30 November 2015

All done

That’s a wrap for my on-call shift.  I got around 5 calls yesterday, the last one came in at 9:30p, I was relaxing watching some porn and presto the phone goes off.  What bad timing.  Plus Bear was going to the bathroom and he needed attention as well.  Just when I thought it would be peaceful it turned into chaos.  Got one more call this morning at 6:30a.  Now I am done, I put my phone back to normal and the best thing about that is do not disturb will kick in at 9p tonight.  No more alerts in the middle of the night and I can turn my white noise machine back on, which hopefully means I will sleep better.  I put the electric blanket on yesterday, it was nice to wake up being toasty in bed this morning.  Marvin however abandoned me, he was sleeping on the floor.  I only had it on 1 because I have an intolerance to heat.  If I crank it up too high I will be really sick, which is not good at all.

Cyber Monday is today.  I decided to do some shopping.  Nothing crazy I got a new headset for work.  I bought a product that the company issues so it should work very well with my phone.  Honestly for the work I do they should provide one and they would but I am not in the right office to get that perk, only 1 of our offices gets that.  Stupid.  Anyway I was talking with a coworker today and he picked one up, couldn’t stop raving about it.  So I went on Amazon and got one refurbished for a lot less than new.  It’s a Plantronics Voyager Legend, sounds expensive because it is. I spent a whopping $73 and got 2 day free shipping with my Prime membership.  That will wipe out some of the overtime I put in, but I figured I should reward myself.  I also picked up some adult toys for me but didn’t spend much there at all.  That stuff can get expensive and I honestly have most of the things I have ever wanted, don’t use them much if at all but I own them. 

I had a brief thought of staying home today but I talked myself out of it pretty quickly.  Not a good impression to make and besides that I had a relaxing weekend even if I was on call.  So here I am.  Not looking forward to the drive home because it will be raining and people drive horrible in the rain. 

Put some new music on my iPhone yesterday.  There is a gay artist named Tom Goss.  He sings a song Rise that I really like.  In changing computers and having to rebuild my system I lost a good portion of my music, most of which has been recovered.  There are one offs and that was one of them.  So I got it back yesterday.  I also discovered a new song that he put out called Bears.  He’s got a lot of material but I am only interested in a few songs of his for now.  Bears is really catchy.  A Lesbian co-worker of mine is always saying I should go to a Bear Bar.  Turns out that Tom likes Bears so much he married one.  Now I can see where someone could picture me as a Bear or even a Daddy (when I have facial hair).  The Daddy part is kind of a turn on.  Anyway, Bears are not my type.  I like the fact that they are more accepting but I am fat and it doesn’t turn me on.  I’d love a Twink or just a guy who was in decent shape with a little (not a lot) of muscle.  However, you can’t control who your heart falls in love with and what they will look like.  You can have a fantasy but it will always be very different from reality. 

So there is about a 1/2 hour left in this day.  It’s been a busy one and flew by so I am thankful.  I hope that the remainder of the week is that way.  I am anxious to get to the weekend again.  Had a Tombstone Pizza last night and covered it in extra cheese.  It was very good!  Also tried Sunbelt Bakery’s Granola Bars they are yummy and very fresh as they advertise.  Tonight will be back to a frozen dinner, taking out the trash, preparing for tomorrow and of course catering to the children.  I miss them a little bit but I am sure they miss me a lot.  Especially Insty who clings to me like glue but only when I am upstairs and it’s worse if her mother is hanging around me.  They fight for my attention which isn’t necessary.  I only have two arms but there is plenty of me to go around. 

Hope you had a great Monday.  We will be in December as of tomorrow and this month will go by the fastest I do believe.  Looking forward to Spring and were not even into Winter yet.  I just want away from the depression that comes with the holidays.  That is the problem if I get a long period of time off, plus I turn into a lazy bum and it’s hard to get back in the swing of things, this morning was easy compared to what I expected.  Talk with you all again, be well and stay warm!  Thanks as always for stopping by.

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