27 November 2015


I was able to sleep for most of the morning but my body still got me up at 7am.  The children were pleased about that because they were hungry.  Finally it was time to get ready, everything fell into place that is until it was bow tie time.  I went to put it on and realize that this was a bargain for an obvious reason, it was made for someone with a smaller neck.  Still where there is a will there is a way.  I forced it to snap in place and paid the price of mildly choking myself for several hours.

When I arrived at my friends place he saw the bow tie and he had to match me so he put one on as well.  That wasn’t in his plan but I guess he likes to keep up with the jones’ even though I am not a jones.  We arrived at Maggiano’s as per usual we were early and they weren’t ready for us.  Instead of passing out pagers, they asked for a cell phone # and said they would text me when my table was ready.  I started getting a ton of compliments on my bow tie.  A couple from gay guys that were working there.  Hey I am glad it made an impression and I got positive feedback because it was painful to wear but that made it worth while. 

We sat and chatted for a bit and after 15 minutes I went up to inquire about the table and presto it was ready.  We made the trek upstairs via elevator.  I would have rather taken the stairs but hey it’s all good.  As usual we sat at a very small table and there was hardly any room to move once the food arrived.  We got extra stuffing and a couple extra deserts.  I contributed my $10 coupon because my friends insisted on paying the bill, which was over $200.  They had a couple glasses of wine and that adds to the cost quickly. 

Reservations were at 2:15, I left home around 12:15 to arrive at my friends house by 1p.  We got back to their place around 6 and I departed and made it home at 7:30p.  The Black Friday Shoppers were out in full force.  There is a Wal-Mart close to my house and they opened their doors at 5p.  There are bargains to be had but I think it’s safer and easier to shop on line than to risk safety of being injured or trampled to death.  There isn’t anything that is worth that, even if they are giving it away. 

Once I got home I put away the left overs and fed the children their evening meal.  I let them skip the evening medication.  When I am off my routine is off and they get some benefit from that.  I can’t go too far because things could get out of control and I can’t afford that.  I flipped around through Amazon and NetFlix before I eventually found something to watch.  Then it was off to bed. 

Friday morning…. I slept in as well today.  Not so sure that I will have that luxury tomorrow since I will be back on call.  Anyway, I wanted to go to the movies.  Then an urgent call came in.  I wasn’t obligated to answer it but figured there could easily be negative repercussions if I chose not to.  I took care of it.  Then came back upstairs and laid down to continue watching TV only to get another call.  This guy was in the office and couldn’t login, he told me in his message that he didn’t want to work today but he had to.  Okay so I fixed that one as well.  I was starting to wonder if no one read the email that HR sent out.  I got a couple other calls but they were not urgent and didn’t require that I respond.  I talked myself out of going to the movies because my luck would be I would be all settled in and then something would come up and I would have to leave.  Movies aren’t cheap and I want my monies worth so I figure that I will go next weekend either Friday or Saturday.  It will be a welcome change.  I only ventured out in the crappy weather (rain, windy and cold) to fetch the mail.  Then came back home prepared lunch for the children and I wiped out most of the left overs I was sent home with.  Still have some Ziti and Pumpkin Cheesecake – that won’t last too long.  Sat around and watched TV.  Fell into a food coma and took a nap.  It feels like a wasted day but I honestly don’t have the desire to do anything.  I am all messed up on what day of the week it is because of the holiday and time off.  Oh I forgot I saw a bargain on Gasoline so I stopped to fill up the truck.  I only hope that the same bargain will be available when I next venture out so I can fill up my car for cheap. 

I have poked around on-line looking at black Friday deals and realized that I could have gotten a little bit better deal on a laptop but so what, I’ve got it and it was cheap – does what I want it to.  I did purchase a LoJack subscription today for it.  I went with basic service because it was the cheapest and after I was done they upgraded me one level so I have recovery included, as if someone would steal this.  Then again you never know.  I may purchase a couple other things but honestly not looking to do any shopping.  I have but one gift to buy and that’s for my friends I had dinner with yesterday.  I am going to give them cash because they can use it more than anything I can try to buy.  Plus they already extended an invite for Christmas to come to their place.  I hope they have Honey Baked Ham and don’t try to make a Rib Roast because I will enjoy Ham much more. 

All of the children are thrilled that I am home.  Ms. Instigator has been up my butt since last night.  She has even stepped on my junk and she got her footing just right so it was right in the nuts.  Painful.  I think I need to invest in a cup for Christmas.  Things are way too quiet around here.  Silence is welcomed at times but right now it’s deafening.  I still miss my late partner as well as the two cats that I have had to part with.  This is the time of year everyone should be together.  I know that it’s impossible to get them back and that is what hurts the most.  I also wonder if and when the right guy will come along for me.  The next time has to be the one because it will be the third time, if only that was true and guaranteed.  I have spent the day watching gay themed Romantic Comedy's and well that didn’t exactly help matters.  I am so jealous of people that have someone else to come home to and spend the holidays with, even if you fight like wolves at least you have each other.  There are perks to living alone but being alone on the holidays I think is by far the worst.  Still it allows me to reflect on what was, what happened and how I have survived.  Yes, I have come a long way baby but there are still many miles to walk.  I just need a breather and then I will be back out there one step at a time. 

I hope that tomorrow is quiet.  I plan on getting out for mail if there is any and cat food shopping.  Outside of that I will probably continue to be lazy.  I am thinking of starting laundry tonight, which probably isn’t a bad idea.  I don’t want to go back to work and am thankful that I have 2 more days but still when those fly by the only good thing is that I won’t be on call anymore.  I guess there is always something to be thankful for.

With that in mind I am going to work on what is left of the left overs and see how much of it I can make disappear.  Then I will go back to the basement for a little bit and probably call it an early night and sit and scroll through Amazon & NetFlix again to find something to watch.  It’s a shame that I pay for 450 channels on TV and there isn’t anything on that I am interested in.  Speaking of which my contract with AT&T is about up and I hope they can make it worth my while to stay.  If not then I guess it will be back to cable which will be good from a cost perspective but only for 12 months and then we get to play the game all over again.  I would rather get a good rate and stay put than have to always do the shuffle.  I tried U-verse and I like it more than cable, but it also costs more than cable.  They nickel and dime you to death with fees and regulatory recovery costs not to mention 911 fees.  Cable has some of that but not nearly as much.  Ah well something I will need to deal with next month, until then I just have to pay the bill.  Now I am really going for those left overs.  Take care, stay warm and thank you for stopping by.  Talk with you all again soon!

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