14 November 2015

Retail Therapy

Momma and I went to the vet.  They did the full blood work but they are sending it off, in order to save me money.  Besides that since she is okay we aren’t in dire need of the results right away.  They suspect that the medicine needs to be adjusted.  This is due in part to the fact that she has facial and ear itching, to excess and she is irritable.  I’ve got my Momma back but she is a crabby little thing.  I picked up additional medicine for her as well as more medication for Bear.  Cost $185 for all of it.  Not terrible.  Then I made a goof move.  I put it on my special line of credit.  Since it wasn’t $200 there is no special promotion on interest.  I wound up going back asking them if I could pay a different way because that would seriously mess me up.  They accommodated me.  Thankfully their credit card machine for normal cards wasn’t working, so they asked me to call back on Monday.  Instead I will be taking them a check tomorrow.  It will be paid for in full and over and done with. 

After we were done I brought the princess back home.  I decided that since I didn’t get a good nights sleep that a nap was in order.  I also wanted to catch the latest John Mulaney comedy special on Netflix.  Even though he is straight, I still think he is fine!  I got 1/2 way through.  I still have to finish it, which will happen later tonight. 

After my nap ended prematurely I had to get up and feed the children lunch.  Then I returned a call to a friend, who was inquiring if my date called me back.  I told her I will never hear from him again.  The more I think about it, I am very glad of that fact.  We weren’t a good fit and so be it.  I am not happy about the experience because it was a waste of time, but at least I got some good food out of it.  Moving on, I went and got my haircut.  Then on to the post office got my latest copy of Out Magazine, haven’t looked through it yet.  Then I went to the buffet.  I filled up on the best mashed potatoes, vegetables (carrots, broccoli, corn) as well fried and baked chicken, pasta and catfish.  Then of course I had to top all of that off with Bread Pudding, Lemon Sauce and Vanilla & Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream.  Then I went back for just Bread Pudding and Lemon Sauce.  I paid my bill of $12.96 which included a tip.  Found out that if I come down during the week it’s only $6.99.  Then it was time to head back.

Coming home it turned dark and I was thankful that I was in the truck.  It’s got the best headlights and fog lights as well so I could actually see very well.  Then I hit up Target which is where I did my Retail Therapy.  I got cat litter, mouthwash, some facial mask stuff for my face and then I went to look for a laptop.  Found a steal that I couldn’t pass up.  An Acer Aspire.  The model is ES1-512-C80E it’s a very basic laptop but has a nice large display, long life battery (whatever that means) and a separate numeric keypad.  Cost was $199.99.  Now do I need this?  No I’ve got a desktop here at home.  However, I am lazy and don’t want to always come downstairs.  Now I won’t have to.  I am starting to wonder how much I will really use it.  My other laptop is at work and stays there full time unless I have a reason to bring it home.  I’m thinking I may swap them but not sure yet.  I am configuring it while I type this.  It’s upgrading to Windows 10 which is not exactly lighting fast. 

After Target I hit up the pet store and saw my crush Jordan who has the most perfect ass and cutest face.  Yes, he is straight!  I picked up cat food, made a donation (which I never do) to give a cat a toy for Christmas.  Then I came home to feed everyone supper and here I sit typing this out. 

Last night I texted my dickhead brother.  I asked about meeting up today and he didn’t understand why we needed to meet up.  Seriously is the world filled with that many forgetful people?  When I told him that I wanted to go through the house, he is now suddenly unavailable.  He had to work and had plans after work.  Never mind that he works less than 10 miles from my house.  The dumb ass could have stopped by with a key but I didn’t even ask.  I figure he is going to be a dick so let him be that way.  Then he asked me if I was going to see or call mom.  I told him eventually.  I don’t want to interfere with her treatment.  He said that she is asking about me.  Well, they have a telephone there she can pick it up and call me.  Problem is with her altered mental status she probably doesn’t remember my phone number.  There probably isn’t anything that I really want.  I did think about going down and trying to pick the lock, but if someone was watching they would call the cops and I could easily wind up in jail for attempted burglary which would cost me my job.  So instead I opted for the buffet.  Truth be told no one would do anything unless it took me an unusually long time to do the picking but I find it better not to take that risk, but I really want to spite the dick.  Like go in turn on the water and leave it and all of the lights on.  He would freak when he got them final bills.  As I was telling a friend earlier this week, he didn’t think any of this through.  Mom is in a Medicaid bed and they will only pay for 100 days, after that you have to meet new eligibility criteria.  So she could be kicked out as soon as February, won’t that be absolutely perfect to rain on his Valentine’s Day?  Just don’t think that either of them is coming to live with me because that answer is NO.  He wouldn’t lift a finger for me, he won’t inconvenience himself.  Both he and my mom are ME oriented people.  Yeah, I hate to admit it but I used to be that way.  My late partner snapped me out of it.  Now I put myself out there for others before I take care of myself or my needs.  Your supposed to reap what you sew.

I had a little bit of an intervention yesterday at work.  2 of my friends conspired together, both are really worried about me.  So were all supposed to get together at a gay bar so that I can get tips from a young gay couple that one of my friends know.  They are married but she showed me photos of them.  I could hook up with 1 of them, he’s super cute.  I’m told they will give me solid advice and help get me in the dating scene.  I am also told that I need to update my profile photo because on some sites I am using older photos of me, I am hot and cute but that isn’t the real me today.  I’ve aged so better to advertise as I am than how I was.  I understand, but everyone does that.  I am also told that I need to go outside of my signature look and dress properly for a date.  Yeah okay so who is going to pay for all of these new clothes for this new look?  I think that is total BS, you aren’t attracted to someone because of what they wear or how they dress, it’s the person and how they look.  It’s physical appearance in combination with what is on the inside (how they are as a person).  I have never said oh I want to go out with him because he wears Polo or Tommy Hilfiger or don’t touch that guy he wears off brand clothes.  Seriously!  Signature look I think that is pure BS.  I dress how I dress and if you like it great and if you don’t fine too.  You won’t change me I am who I am – love me for who I am or don’t love me at all.  I am not going to turn in to a fake person or act a specific way just to land a guy.  One can only keep a fa├žade going for so long and then the real you comes out.  I would rather be genuine and 100% me.  After all no one does me better than me!

Tomorrow I have groceries to get as well as a house to clean and clothes to wash.  Typical Sunday and then were back in the game for another week.  Next week will be the last week before I am on-call.  Still hoping for quiet but I have to play the hand I am dealt like it or not. 

I am going to put up my new shower curtain, which by the way I found out was only $5 because it’s a cheap thin sheet of plastic.  So much for a bargain.  I’m keeping the old one until I know how well the new one holds up.  Then I am putting on some facial mask, taking a hot shower and calling it a night.  Not before I empty the litter boxes though.  I just went up to pass out treats, everyone of course is starving.  Yeah right.  They eat better and more often than I do, still I am the fat one.  Explain that to me. 

Hope that your having a great weekend.  Talk with you again soon. 

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