15 October 2015


Momma slept with me last night and had an accident in my room.  I was up and down all night long.  If it wasn’t her it was me and then add in Marvin.  I got enough sleep but decided due to Momma’s condition that I wasn’t going to play.  I took the day off and got her to the vet.  Found out that it’s all my fault.  Her Thyroid is high and that is why she isn’t eating.  Cost me $250.  Plus she still isn’t eating.  I’ve got medication to help with Nausea but thus far no luck.  She looks like she is drinking but she is trying to fool me and just standing over the water.  She is partially dehydrated.  I’ve tried fresh crab, special food and nothing has worked thus far.  Her girls have also decided to start skipping meals, at least lunch and supper.  Bear talked me in to lunch today he was just persistent and I gave in. 

Honestly I have a bad feeling about this.  I think I am going to lose Momma but really don’t want to.  She is only 13 years old which is young.  I mean we have had a decent amount of time together but there is never a good time to part ways.  Right now I am not terribly concerned about the girls, they just sense something is wrong with their mom.  If they skip too many more meals then I will have a huge problem on my hands.  I love all of them and don’t want to lose any of them.  Right now all I can do is hope and pray for the best. 

The vet said that if she isn’t eating by Saturday I need to bring her back.  They will want to hospitalize her and that will cost me more money.  I could easily be in the same situation as I was with Blu where I pay out a small fortune but still wind up with a dead cat. 

I also have concerns about my job and my not being there causing me issues.  I have to keep my job no matter what but my family which are the cats come first.  Ugh.

I called about the roof, turns out they got the permit.  They were supposed to call me back today and let me know something.  I heard nothing.  They are supposed to call tomorrow.  If they don’t contact me by early afternoon, I will be calling asking for a manager.  I don’t want to get ignorant about this but I paid for something that came with promises and thus far they are not living up to their promises.  I also have a bad feeling about this, that the work isn’t going to get done and I will have to go to court to get my money back, hire a different contractor and possibly pay more in the end.  However, I could just be overly dramatic.  Right now there is a red flag raised and my plan is to pester them until they set a delivery date and an install date.  This isn’t a fly by night company.  They have all sorts of accreditation and have a relationship with the BBB. 

So it’s been a day filled with problems and worry.  Let’s hope that tomorrow is different.  I also hope that when I go upstairs and break out the Pumpkin Ice Cream that Momma decides to help.  I just want to see her eat a little bit of something, I think that will lead to progress and we can build from there.  I can’t afford to spend a ton of money on her, I am hoping that things turn around for the better in the next 24 hours. 

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