28 November 2015

Nice Saturday

Today has been a pretty good day.  Only 1 call (thus far) from my on-call stuff, very happy about that.  I thought today would be busy, so that gives me hope that this will repeat tomorrow and hopefully I won’t have any calls.  As long as I can make my morning stops then I will be fine. 

I have enjoyed being lazy today but also semi productive.  I have got the dishes done.  Laundry is done except for my bedding and that is a job for tomorrow.  I also have to vacuum and tame the trash.  Cleaned up my late partners office.  You can at least walk in the room now.  I did as much as I could do before it started hurting and then I had to get out of there.  I wanted to start on his bedroom but I just can’t.  I did grab some shirts out of his closet and put them in the wash.  A couple will fit me like a glove and the others will be moo moo’s but I can wear them.  I cleaned up my office a little bit.  I had to change ports on my UPS because my computer was plugged into a surge only outlet.  I need it to have battery backup, that is the whole purpose of the UPS. 

I managed to get in a nap.  I gave into eating a few cheese it’s and had a soda probably around noon.  Really I went most of the day on nothing.  I had Lasagna for supper along with a couple sodas, some cookies and 2 nutty bars.  That’s it I am done for the day.  My body very rarely signals me that I need to eat, I can feel my blood sugar drop but I am not hungry at all.  If I ate when my body asked for food I probably would lose a lot of my muffin top. 

I did venture out today, I took my car but I grabbed the keys for the truck.  There is a car key on there but it made things interesting.  If you have the fob then you can do what you want.  With a key only you can unlock the door but as soon as you open it, a timer starts and you have a very short amount of time to start the car before the alarm goes off.  Okay, so I grabbed the mail and threw it all away at the post office, it was 2 pieces of junk mail.  Then I stopped at the gas station that had the bargain price on gas.  Filled up my car for $13, I had to cycle the pump to add extra so that it would come out even.  I normally don’t do that.  When it stops I am done.  Otherwise I tend to over do it and I have gas spilling out of the tank.  Then it was on to fetch cat food.  Here was my challenge.  I had bags of food and a case of food.  I had to grab it all shove it in the car and manage to get the car started.  I made it but it was very close.  None of the cute guys I like were working, kind of sad but it allowed me to get in and get out.  It was cold, windy and rainy – not exactly weather that I enjoyed. 

I have ventured up and downstairs.  I watched a couple of movies.  One of the better ones was A Merry Friggin Christmas.  It had Robin Williams in it, so I knew it had to be good.  It was worth a few laughs.  Another reminder that we lost a great entertainer.  UVERSE is having a trial weekend, so everything is free.  I’ve got 450 channels but there are some movie networks I don’t have.  This movie was on one of them.  I also saw Hot Tub Time Machine 2, which was okay but not something that I would recommend.  I saw Naomi and Ely’s no kiss list on Netflix.  It’s worth your time.  I fell madly in love with Griffin Newman, he looked like a dork but I just wanted to suck face with him.  I am not a kisser but I do make exceptions.  It is quite a struggle to find something on TV that is actually entertaining. 

The cats just love the fact that daddy is home and they can sleep with me and when I nap they can sleep on me.  Insty & Momma have a competition going.  Momma hates it when she is by me first and Insty comes up, that will start a hissing war.  As long as there is nothing physical and I don’t get injured I am happy.  I can usually break it up by raising my voice.  They all know I don’t like hissing and growling.  Ruth is the growler.  Momma follows me to the basement and tries hard to get me to go back upstairs but I don’t give in easily.  Right now she is sleeping at my feet, she looks so angelic.  I can watch any of them sleep for hours, it’s peaceful and it will put me to sleep.  Caught Bear today sleeping on his back.  He passed out during one of the movies and I got up to give him a belly rub.  Soon after treats followed.  He’s such a good boy.

So all of this time on my hands has been a blessing and a curse.  The blessing comes from the few things that I have been able to accomplish.  The curse is that I have spent a lot of time thinking of what was, what I had and how it’s gone and never coming back.  Holidays are great when you have family to celebrate with.  I am asking Santa for the names of all of the bad boys!  Seriously all I want for Christmas is a boyfriend who will turn into my next partner.  Too bad it’s not as easy as wish and it then he pops into my life. 

So since we are entering into a new month I kept with my usual routine and changed the mast.  This month features Joseph Rough.  He’s a porn star and I have a major crush on him.  He is into heavier stuff like bondage and leather daddy’s.  I can get into some of it but not all of it.  Still he is one cute guy with an amazing smile.  He reminds me of the guy that quit working in my office to take another job earlier this year.  He smiled all of the time like Joseph does and they look pretty similar. 

There is a lot of good porn out right now, but I have taken a break.  I need to get back into the swing of things.  Not exactly sure what I am waiting for but it just isn’t at the top of my list of things to do.  Which is also not normal.  My sex drive is usually pretty high.  It would probably put me in a better mood if I got off. 

Right now I am tired and looking forward to jumping into bed and hopefully getting a good nights sleep.  Last night a co-worker texted me at midnight, no doubt she was drunk I could tell that by her text.  I read the message and then climbed back into bed.  I sent a reply later this morning and said no texts after 9p.  Normally it wouldn’t be a problem because Do Not Disturb would be turned on, but since I am on call I have to disable that until my week is done.  I still don’t sleep soundly because I know the damn phone could go off at any minute.  Usually there is nothing after 9 on the weekends but I have had calls as late as 11p.

Ah one more day of freedom.  The upside to that is most of my work is done so I can be equally as lazy tomorrow as I was today, that is provided I am not bothered by work.  Then it will be back to the grindstone for 5 long days.  Almost forgot I was able to pay my bills even though pay day isn’t until Monday.  They have to deposit the money ahead of schedule and the bank posts it because the next business day is Monday.  Kind of nice.  I have some money left but not much.  Not happy about my debt situation but I will probably die in debt and might as well make myself happy (with in reason) while I am walking this earth.  Risk is involved in every purchase because I don’t know what the future holds.  That is why I am not a big fan of contracts or long term commitments when it comes to money.  A Relationship is vastly different and I have no problem in committing myself when I find the right guy. 

I hope that your Saturday was enjoyable and that you had some down time similar to mine.  Now I will venture into the evening and see what else I can find on TV to entertain me.  I am hoping for some good stuff but we shall see.  Take care and thanks for stopping by!

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Jude said...

As this was my Saturday off, I had a nice relaxing day. I finished binge watching "Merlin" on Netflix and now I'm lost, I wish there were more seasons!

Hope the rest of your on call time is quiet!