21 November 2015


I got my usual good report from the dentist and get to return in 6 months when the weather is warmer.  It was raining and snowing here this morning.  I loved it!  I put new wipers on the truck in the pouring rain.  It would have been easier if it was dry but it needed to be done.  My late partner always loved the snow and when I saw it, I got excited it was like he was with me for a second and it was a comfort to know that everything is going to be okay.

I also got my mail, which brought me my naked men calendars.  I was hoping the guys would be a little hotter than they are but you win some, you lose some.  I also got an occupancy permit, which means my roof passed inspection.  Very happy about that. 

I can tell I am sick when I wake up, I feel horrible and my head has to drain.  I used Doctor on Demand which is an app on my phone.  I saw a doctor via video conference and got some antibiotics.  Hopefully this will clear up my sinus issue and get me back to feeling normal.  The change of the seasons always gets me.  Plus I have sick coworkers so I am surrounded by germs all the time. 

I had a nap prior to going out and fetching my prescription, I went out for a bite to eat at Bob Evans.  It was okay but a bit over priced.  Plus they didn’t have the heat on in the place, I was freezing.  I wanted Mexican food but decided against it.  I get in those moods where I think of something that I want then talk myself out of it.  It’s like nothing can make me happy when I am like that. 

I was supposed to go see Love the Coopers but talked myself out of that as well.  It will be in theaters for a while and who knows maybe I will have time on Thanksgiving Day to go see it.  Maybe not.  Instead I came home and changed my wardrobe from short sleeves to long.  I hate long sleeves but they are necessary to keep me warm.  I like being comfortable.  Walking around here in my undies I have noticed that it gets chilly.  Speaking of which I just finished fixing the furnace.  I did it myself.  So a couple years ago I had this problem where the furnace would cycle on, cycle off and then cycle back on.  It is NOT normal.  That was happening again.  The fix is to clean the flame sensor.  The hardest part was finding the damn thing.  I called someone out 2 years ago (a hot hunky straight guy) who preformed the fix and then charged me.  It’s just a little bit of sandpaper and you clean the thing off.  Your rubbing off a coating that was put on at the factory and eventually you will have to replace the sensor but for now this is the cheap way to get by.  It can buy you a few extra years.  Just tested it and the house is HOT, so apparently I did a good job. 

Just got off the phone with my mom.  She told me that she didn’t think she would ever hear from me again.  I told her that wasn’t the case I am still here.  I just can’t deal with that extra drama there is far too much going on in my life and I don’t have room for that.  We talked about the house and what she wanted me to have, but I told her that I need access to the house.  Without access I can’t get anything.  She went on to tell me that the neighbor and the police were after her.  She was going to jail because the police officer sprinkled cocaine around the perimeter of the house.  Yeah she is still delusional and paranoid.  I am not sure that will ever go away.  She then told me that the place where she is at is only temporary.  Yeah okay so where are you going to live after your done?  Oh I guess I will get an apartment, because I lost the house and they won they got rid of me.  I am not so certain that she will be able to afford an apartment and like I told you before she isn’t moving in here.  I am content as is.  So she is going to call me and we will keep in touch.  I am sure that eventually I will go see her.  I am not a fan of nursing homes or hospitals.

On the technology front I found this neat program called Emby.  It allows you to stream your movies and music from your local PC to your TV via Roku.  There are also apps for many different platforms.  You install the server software on your PC.  Then visit ROKU and install the app.  Then go to join and you have to coordinate with a PIN and sign in to your account.  Then you can see whatever you have decided to share out.  I of course use it for porn.  But it could also be useful if you have TV Shows or Movies that you wanted to watch in a different part of your house than where your PC was located.  The best part is it’s totally free.  I was experimenting with a cloud based solution before but it didn’t work so well.  This is easy as pie, and anyone could set it up. 

That is the adventures of my Saturday.  I will be winding down shortly and headed to bed, watching some TV and relaxing with the cats.  Momma is passed out beside me in my office and the dryer is churning.  The others are upstairs anxiously awaiting my arrival so they can pester me.  I still have to go on litter box patrol.  When I was upstairs last Momma had done something that could clear out a stadium.  I wish I knew what I fed her to cause that, so I could stop it.  It’s like TAZ/LB is here.  Well the silly woman just woke up and now she is playing.  I guess I should go.  Talk with you all again soon!

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