15 November 2015


I was up pretty late, the cats didn’t seem to mind.  However, they were quick to try to wake me for breakfast, which didn’t happen at it’s usual time.  I wanted to sleep in and I did until 8:30a.  Then I decided to haul out of bed and start the day.  Breakfast for the children, a glass so I could fill it with water and take my pills.  Then time to get dressed and head out the door. 

First stop was the vet.  I took them a check for payment and was told that the credit card machine was working for 1 out of every 2 people.  Wow better odds but I am still glad that they are paid off, one less thing I have to think about. 

Second stop was at Cracker Barrel.  Yeah I know it’s not the normal Steak N Shake.  I had been thinking about CB for a while and decided just to head out.  The cute waiter I asked out hasn’t been spotted there since shortly after I asked him out.  They have a new breed of guys and all of which are cute.  Had my infamous Blueberry Pancake breakfast.  It was very good and I was surprised that I got seated as soon as I walked in the door.  When I left it was wall to wall people and they had a waiting list going.  That is the usual experience for me.

Third stop was the grocery store.  I had to get a couple of candy bars to go over the limit so my coupon kicked in and I paid $56 and got my $20 discount.  I could easily get used to this.  I think that is part of the trick, which is why they have this promotion going for so long.  I am just thankful to be able to save something.  I need all of the breaks I can get. 

Final stop was home.  Unpack and start the fun here.  The new shower curtain went up last night and it’s not long enough and it’s cheap, which explains why it was only $5.  I put the original in the laundry and have it back up.  I am using the cheap one as well but not too sure how long it will last.  I am already wanting to chop it down.

I started continuing to configure my laptop and that has been an all day job.  Just a couple of interruption's by Insty.  Once for lunch and Once for supper.  Girl sure loves her food.  I am surprised that Momma isn’t clinging to me.  I gave her a break last night and again this morning on her medicine, as a reward for visiting the vet.  She will start her pills back again tonight.  Speaking of the children I got the claw trimming taken care of.  Ruth was a pistol and she fought me through the entire process.  Turns out her claws were really in good shape, she could have easily went a couple of more weeks.  Everyone else well they needed to be trimmed.  It was NOT a fun job but I am glad it’s behind me.  I have also managed to complete Laundry as well.  Also got my shave and shower.  Made my Sunday Pizza and consumed it.  I had plans for a nap but just never got around to taking one.  Hopefully that means a really good nights sleep for me tonight, I could sure use it.  No bad dreams, just good uninterrupted sleep.  Are you listening Mr. Sandman?

When I went to clean the house I learned that the vacuum on switch doesn’t want to stay on.  You touch it and it goes on and when you remove your finger instead of staying on it turns off.  I had to tape it down in order to get the house cleaned.  It’s been a good vacuum and I can live with that quirk if I have to but I would rather not.  I saw Bear slither underneath the couch.  Now I know how he gets in.  Not sure how he manages to pull himself out.  The only things left to deal with is prepping for tomorrow and wrangling the trash.  Two tasks that I will complete tonight.  I need some relaxation time as well.  Right now my desktop is updating with the major Windows 10 update and that will take a while.  I really need it and am kind of sorry I said update now but I would also be around when updates are installed just in case something goes wrong. 

Next weekends agenda will be to get my choppers cleaned and to see Love The Coopers.  Time for some fun and time away from technology.  After all the week of the 23rd is when I am on call.  I always like to try to live it up just before the boom lowers.  Good news is that I will be done for the year unless something happens.  I hope the boss uses a better method for deciding who’s on call when she prepares the next schedule. 

My mom called, yeah really.  She left me a voice mail while I was cleaning the house.  I didn’t bother to call her back.  I am going to try to see her next weekend as well, it’s not a high priority but I figure it’s time.  I am doing it begrudgingly.  It’s not something that I look forward to. 

I have been back on-line on the various dating apps.  No sign from the bad date and that’s okay.  While I am eager for the 3rd date with a new guy I would rather wait a little bit than rush into something.  I’ve got one friend telling me that I am trying too hard and that love will find me when the time is right.  Yeah, that might be a true statement but if I don’t look, I can’t sit back and expect Mr. Right to knock on my front door.  It’s like being unemployed and expecting your next employer to come knocking, doesn’t work that way.  Both situations require a concerted effort or you won’t get any results. 

The week ahead has me leaving the office early to go off site for a presentation on Wednesday.  I could be home early or I could be really late – depends upon how much people yack and what traffic is like.  Last year was a little bit of a challenge and it was much colder.  I was in long sleeves.  Right now I am still wearing short sleeves.  I need a jacket some days and other days I need a coat but by the afternoon it’s perfect outside.  Strange weather.  Then on Friday the bull in the china shop comes back to town.  I just hope that our paths don’t cross, so that Friday is the good day it’s supposed to be. 

That’s all for now.  Off to enjoy what is left of this Sunday and try not to think about Monday.  Hope you had a great weekend.  Talk with you all again soon.

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