18 October 2015

Back in the game

Greetings once again folks.  I’ve got my hands full with these children.  Momma came home yesterday from the hospital.  They have her on a bunch of medication.  An antibiotic, A pill for nausea, A pill for her Thyroid (no more cream and it saves me around $17 a month) and an appetite stimulant.  The appetite pill is only given every 3rd day so she won’t be due for it until Tuesday.  She is eating, not like she used to.  Marvin comes in and makes his way through the buffet and he pushes out the girls (momma included) then they don’t want to eat because the bully is eating their food.  Ruth has diarrhea like her mother and she is being very picky about eating.  She doesn’t want anyone to watch her.  I can tell she doesn’t feel good.  If there ever was a cat that I didn’t want to take to the vet it would be Ruth.  She is known to bite and fight.  With no Rabies on board that would prove to be a problem.  I got some probiotics in her (a powder that you sprinkle on the food, she is the only one that loves it) and my hope is that will help normalize her gut and she will bounce back. 

Just the same I am prepared for the next emergency.  I got 2 cans of black top Salmon, 2 cans of store brand Tuna and 2 cans of baby food.  So the next one that decides to stop eating can have the red carpet rolled out for them.  I may break out some Salmon later today as a treat for everyone.

You can feel that things are different around here.  The tension is in the air and I am not happy about it.  I am worried about Ruth and Momma.  Then I have to make sure that everyone else will continue to eat.  It’s just another battle.  Then there is the money battle.  I am really feeling it.  Momma cost me another $400.  I honestly thought she wouldn’t make it but thus far things look pretty good.  I need her to keep eating and then her stomach will normalize and then she should be okay.  The vet said that she was rather perky and up front in the cage wanting attention.  She craved it from the moment she saw me.  I can tell that she still doesn’t feel good but she is making the best of the situation and I really am grateful for that.   I need a long term break from death.  No one or nothing around me can die for the next 500 years.  Seriously if I could go at least 5 years if not longer without facing death again it would help me out a lot. 

Now on to the matter of the roof.  I called the contractor and was pretty stern with them.  They told me that they were picking up the permit and it would be posted at my house on Monday.  We could start on Tuesday if I wanted.  I don’t have to be home.  However, I have no idea how the children would react and the vibration from the work would set off the house alarm, then the police would show up and it would be a fiasco.  So all the same I would rather be home.  I have the work scheduled for Saturday weather permitting.  Shingles will be delivered on Friday, so on Thursday night I will have to move the truck to the street and when I come home I will need to park my car on the street.  Not really happy about that.  It’s only one day though.  I don’t know how to deal with the inspector but I will figure that out as we go.  I am not abandoning the house for any period of time, I pay the bills here and unless something horrific happens it is where I will stay.

Back at work I had to beg two people to let me go early on Friday.  By the time I was done it was 4 once all of the dust settled on Friday.  I stopped in at my local Cracker Barrel and got some Grilled Catfish.  It was rather tasty.  Had to have a piece of Double Chocolate Coca Cola Cake for desert.  Paid cash since I had money from my massage that I had to cancel.

Then there is the matter of my computer that blew up.  I tried everything that I knew but I couldn’t save the configuration as it was.  I had to wipe roll back to Windows 8.1 and then upgrade to Windows 10.  Then reload all of the software and restore my data from the cloud.  It was a very long and painful process.  I spent most of the day yesterday working on the damn thing.  I still use MS Money to manage my finances and some stuff I backup with a paper register but the majority of it is all in the program.  So if the program fails I am fucked and as usual it’s not in a good way.  I had a hell of a time getting it to run.  I figured out the problem on my own but I honestly don’t know how I did it, what led me down the path.  Anyway I have to run the program in Windows 10 as an Administrator.  I had to turn down the UAC settings so I am not prompted each time I run the program to have an extra click.  Then all is well.  Today I ran into the same thing with Live Writer which is how I post my blog.  It will not run as a regular user, you have to run it as an Administrator.  The best practice today is to have 2 accounts.  1 Admin where you configure the computer and then a regular user account that you use to login in with everyday.  The purpose behind that is if you get something malicious such as malware or a virus since the user doesn’t have Admin rights it won’t be able to execute and you save your self a whole lot of trouble.  Do I follow best practice?  Nope, I use one account and run as an Administrator all of the time.  I’ve got sufficient protection in place plus my old but wise brain that keep me out of trouble.  I am honestly not sure why Calculator stopped working on me.  It was after I loaded on an update to some software that I need to connect to work that things went awry.  I haven’t loaded that software yet but it’s next.  I sure hope that we don’t run into problem again.  This whole event could have been a lot worse if my data was not backed up.  Turns out the data insurance, (which is what I refer to as backup subscriptions to Carbonite and CrashPlan) came in handy.  It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.  I’ve used both and my preference is CrashPlan, they do a better job and your can encrypt your data where you are the only holder of the decryption key, that is assurance that all of your stuff stays your stuff and your business and no one else's.

Speaking of encryption I had this wild idea that when I got my last external hard drive that I would set an encryption password.  What’s on the drive?  Gee would you be surprised if I told you it was porn?  Well it is.  Now this is a collection that has taken me years to build and of course the drive wanted to fight me when I went to install it and decrypt the data.  I got it on my laptop and it worked just fine.  So then I started looking at ways to decrypt the drive, turns out the answer was right in front of me.  I used my backup service to restore software that came with the drive.  Then I installed that on the machine and was able to remove the password, which I remembered.  If I would have forgotten the password everything on the drive would have been gone and I would have had to format and restore from the cloud, which when your talking several hundred video files could have taken 2 weeks or longer.  Glad I dodged that bullet as well.

Let’s move on to guys, a subject that will be much more fun for me to write about.  There is a certain guy at the pet food store that I have been crushing on.  Well he smiled at me yesterday then he asked me for my phone number.  Not for a date but for the rewards program at the store.  I wanted to say well now that you have my number, can I have yours?  It’s cheesy but straight to the point at the same time.  I know he’s got a girl friend and well he’s way younger so I am sure he wouldn’t be interested in me.  It made me melt a little when he smiled at me.  I also couldn’t get up the courage to tell him that he had red glitter on his face.  Today I went grocery shopping and the same hot guy I saw a couple weeks back was there.  Wearing shorts and they showed off his ass rather well.  I wanted to approach him but opted not to.  Then he ran into a friend and they started chatting and he said I just had a kid.  Well there it is two for two both straight and taken!  Where have all of the hot single good gay guys gone to?  Do they even exist?  I mean that is outside of myself.  Yeah surprise I consider myself a good guy.  I am faithful – don’t dabble in drugs and can count on one hand my number of sex partners, plus I have no STD’s.  Now if I could just meet a guy I think the rest of my life might fall into place.  Everything in time.  I am still using the online apps and thus far nothing, unless I want to move overseas.  Sadly there are a fair amount of robot profiles.  You think it’s a real person and carry on a conversation with them only to find that the next person you speak with, you carry on the same conversation all over again.  I hate robots and chatbots – they suck.  I want a real guy to whisper sweet nothings in my ear not a robot.

Well time to go back to work on the laundry, then put the finishing touches on the pc and surf for more porn to add to my ever growing collection.  If I had as much money as I do in porn I would be a very wealthy person.  Maybe someday that will happen, but I won’t be holding my breath.  God apparently wants me to work for everything that I have.  I am tired and ready for retirement but that won’t be happening for a very long time.  Speaking of which I made some changes in my retirement accounts, hopefully that pays off.  I wanted an even mix of stocks and bonds, it didn’t quite work out that way but I am happy with what I chose, thus far.  I will know soon enough if it was a smart move or not. 

Here is to a problem and drama free week.  Looking forward to Saturday so I can put this roof thing behind me.  Part with some more money and call it a day.  Thanks for stopping by to read all about my world.  I hope yours is going well.  Talk with you all again soon.  Fingers crossed for no more kitty drama either!

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Jude said...

Fingers crossed here too for no more cat problems! I hope your new roof gets done without issues and Saturday comes and goes without any hitches.