other thing is that he is almost never on time.  I fucking hate waiting for anyone or anything.  I am always on time and if I am not then something is wrong. 

I started this post early this morning and the day has gotten away from me.  So I was given some advise to follow up and confirm that were still on.  I didn’t have to, he reached out to me.  Then he asked a question.  Do I like hugs.  Yeah.  Well that was the answer he was looking for.  Thank God I didn’t blow it.  He sounds pretty pumped and I am as well.  I think we will learn a lot about each other and this will be a good time.  Unsure where things will go from there but it sounds like he is looking for a boyfriend and a relationship, which is perfect.  I just hope the stars and the moon align so that this is a perfect match.  I don’t want to jump from guy to guy or get my heartbroken but it is a risk that I have to take in order to play the game. 

I really shouldn’t be at work today my mind is on tonight and nothing else.  I have bills to pay, mail to pick up and of course have to update the few folks that I shared this news with.  Then there is feeding the children and getting ready to come back here again tomorrow.  There are a couple deadlines hanging over my head and it’s work that I can’t complete until tomorrow so I have to come in – no taking a day off.  If I could then I would stay out super late if things go as well as I think they are going to.

Going to get this posted and sit and count down the minutes until it’s time to blow this popsicle stand, then down the street for my date.  I’ll keep you posted on how things go.  It feels like things are starting to come together.  At least I am reporting good news for a change!

Happy Friday eve.  Talk with you all again soon, thanks as always for stopping by.

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Jude said...

So how did your date go?? :)