16 October 2015

Dead PC

So I was having a problem with my home PC.  The calculator application wouldn’t open.  I tried a system restore point to fix it and now the damn thing won’t boot up.  You know in the middle of having all of the issues I am going through right now this is not a good time for PC failure.  Not that there is a good time for it.  I had to pry myself away from the machine last night.  I figured if I walked away I could come back with a clear head and fix it. 

I have done some searching and found the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool.  You can download a copy of Windows 10 and have it on disk to install on different machines.  Kind of nice.  It also apparently doubles as a repair tool so I am going this route which is far better than going back to windows 8.1 and upgrading all over again.  Plus it’s my hope that I won’t have a high amount of data loss and that I will be able to recover from this more easily.  All of my stuff is backed up so data loss isn’t a huge concern.  Sitting in front of a machine reinstalling software and scrambling for product keys as well as configuring my Outlook all over again is however something that I would like to avoid if at all possible.  So this will be my quest later today.

Momma update – every time I give her the nausea medication she pukes.  This morning she puked bile and that is more serious to me.  Plus she crapped all over her self, which is not normal.  I see her muscles twitching and can tell that she is entering a more serious stage of dehydration.  It’s decision time.  I am going to hospitalize her later today.  I am at work now but plan on leaving around lunch time and taking the rest of the day.  My hope is with some fluid and some IV medication that she will bounce back.  Clearly what I am doing at home isn’t working.  While I don’t want to spend the money because after all it is a gamble, her name is Lucky for a reason.  I hope and pray that this won’t be money flushed down the drain.  Get her hydrated, settle her stomach and then I think she will start eating again.  Hopefully with in a day or two I can get her back home.  If that isn’t possible then we may have to part ways.  However, even though I have the doom feeling I owe it to her to try – if I give up now I will never know what could have been and that in its self will consume me.  I know that she can’t wait until Saturday.  This is a medical emergency for her and the quicker I react the better her chances of recovery. 

Still early here, but no word on the roof.  I will be dealing with them this afternoon once I am done dealing with the vet.  Hopefully this will be a productive afternoon.  Get momma taken care of, get some dates set in stone for the roof and get my pc fixed.  God I am going to be wiped out but at least I will have the weekend to recover. 

Say your prayers for me, I need them.  Forging forward!

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Jude said...

Oh damn, I hope she will be okay!