31 October 2015

Rained Out Again

I didn’t get any phone calls and the weather forecast said 80% chance of rain.  I knew no one was coming but I went through the motions last night of moving the vehicles to the street.  I got home later than expected due to an accident on the freeway, which had traffic snarled for miles and miles.  I saw the notification on the signboard then I saw 20 minutes to cross the bridge and I knew I was fucked.  While I was trapped in bumper to bumper traffic I tried to reach a friend this was my third attempt.  Much to my surprise she answered and then told me she was at her son’s, they just sat down to dinner and he had a no cell phone policy so I would have to call back.  That fucking pissed me off.  That little bastard seems to continually be causing me problems.  First he made his mom lie to me, Second I took two days off of work because I thought I was going to an event, but he didn’t want me there.  Now this.  I want to fuck him up and bad.  I didn’t call back.  I got a text this morning that said bad cell phone reception.  Yeah well you will have to call me, I am done calling you. 

I kept thinking about the roof and it bothered me so much that I really didn’t sleep much last night.  I got a phone call at 9:09A from the supervisor they were sending to observe the job and he said we were rained out.  No fucking shit.  I knew that when I was up at 6a.  I still got dressed and laid down on the couch waiting in hopes that this would go off smoothly.  I am not happy with the company that I hired, the lack of communication sucks.  They really need to get their shit together.  As it stands now I will be writing a letter after the job is done.  If they piss me off too much more then they will get the letter before they ever set foot on my property. 

My thought process now is to schedule this during the week when sunshine is forecast.  Were heating back up starting on Monday and I think this might be the last week of Indian Summer, then I think it will be fall and winter weather from here on out.  It’s not normal to go into November with warm weather.  However, I will take it if Mother Nature will give it to me. 

Please Mother Nature cut me a break and let me get this roof deal done.  It’s stressful and it’s holding up part of my future.  I am holding my breath, like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I just want to hear that everything is okay and the job is done.  No problem, no mold.  Until that happens I will be nervous.

Moving on, my plans if I was rained out was to visit the buffet.  However, once again that didn’t happen.  I didn’t trust myself enough to drive 2 hours.  Even though I did manage to get a nap.  Instead I went to a local Mexican Restaurant for a bite to eat.  Then shopping for pet food.  I picked up the mail and I had ordered some new license plates for the truck, they finally came.  Very happy about that and waiting until tomorrow when it’s dry and warm to install them.  No sense in standing out in the cold.  Saw a couple of good looking guys at the restaurant.  I don’t know what it is about that place but good looking guys seem to always be there.

I got into cleaning mode and washed the valance in the kitchen.  Got the dishes loaded.  Put away my new prescription and that helped pass sometime.  I also watched the Unauthorized Biography of Saved By The Bell.  It is on Lifetime I found it on demand and it was free.  If the story I saw was true I really feel sorry for Dustin Diamond.  He was always the odd man out the kid that gets picked on and picked last for a team.  I was one of those kids so I know how it feels.  He has had some brushes with the law and is a physical person.  I try to avoid the law and to restrain myself.  Thus far I have done a excellent job.  I also saw a movie called Beauty Shop.  It’s kind of a take on Barbershop and has a ton of stars in it.  I really enjoyed myself and got to see some good looking chocolate men (even though I am not much of a fan, everyone likes chocolate once and a while).   

I also managed to re-program the timer in the kitchen.  It took some help from a flashlight and I had to take the damn thing out of the wall to get the model number so I could look up a you tube video on it.  Once I watched that it still took me a couple tries to get it programed.  I know that since my eye sight is getting worse with age I will not be resetting that damn thing, that was a bad move on my part.  It’s the tiny print that is killing me.  I can drive w/o glasses just fine, but if street signs were printed in small print I would be in bad shape. 

On to the children.  Momma has a new habit she loves to come stick her butt in my face when she gets gassy.  Not sure if this is a side effect of the medicine or what.  She has never had gas before or if she has I never noticed it.  I was ready to hit her with the Lysol.  She is back to chewing.  Marvin is licking his genitals excessively and this has been going on for over a month now.  I mean I understand he needs to be clean but damn, you’d think he would get tired of it.  I think his butt is raw so I have some spray for that, he won’t like it and it will instantly make him madder than hell at me.  You can play with his tail but don’t disturb the goods underneath or he goes from nice to mad in 1 second.  If this continues he will get to see the vet.  Speaking of which it’s about time to take Momma back to have her blood drawn again.  Big Boy is running out of steroids so I will need to pick some of those up as well.  Ruth didn’t eat supper tonight but she came running to treat time.  Fickle cats.  With the exception of Ruth everyone has been really clingy.  Momma decided last night every time I would start to dose off that she would play with her toy ball and start her chanting.  I finally got a flashlight and got out of bed, kicked her out.  She had the ball in her mouth and left carrying it.  I turned on my air machine because the house was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  I thought that would help me sleep but nope, I was up and watching a documentary about Barney Frank.  That was on Showtime.  They did a great job. 

The best news ever is that the usual low price grocery store that I shop at is back to offering $20 per week off of a $70 purchase.  This is good from now until Christmas.  I will be taking a coupon a week to the store with me.  This is awesome news for the wallet.  Stock up and get $20 worth of free food.  I’ll bet they mark some items up, so you think your getting $20 for free but in reality your paying the same or slightly more.  It’s all a mind game but I will play along. 

So we get an extra hours sleep and fall back tonight.  That will help me out in the sleep department or so I hope.  It will also mean that tomorrow will seem to fly by quickly.  Then we adjust to driving in the dark.  I like to do that in the truck and not so much in my car.  Reason being is I can replace the headlights on the truck but on my car I will have to take it to the dealer.  I don’t know when they are going to burn out but I have been expecting it for a couple years.  I keep telling myself the car sat for 2 years and it’s only 5 years old.  That helps a little bit but still I know it’s going to happen.  I am just overly paranoid about it.  Plus there are lots of deer around and they come out mostly at dusk.  That is one of my other fears is hitting one of them.  Having the thing gore me to death.  Not to mention killing my car in the process.  If I lived I would be more upset that I killed or injured a deer than I would be about my car.  It’s a freak of nature and that is why Insurance Companies don’t hold it against you because you have no control over it.  I’ve been lucky this far, hopefully that luck will continue. 

So now upstairs to find a treat or two for myself.  Find something to watch on TV and in a couple hours I can adjust and turn on the timer that controls the front lights.  Then adjust the clocks that don’t manually update and I will be all set.  It’s a good time to check your smoke detector batteries as well.  I’ve got 3.  2 of which are powered by my alarm system and don’t need replacement batteries.  There is one that is powered by household AC and has a backup battery.  The ones that go with the alarm are super sensitive and they used to go off all the time when you know who was alive and having kitchen disasters.  Ah a memory from the good old days.  Many times I thought we would never get all of the smoke out.  The fire department started to call before they would send a crew out because they had gotten too many false alarms.  Today they would just come and not call or so I hope.  Fire – when seconds matter. 

Hopefully I haven’t scared you to death.  Happy Halloween! 

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