08 November 2015

Unexpected Turn of Events

Friday it was nearing quitting time, my cell phone made an alert that I received a text message.  Figuring it was a friend I took a look at it.  It was my brother’s girlfriend.  She was telling me that mom has been moved to a Rehabilitation Center.  That totally caught me off guard.  I felt like I was kicked in the gut, all of the wind left my sail.  I quickly became sad, as if someone had died.  I responded so what is happening with the house and the dogs?  She typed back the house is going back to the bank and the dogs are going back to where they came from.  That made all of the emotions I was going through worse.  I drove home and was just thinking about life in general.  I arrived home and parked my car on the street.  Moved the truck on to the street as well.  Came in the house and fed the children.  Then headed for the basement.  It was time to remove the blocks that I put in place, circumstances have changed and I need to change with them.  Once that was done, I picked up the phone and called my brother.  He was in tears.  This is where the story began to unfold and I learned what has been going on.

Apparently after I sent my letters, mom got worse and went into a manic state.  She was hospitalized for a short period of time.  Her medicine changed but she was really no better.  When she got home she started in again that people were coming to get her, she was going to be arrested.  There were people walking on the roof.  She was waving and talking to people in the backyard that didn’t exist.  She put chairs by the front and the back door to prevent anyone from breaking in.  My brother came back home, but it was too late.  She quickly started calling the police again and she bothered them enough that they got Adult Protective Services involved.  They like I thought there was neglect.  My brother was contacted by a case worker and he explained the situation.  Mom was hospitalized again, she was being discharged on Thursday and she told my brother she doesn’t want to go home.  She wants to go live in a Rehabilitation Facility.  She had one all picked out and even knew the address.  So he took her there and got her checked in.  They apparently have programs to get her back out in society.  That is all well and good but once she is rehabilitated there won’t be a home to go to.

Now that she is all settled, my brother went to the next task of finding a home for 1 of the dogs.  He got a lead and was all set to give the dog away.  He dropped the dog off and the lady already had a dog but he was in a cage.  My brother said don’t you think it would be a good idea to introduce them to each other?  The lady agreed.  Her dog promptly attacked my mom’s dog and he has a leg injury and my brother got bit in the hand in the process.  Well that wasn’t going to be the dogs home.  He took the dog to the pound.  They said they would patch him up and adopt him out, that they wouldn’t put him down.  However, I can pretty much tell you the dog was put down, that is what they do.  The other dog they got from a farm lady who lives 5 hours away.  He made arrangements and dropped the dog off today.  So he is dog free.  Yesterday he rented a UHAUL and cleaned out the house.  I explained to him that there wasn’t a hurry they were going to foreclose overnight.  Still he wanted it over with.  One truck, one day, one trip and he’s done.  He told me that I am welcome to go through the place and take anything that I want.  I would have to see what is there before I say I want anything.  He is going to reach out to the bank and explain to them what happened and just ask for an address to mail the keys to.  I told him it wouldn’t work like that.  Well a friend of his had a local bank and they took the keys.  That is all well and good but your dealing with a national conglomerate bank, they want money and they won’t take the keys.  So what will likely happen is they will begin foreclosure proceedings after I believe 3 payments.  Then eventually the bank will file a lawsuit to attempt to recover their monies, the judge will award them the house and then at that point they will have foreclosed.  This will all take time to play out and it will be a long drawn out affair.  Plus they will go through research and try to find the nearest relative that is not living with her to see what they can coax out of that person.  That would be me and I am fairly certain she listed me when she applied for the loan.  The sad part is she was so close to paying it off.  It’s our childhood home and as bad of shape that it’s in, I really hate to see it go.  This is exactly what our grandparents didn’t want to happen it was supposed to be a place that me and my brother would have, not that we want it. 

So the real kicker here is mom will go along with this plan and unless they can regulate her medicine she will start saying that people are trying to get her at the home, she wants out and she wants to go back home.  Well that would be a problem.  If she snaps out of it and comes back to reality quickly most of this can be undone.  She won’t get her dogs back, they are both gone forever.  I have the name, address and telephone number of the facility where she is.  I was told that visits are permissible and I can even take her out to eat if I want.  Of course I will have to pay the bill, she will have no money.  Every dime that she gets is now going to the facility.  I thought about visiting her but since she is getting treatment and it’s still early in the game I think that reintroducing me this quick might be detrimental, so I will hold off.  The human in me says go see her but there is a huge risk involved and I don’t want to gamble right now.  This could be an elaborate plan for her to come live with me, which won’t happen.  She chose this path and was told about the consequences.  My brother on the other hand has his girlfriend and he is living with her, but if their relationship hits the rocks he too is fucked.  He won’t have any place to go and I can see him asking to come live with me, again not going to happen.  I may be soft and let him spend a night or two but that is it.  This is NOT exactly the way that I planned to start the weekend.  I knew the other shoe was going to fall eventually and it truly has. 

Moving on to Saturday.  I woke up as planned at 5:30a.  The crew showed up at 6:30a and got right to work.  The removal process was by far the nosiest, that bothered the cats the most.  However, everyone was pretty calm since I was home.  Bear just rolled over and went back to sleep, which is not what I anticipated.  I am very happy that it was well tolerated.  They started putting the new roof on about 9:30a and they were all done and gone by 5;30p.  They took the balance of what I owed as well.  They found no problems and there were no extra costs, they didn’t even charge me for the permit.  So I have nothing to complain about. 

Now I know it’s November but I still expected and was hoping for a bunch of hot studs to show up.  I got 4 guys who were all Mexican.  One of them was really hot.  I saw him working on the roof and the sun glistening off his muscles.  Then he look at me and I looked at him.  That was it.  I still wanted him to rock my world but that didn’t happen.  I learned a lot about roofs in talking with the supervisor they sent out.  It’s very interesting stuff.  The shingles have a tar strip on them and when it heats up that is what binds everything together.  Everything is water tight as we stand right now, even though the shingles haven’t bonded.  They will eventually.  If there are any problems all I have to do is pick up the phone and they will fix it.  5 years on the work, everything covered 100%.  After that the terms change.  The shingles themselves are rated at 25 years.  It looks great but now I wish I would have picked another color.

I get to contact the city tomorrow to inform them the job is done.  Not sure what steps I am supposed to take after doing that or if that is even necessary.  I may need to meet with someone or they could just do a drive by to confirm all is okay.  Part of me says don’t call let them seek you out but that could be a bad situation. 

It looks nice to see that the job is done and I can relax.  The hard part was deciding what to do with the left over money that I borrowed.  The plan was to pay off another loan that I have.  I went back and fort but I stuck to the plan and paid it off.  I could use the extra money in other places, but it would wind up costing me more in the long run so I made the best choice.

I did get to see Vacation and it was pretty good for some laughs.  Had the circumstances in my life been different I am sure I would have laughed my ass off but my mind is so occupied right now.  I tried to see my brother yesterday but by the time the roofers were gone and I got there my brother was on the road already.  I didn’t want to waste my time down there.  So I called up a friend and went over.  We went out to a Chinese Buffet, it was okay but not the best place in the world.  I am really not a buffet kind of person, except for the buffet that is 2 hours away and they have bread pudding.  Before it was all said and done it was 8p.  I was invited back to my friends place but I had already taken up enough of their evening and we were all talked out.  I am sure that there will be plenty more to talk about in a few weeks when were all together for Thanksgiving again. 

I managed to do cat food and grocery shopping all today.  I hit right at the $70 mark at the store and took the bill down to $50 with my power coupon.  That felt good.  The lady at the cat food place asked me if I wanted 2 kittens.  She told me that they were in the break room.  I declined and said I have 5.  That would take me back to 7 and kittens require a little extra care and I don’t think that it would be fair to anyone to bring them or any other animal here.  There is enough drama between work and my family to keep me full.

Now it would be a great time to find a guy and start dating.  However, there are benefits to living alone.  I know that too will come together but it is going to take time.  I just wish I knew how much time and if in the end it will all be worth it. 

Really sucks that I have to go back to work tomorrow.  Not looking forward to it, but it is what pays the bills.  Let’s just hope that this week is much better than last week.  Because that was no fun at all.  I hope that everyone has learned how to drive now and they can stop clogging up the freeways and we can all actually get to our destinations safe and on time or in some cases earlier than what we planned.  Daylight and no rain help, but there is no daylight in the evening, thankfully it will be coming back but that is several months away.

Now I am going to try to enjoy what little of a Sunday that I have left.  Need to finish up the laundry, shave and shower.  Having Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli for supper in a crème sauce.  Thank you Stouffers!  Normally it’s pizza but I have had way too much pizza last week so I need a break.  I have to book momma’s appointment at the vet so they can get some blood from her and some money from my wallet.  I only wish that we could skip the visit and blood part, just allow me to get medicine.  However, if things aren’t right the medicine will need to be increased.  I think she is okay but in the end it’s better to know for sure, so you don’t fool yourself.  We can all do that way too easily. 

Here’s to a better week for all!  Stay….Warm, Well and Safe.  Thanks for stopping by.  Come back again for another update soon.  Until then, ciao for now. 

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Jude said...

Wow that was quite a week for you! I hope things will settle down for your mother and she will be content to stay where she is. And I'm glad the new roof is on without any hitches.