06 November 2015

One more day

If I’ve said it once, I will say it again this has been a crappy week.  Traffic was very unpleasant last night and again this morning.  I made it to work on time but only had 10 minutes to spare.  I had to make some aggressive moves and think a little more but I made it.  Then I got an email around lunch time that our office won’t be closing early anymore on the day before a holiday.  It’s caused too many problems so management thinks it’s best that we stay open.  Yeah okay I still think it sucks.  I told the messenger that he should have waited until after Thanksgiving to tell us.  That didn’t go over so well but I thought it was pretty funny and ingenious. 

The forecast is still calling for sunshine tomorrow, it will be colder but at least it will be dry.  My plan is to be up at 5:30a get dressed and feed the children.  I will hang out on the couch and wait in anticipation for the arrival of the guys and hope they don’t find any problems and get everything done in one day.  If they have to come back on Sunday I am okay with that.  Then tell me what I owe, let me write a nice big fat check and let’s call it a day.  Sounds reasonable to me.  I hope that is the way things play out. 

Not sure if I want Lasagna or Mac n Cheese for supper.  Both sound very good.  Just had an idea make both and mix them together.  Not sure how that would taste but it sounds delicious to me.  I won’t be trying it though. 

The Mominator (momma) is really a trooper when it comes to her medicine.  She follows me around and sits and waits for me to give her the medicine.  She isn’t happy about it but despite the few times I have had to fight with her, I think that moving to pills was the best thing.  I am seeing fur growing on her ears, looks nice.  She is still chewing on herself but even that has calmed down and she is not so obsessive about it.  Progress is a great thing.  Now we have to go back next week to get a check up and spend some more of daddy’s money. 

Yesterday I came out to a co-worker, her reaction was so what that is not a big deal.  Then I told her I was a widow and her jaw dropped.  Now that is a big deal.  I’ve been wanting to tell her but struggling with timing.  It just happened yesterday.  I told her that I only share that information with select people, that I trust implicitly.  I have a very strong feeling that she won’t disappoint me. 

Yesterday we also got our invite to our office holiday party.  Sounds like a good time.  I asked for permission to go and am still waiting to hear back.  I think I will have to become a PITA (Pain In The Ass) before I get an answer but that’s okay I am just doing what I was told, which is to ask for permission before leaving.  I don’t think it will be a problem. 

I found a new porn star that I have a crush on.  Big surprise.  I am really taken by this guy.  He’s got blond hair and a nice body – wow what isn’t to like?  His name is Sam Bridle and he’s been around for a couple years.  Just not well known.  He appeared in a couple of Treasure Island Media videos.  I know they are a bit controversial for a lot of people, I don’t agree with everything they do.  I certainly wouldn’t do half of it in real life but it’s kind of hot to watch.  Sam’s given me lots of pleasure since I discovered him.  I just hope that he keeps on making videos. 

My life is rather boring so I had to resort to a porn update, plus I really don’t have anyone that I feel comfortable sharing that information with, so why not put it on the web.  Yeah that sounds like a grand idea.  About an hour left in this work day and then it will be time to head for home, move the truck and deal with the children and supper.  I made certain I didn’t forget my sleeping pills last night and it was a great night.  I still woke up once but it was easy to fall back to sleep and the alarm actually went off this morning.  I didn’t want to get up but did so after laying in bed an extra 2 minutes.  The children were chirping and running around frantically like they do just before every meal.  Oh I also got my new Bear (big boy) photo credit card in the mail last night.  It’s good to have the photo that I wanted appear on the card.  I actually have 2 cards and named them each after a cat.  It’s easy to keep track of that way. 

I hope that you all have a great weekend.  I am eager to get the roof started but I think once they start making noise my eagerness will disappear and I will long for peace and quiet.  Still it will be nice to have it done and behind me.  I will of course keep you posted as the shingles fly. 

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Jude said...

Good luck with the roof! :)