02 December 2015

Mr. Roboto

Things are moving right along.  Had a staff meeting today, our boss wants to turn us into robots – we are getting scripts on how to speak with users and were supposed to use them but not sound like we are reading from a script.  We have practice sessions 1 hour for the rest of the month with a counterpart where we get on the phone one person is the tech and the other is the user.  Yeah, this is going to go over like a lead balloon.  It might be all the rage right now and it will be used a little bit here and there but eventually it will die out.  I saw the same thing with how we answer the phone.  I believe I am the only one that actually uses that script.  Were also supposed to paraphrase to make sure that we have an understanding.  Hello all you have to do is listen then there is no need to paraphrase.  I’ve done this job for over 10 years now and if I don’t know how to do it by now then I will never ever learn.  Bottom line is someone some place had to make a change or it would look like they didn’t do anything.  The whole thing is a cluster and I will be much happier when it dies off.  Right now I am ready to walk out the door and not come back.  Will I?  Of course not I’ve got bills to pay, but it is tempting. 

Got my new toy today.  I ordered a new Bluetooth Headset by Plantronics from Amazon.  It’s a refurb.  I thought I was getting a Cadillac model but instead got the stripped down version.  It’s still a decent product and I know I got a good deal.  I ordered a desktop stand to charge it in, but of course it’s not compatible.  A co-worker of mine has the Cadillac model and I gave him the desktop stand, it was only $26 and not worth my time to fight for a return.  Although I think Amazon should have warned me that it wasn’t compatible, but that is another story. 

Saw a funny comedian last night on Netflix – Brent Morin.  He has a little bit of Lewis Black in him, I got a few laughs from it but then again I am a difficult customer when it comes to laughter.  Once you get me going and I have one of those laughs that makes you cough and you loose your breath, that is when I am all fired up and then it doesn’t take much to make me laugh.  I don’t get that way often. 

That is really all I know, it’s business as usual here.  Work, Eat, Sleep – rinse and repeat.  With that in mind I guess I will call this post done.  Talk with you folks again soon.  Be well.

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